Review : KKCenterHK's ES - A829 Lashes

Here I go again, blogging about my falsies obsession! *laughs*
Again KKCenterHK offered to sponsor FREE false lashes for review purposes & being the lash hoarder that I am,I agreed immediately!

This time it took three weeks to get to the Philippines. Again I saved the stamps for my lola's (grandmother) stamp collection since she asked me to do so. The sponsored item turned out to be false lashes with the code ES - A829. Like the other ES lashes, they came in a lovely shiny black carton box that was wrapped in bubble wrap.

Here's a photo of the 10 pairs of lashes that were sent to me. Aren't they lovely? They fall under the CRISS CROSS lash category. They're relatively shorter than regular falsies and have a clear thin band.

Now onto the review proper.

Shipping / Packaging : 
It took three weeks to get to me which isn't such a horrible thing. At least I didn't have to go to the post office to claim them. Thumbs up again to KKCenterHK for wrapping the item in bubble wrap.

Design : 
Though I love full on dramatic lashes, these "more natural" looking ones are super fun to use too! I love how the lash hairs are long and makes my own lashes look fuller plus since it flares towards the outer part, it give the illusion of cat eyes without the effort. I also love the fact it has a very thin and flexible clear band. It's a lot easier getting these close to my natural lash line.

Comfort : 
I used this out the other day and it felt super comfy. My eyes didn't get tired from the weight of these lashes and they didn't poke the sensitive areas on my lids.

Overall :  ★
I'm really loving these lashes. I'd recommend them (& the site) to those girls out there going for a more natural but still flirty look. These pairs are perfect for everyday use since you can even pull it off without much eye makeup! They look super natural too. :)

More photos!

Disclaimer : This product was generously sponsored by KKCenterHK for review purposes however all opinions expressed in this post are purely the blogger's own.


  1. oh my gawd! it looks so natural on you!! really pretty ^_^~

  2. OMG! ang cute ng lashes Jannie! :D super natural looking! I like <3 I got 2 more lashes here from them na di ko pa nagagawan ng review. nyahahahaha.. :)) lam mo naman.. super busy ang peg sa review XD

  3. Mukang natural nga! You know what I need falsies kasi ang nipis lang ng eyelashes ko. Pero dahil nasa house lang ako I can't use them haha! Nice review btw, I really enjoy reading your blog, yung iba kasi para magkasponsor lang ung review wala ng dating. Kudos to you sis! :)


  4. the lashes look so pretty and natural on you :D
    im still trying to perfect putting on lashes properly -_-''
    lovely blog, thanks for following, and i followed !

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