Makeup Look : Basic Smokey Eye

Yesterday, I posted the photo below on my public Facebook account and asked people if I should do a tutorial on the look. I got positive feedback and decided to film a tutorial. I believe that every girl should know how to do a basic smokey eye. I'm no expert, and honestly this is my first attempt at using black eyeshadow for a smokey eye. I've always been afraid of black eyeshadow but then we all have to step out of our comfort zones at one point or the other, right?

Shout out to Ate PATSY who was the most enthusiastic person yesterday! *lulz* Appreciated it Ate Pats. I love you! <3

Trying to look "maldita". Again. 
Here's a couple more photos of the look. It's really a basic eye look with very minimal shadow colors. You can substitute the colors I used with colors you like. You can come up with a smokey green, smokey purple, smokey pink, smokey navy blue... The list goes on and on. They basically share the same technique anyway. The ultimate key though is to blend properly. It all boils down to your blending.

I look tired here.

I look even more tired in this photo. HAHA
Product List!

Kiehl's skin care products
Nyx HD liquid foundation - 02
Nyx concealer in a jar - CJ04 medium

Ever Bilena eyebrow pencil - light brown

Nyx eyeshadow base - ESB03
Unbranded gel liner - black
Dollface 88 matte palette - all eyeshadows
Nyx slim eye/eyebrow pencil - black

Maybelline pulse perfection - black
Unbranded pair of false lashes

ELF golden bronzer

Nyx round lipstick (depotted) - tea rose *all time favorite!*

To "close" this post, here's a close up shot of the eye make up. I know it looks a little off. I see creasing and it's nasty. I think I have to get myself a better primer this year. (Saving up for Urban Decay's Primer Potion or MAC's Painterly Paint Pot) Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed. I'll also leave a video tutorial down below so you can see how I did this look step by step.
Close up shot

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  1. I still have to try that.. eye shadow is my least favorite on my cosmetics box :)

    1. Good luck sis! I used to be afraid of eyeshadows but after much practice, got the hang of using it.

  2. Why are you tired? Haha I love smokey eyes! I did one on my friend for our party last Saturday. So sexy ;)

    1. Filmed this late in the afternoon kasi sis. Plus I was slightly feverish pa. Haha. Effort. @@

  3. wow! nice smokey make up sis! I really wanna learn how to do smokey eye shadows. I wanna try that soon . hehe

    1. Good luck sis Jenn! I hope you post your smokey eye looks too. <3

  4. love it! love the brows particularly. hehehe :D nice Jannie! keep it up! ;)

    1. Had a difficult time with my brows. Ugh. It looks a little off but I hope it passes. Haha.

  5. I have always loved smokey eyes! It looks fabulous and sexy :). Getting out of our box is something we should do ones in a while...Pleasant surprise of it's outcome is not bad at all. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. yay!same here sis,always been afraid of using black eyeshadow,that's why I always just blend it with other colors.
    love the look!so prettyyyyyyy and smexy<3

  7. I love smokey eyes <3
    You just wrote that this is your first time ? Well, you did a good job! Cheers <3

    Post more looks <3 Love it

  8. I love smokey eyes! They always look great :D great tutorial by the way :D and you did it amazingly

  9. I like how the colors translate to photos. :)


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