Cosmetics For Sale!

Aside from being such a lover of makeup stuff, I also personally sell different kinds of makeup products. Most of the stuff I sell are from known brands that are affordably priced like ELF & NYX Cosmetics. One of my simple rules in selling makeup is that I'd never sell anything I haven't tried or researched thoroughly about.

I've posted some of the items I have for sale for my BATCH 1. You can visit this link to see all the products I have for sale. I'd appreciate it as well if you, my lovely readers, would share the word to your friends as well... *puppy eyes*









Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to read this rather short post! Again, if interested to view the entire collection, visit this link! :D

Questions for my readers:
1. What kind/s of makeup products would you want me to sell next time?
2. What's your usual "stick to" price range when purchasing makeup?


Look : Valentine's Day Purple Haze

Valentine's Day is nearing and I'm sure all you girlies have something special planned out with your loved ones. Doesn't have to be a boyf, it may be a night out with your best girl buds or dinner with your family, whatever the plan is, I'm sure you want to look your best.

I was on YouTube again the other day and went straight to MakeupByJennifer's channel. She's this really pretty makeup guru who has some pretty awesome looks. Since purple's one of my favorite colors, I decided to recreate one of her makeup looks.

Jennifer of : http://makeupbyjeniffer.blogspot.com
Doesn't she look gorgeous? Plus she works with a lot of drugstore stuff so they're quite affordable. Beauty for less indeed!

This is my version of her eye makeup. Read on to learn what products I used for this particular tutorial.

Product List!

Kiehl's skin care products
Revlon colorstay foundation - medium beige
Nyx concealer in a jar - CJ04 medium
Ever Bilena powder foundation - oriental

Ever Bilena eyebrow pencil - brown

Nyx eyeshadow base - ESB03
Dollface 88 earth palette - all eyeshadows
Nichido kohl eye pencil - onyx
Maybelline line stiletto - black

Estee Lauder Sumptous - black
Unbranded pair of false lashes
DUO eyelash glue

Nichido lipliner pecil - rosette
Ever Bilena matte lipstick - mauvey

Full face photos of how I look with this particular eye makeup. I think it really complimented my circle lenses and skin tone. Maybe I should use purple more often, eh?

If you want to learn how I did this look, please check out this short video where I do it step by step. I hope it was helpful and if you have any questions or comments, don't be scared to say so below on the comments box! Thank you and have a lovely day!

Questions for my readers:
1. Did you like this look?
2. What kind of look would you like me to create for this coming Valentine's Day?
3. What are you excited for on Valentine's Day?


Review : GEO Super Nudy Gray ( XCH-625)

Last year I bought myself several circle lenses just for the heck of it. I was planning to give some away during my Christmas giveaway but Red Jhelli sponsored some lenses hence I decided to keep the ones I got for personal use.

If you don't know what circle lenses are, well basically they're cosmetic contact lenses that give the illusion of bigger (and brighter) eyes. They come in a variety of colors, designs and sizes. They are also being produced, distributed and sold by different companies. This particular pair is by GEO.

I purchased them from Red Lipz Shop, a Zamboanga based shop. The shop owner, Crysty D., is a close friend of mine. She even has her errand boy deliver my orders direct to my doorstep for free!

Lens Information:
GEO Super Magic Color
BC : 8.60
Dia : 14.8
Life Span : 1 year
Shelf Life : 3 years
Made in : Korea

Shipping / Packaging : 
I guess I'm a little biased since my orders were delivered to me for free but I appreciated the fact that even if I'm also from Zamboanga, she took the time to wrap my lens vials in bubble wrap and placed the whole package in a cute little plastic baggie.

Color / Design : 
I personally love gray lenses, so I'm totally in love with how nice this shade of gray is. Another plus is the "halo" the design creates at times. The halo's appearance really depends on the angle you're looking at it though. Notice the appearance of the halo in the photos? Anyway, I also love how this particular design leaves your eyes looking a lil "watery"... Nice effect indeed IMHO.

Enlargement : 
This particular pair has a 14.8mm diameter. A whole lot bigger than most of my 14.0mm circle lenses. I like how it makes my eyes appear more doll-like without it looking too much.

Comfort : 
I loved how it felt as soon as I inserted the circle lenses. Felt like nothing on my eyes. I didn't have any stinging sensation at all. Too sad that the feeling didn't last. After about two (2) hours, I felt a slight irritation in my right eye and noticed that both my eyes felt really dry. I know that big diameter circle lenses tend to "dry up" faster since less oxygen can "penetrate" through. *tssk*

Overall : 
I really love this particular pair of circle lenses and I'd definitely repurchase this design in other colors. Though I did feel a little discomfort after a few hours, that can easily be remedied with contact-lens safe eye drops for relief. I'd totally recommend this pair to those tired of their regular 14.0mm circle lenses.

Taken without flash, indoors.
Taken with flash, indoors.
Taken without flash, indoors.
Taken with flash, indoors.

Full face photo.
I hope you guys found this review helpful. Feel free to comment down below if you have any more questions about the lenses.

Questions for my lovely readers:
1. Did you find this review helpful?
2. Any suggestions on how to improve myself on doing reviews?
3. Would you like me to post a tutorial on the makeup look I have on?


January 2012 Haul

WARNING : Heavy Image Post!

Hello my lovely readers! As promised, here's a haul post on the stuff I recently purchased and received. Mostly makeup products with a few makeup tools. Two of the items were purchased by me with my own money and the rest were generously sponsored by my grandmother! Luckily I'm her favorite! *haha*

Now, let's get started on the actual haul post. First off I got a few brushes. Actually, I got five brushes. Two of these were purchased by me. Three brushes are from ELF, and the two are from Marionnaud. I now have three new face brushes, one eye brush and one eyebrow brush.

ELF powder brush, ELF angled foundation brush, ELF eye blending brush, Marionnaud foundation brush, Marionnaud 2-in-1 eyebrown + eyeliner brush
The first brush on the left is one of my ultimate favorites. I already have two other brushes of the same kind. It's from ELF and cost about P249.75 only. I like how dense it is and feels stable in your hand. I've been using it to apply liquid, powder and cream foundations and it works like a charm that's why I got a new one as a back up. I also got the ELF eye blending brush for only P129.75 because it's another favorite of mine. I use this brush to blend out eyeshadows and even to apply color to the lid area.

The other three brushes were purchased for me by my lola. The ELF angled foundation brush and Mariounnaud foundation brush are two brushes I've been wanting to try out. I wonder which will work better for me. As for the 2-in-1 brush, I just wanted it because of the dual purpose of the brush. I've been immensely preoccupied into getting perfect brows the past few months. 

ELF powder brush has a flat top and is packed densely.
ELF angled foundation brush seems to be perfect for getting into corners.
Marionnaud foundation brush is paddles shaped like most foundie brushes.
Marionnaud 2-in-1 has a spoolie on one end...
And an angled liner brush on the other end.
ELF eye blending brush which is another favorite!

I also got to get a few Nichido products. These aren't available in Zamboanga so I'm happy I'll finally be able to test them out for myself. I've heard a lot of good things about Nichido stuff. Hopefully I'll also have good things to say about the products.

I got two eye pencils and two lip pencils. The first eye pencil I got is actually a KOHL pencil. It's mineral based and is in the shade ONYX. The next eye pencil I got is the one in MEDIUM BROWN. CORAL RUST and ROSETTE are the shades of the two lip pencil I got from Nichido.

Here's a couple of swatches on the photo above. I'm excited to try out using the kohl pencil to tightline and line my eyes. I've always had a hard time using pencil liners since I have pretty watery eyes and the liners don't tend to stay put.

I also got the Maybelline clear smooth 8-in-1 BB cream with SPF 26 in the shade 02 Natural. Lola told me to get the 01 shade but I think the 02 shade will suit my skin tone better. I've tried other BB creams before and have liked only one so far. I wonder how this particular BB cream will turn out? 

Another Maybelline product I received is this clear smooth all in one foundation refill. It's in the shade nude beige and had SPF 25. I've never tried this product before so I'm going to make sure that I'll do a review on it as soon as I've started using it more often.

I've been wanting to get new lip balms and these two from Maybelline caught my attention.

My last Maybelline product is the lasting drama 24hour gel liner in black. I'm a huge fan of gel liners because they're easier to manipulate than liquid liners. I'm hoping to test this out very soon. This was pretty pricey at around P400+ so I'm hoping that it's worth every penny my lola paid for!

Got this regular Ever Bilena sponge for about P48. I have three of these, they work well with powder foundations.

The Fanny Serrano two-way cake has been raved about by a lot of YouTube gurus. I've been interested in this product since last year but it was pretty pricey here in Zamboanga. I was about to get one last month but then all of the sudden, the local beauty store decided to stop selling this. So when I saw this product on the shelf at SM, I took the opportunity to get it. This is in the shade Chino and cost P399.

Another powder foundation I got is the Ever Bilena refill one in the shade Oriental. I accidentally stepped on the box of the one I got in Bacolod so the box in the photo is of my old refill! *haha* Anyway, I've been using this foundation for quite some time already. I switch between this and my MAC studio fix in NC35.

I also got two other things from Ever Bilena and it happens to be their matte lipsticks in the shades Mauvey and Love That Red. Each tube cost only P145. I've purchased matte lipsticks from EB before and loved the consistency and pigmentation so I decided to try out other shades as well. Check out the swatches below...

L-R : Mauvey, Love That Red (both on its own, no lip primer underneath)

Last two items from Ever Bilena are these glitter eyeliners. I got one in Gold and one in White Diamond. I've yet to try these out, so wish me luck! I'm not a fan of glitter BUT I will try anything once. (or twice)

Aside from my EB matte lipsticks, I also got the ELF lipstick in the shade Classy. It cost P180. I've never tried ELF lip products. This is definitely a first for me.

Next ELF product I got is the plumping lip glaze in the shade Ruby Kiss. It looked like such a pretty red glaze and the fact that it's supposed to give you plumper looking lips immediately got me excited. This product cost around P120. 

Last but not the least, I got this all over cover stick in the shade Apricot Beige. It costs P120. I've used this product before in a different shade. It works as a great concealer and I know of some people who apply it as a cream foundation! Will update everyone on how this works.

So there you go guys! This is the end of my haul post. Can I interest you in the haul video? Check it out please? :)

Questions for my lovely readers:
1. What do you usually pick up at beauty stores/shops?
2. Are you a lipstick kind of girl or do you prefer lip glosses/lip balms?
3. Do you want me to post more haul-related posts?


Updates + Haul

Hello everybody! I'm finally back. Well actually I've been home since the 24th and was supposed to get back to blogging yesterday but I had errands to do and I decided to hangout with my boyfriend as well. I blogged about how my day went yesterday on my personal blog. Feel free to check it out if you have time.

Anyway, I decided to share with you some of the stuff I got during my trip to Cadiz-Bacolod and some of the things I acquired this afternoon. I didn't do much shopping. I just got some stuff that I wanted/needed and knew wouldn't be really available in Zamboanga.

Most of the stuff I got were actually food items for pasalubong. Most of which are already happily tucked in tummies of several close friends and my boyfriend. Too bad I forgot to take individual photos of mango tartlets, caramel tarts, piyaya and pinasugbo. Maybe next time?

Aside from pasalubong, I got four original CDs/DVDs. I only took a photo of the three CDs since the fourth one's a "surprise" for the boyf. I got ADELE's "Live at The Royal Albert Hall" CD+DVD because I'm a huge fan of Adele. My dad and lil sister are fans too. I'm sure all of us will enjoy it. They better enjoy it! It cost me P550! *lol* I also got the "Woman In Love" CD that's a mix of different "love" songs by different artists which cost only P350. Lastly aside from the secret CD, I also got Rihanna's "Talk That Talk". It got a "stern" look from lola because of the parental advisory sticker but she eventually caved in. It cost P550. I know I spend quite a sum on 4 CDs but luckily they accepted lola's senior citizen ID so I got a nice discount!

Being the bookworm that I am, I took the chance of getting new books from National Bookstore. Unfortunately we don't have any NB stores in Zamboanga, so I told lola I NEEDED to get new books. I'm sort of sick with the old ones I have at home. I got a book by Jodi Picoult called The Tenth Circle and one by Samantha Sottoe, a filipina, titled Before Ever After. The former cost P349 while the latter cost P499.

Of course I also got makeup products! Well... Actually lola got me these. I only got two items with my own $$$. I got the ELF flat top powder brush and the ELF blending brush. To my surprise lola bought me a bunch of other stuff. I'll be taking photos of each item soon and create a different post for it. Probably by tomorrow.

Anyway, aside from a few pieces of clothing (not in photos), that's basically all of the things I got during my mini vacation. Now let's move on to the stuff I got today...

I spent most of the day with my close friend Shanne, who seems to always be mistaken as my sister. She calls me "twin" and calls my boyf "daddy". Sometimes she calls me "mommy" to annoy me. Haha. Anyway, by the afternoon, we separated and I spent some time with my boyf. We stopped by a lil boutique called ForMe. It's located in one of the local malls. I was supposed to get a few accessories but was drawn to the scents on sale instead. I remember Ropa, a friend and fellow Zamboanga Blogger, blogging about getting a new scent from ForMe. I was supposed to get the pink bottle with the scent called cherry blossom (or something like that) but the boyf said he likes the purple bottle more. In the end, I agreed because in my opinion, it smells fresher. The scent is called jasmine and cost only P168.

The last thing I got today comes from an online shop on Facebook called Bezt Zelexion. It's a Zamboanga based shop and the owner agreed to meet up with me so I could claim my pair of replica skechers. I really liked the design and I'm planning to use this particular pair when I'll be starting my volunteer stint at Zamboanga City Medical Center, the local government hospital. I'm really excited!

That's basically my "haul" of some sort. Will probably make a video showing all the makeup stuff I bought and received. What do you guys think? Oh and before I forget, see that bronze bag in the photo? Well, that's my little surprise. I'm getting back to business. Watch out for it because I'm definitely posting about my little surprise soon!

Questions for my lovely readers:
1. Would you like me to make a separate post & video on the makeup products/tools I bought/received?
2. Do you like haul posts/videos? Why?