Saving Up For... (Health & Beauty)

Aside from super important stuff (like my IV training fees plus a couple more sets of uniforms), I've been eyeing a few other stuff and have been saving up for these babies. Will probably have these by March. Hopefully.

1. PROPS 23 Piece Professional Brush Set - P1190
I've been wanting to get a new brush set because I plan to use the current brushes I have for clients. It gets quite tiresome to keep washing brushes constantly. This PROPS 23 Piece Professional set has almost all the brushes I need. I especially love the fact there are so many different types of eye brushes! Definitely a plus for me! I'm not so much into the pink handles and brush case though. I would have preferred them in blue or purple. But it's tolerable. *wink*

2. KRAVE MINERALE Oil Eliminator & Skin Hydrator - P280
100% Vegan & Gluten free! I died a little inside from over excitement when I first saw this on the Krave site. Plus it's gotten a lot of good reviews among beauty gurus. I'm excited to try this out because I've heard that it's really effective in oil control PLUS it's translucent so it wont mess with the other colored products I've applied.

3. KRAVE MINERALE Mist Spritz - P190
This is a setting spray that also has a second purpose - to quench your thirsty skin throughout the day. Plus it's all ORGANIC! Will definitely try this out as soon as I can. 

Photo Credit : IAMBRIGITTE
4. BEAUTY & MINERALS Flutter Lashes in Feisty - P350/box
Everybody knows I'm a big fan of falsies. I'm in love with this crisscross design plus how it's longer at the ends giving the illusion of cat eyes. It's also thicker and darker towards the outer corners and I find that so sexy! The only downside is the price. I can totally get more boxes with that price.

5. VENUS & MARS NATURALS Emu Mineral Lip (& Cheek) Tints - P195/each
I seriously want to try all four of these babies. The shades from left to right are : Salmon Peach, Pink Posies, Cherry Baby & Wine Pearl. If I can only get two, I'd get the Pink Posies and Cherry Baby as these are the two shades most raved about by most gurus. Can't wait to try these out myself!

That's about it. I want to get a whole lot more other products but I've managed to cut it down to the five items above. I'm going to have to really start saving every peso I can. I'm hoping to get these by March. I'm still a lil bit apprehensive on those lashes though. We'll see.

Questions for my readers:
1. What are you currently saving up for?


  1. currently saving up for makeup upgrades for clients and for myself :D


  2. Hi sis...thanks for following my blog! =) I followed you back!
    Gosh! Me too...i'm saving up for makeup upgrades! I want to buy airbrush naaaa! =)

    Makeup and My World

  3. Still loving the lashes, sis! <3

  4. Ohh.. andaming pamapaganda naman nyan! =) Gusto ko din makeup brush, kase 4 lang brush ko na lagi lagi kong ginagamit.. =)

  5. Sis, I want the Krave Oil Eliminator din because I have really oily skin! I also plan to get a new brush set, not for clients, but as you said, it's kinda hard to keep washing your brushes. Haha.

    G <3

  6. cool! :D I'm sharing my beauty wishlist next week too! weeeee.. <3 I want a new brush too.. but it's not on my priority list yet :D

  7. wishing you could save up enough and buy them already =)

  8. wooooo ang dami mong beauty wish list pero sure ako mabibili mo rin lahat yan. :p

    currently... i'm saving up for nothing. HUHU. no motivation for anything. :(

  9. Nice!
    I tried Pink Posies but it was too much of a bright pink for my taste. I'd love to try Wine Pearl, though :3

    And to answer your question, I'm currently saving up for Moj's birthday. Wanna get him something big haha :D

  10. I'm saving up for...a couple of MAC e/s brushes, a charm brush set and erm...well a traincase. Oh and let's not forget hairstyling classes! Argh! All big ticket items. Poor wallet of mine :(

  11. I'm saving up for another brush set just for clients aswell. I know how tiring washing brushes all the time can be. And I'm scare of "waring" out my current brushes. :/

  12. I'm saving up for clothes and shoes this time haha! Love your choices hun! Wanna meet you! ugh layo natin soyonnnnng!

    Hm ang IVT training jan sa inyo? Mine was 3.5k then I got my license after like 3 mos.? Tagal dba pero keri na din hai!

    Anyway love yah!:*


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