Saturday Shop Alert : Skye Avenue

Welcome to another Saturday Shop Alert post. This time I'm featuring a shop I first stumbled upon back during my "Multiply" days. I used to be quite an active shopper on Multiply before it got a little too complicated for me. Anyway, this shop definitely caught my eye because of some Korean makeup products that were readily available at the shop.

So what shop am I talking about? Well, it's none other that Skye Avenue!
Miss Dee Tan
The above photo is of the lovely Dee Tan, owner of Skye Avenue. Read on to get to know more about the shop and Miss Dee.

1-a. Tell us something about the person behind the shop.
The person behind Skye Avenue is Dianne Tan (aka Dee Tan), a 26 year old online entrepreneur who graduated from an IT course in De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde. She has worked as an IT consultant in one of the well known IT companies in Makati for 2 years. 

Working in a corporate world was one of her main goals after graduation but after a year of working, she discovered what she really love to do - to be an entrepreneur. So she decided to leave the corporate world and move to a more focused career path of her own.

1-b. Tell us something about the shop. What it offers etc.
Skye Avenue started out as an online shop that caters to everything and anything under the sun. Back then, I couldn't make up my mind as to which products I will market that is why my online shop's name doesn't point to a specific category of what I sell. 

The first few products that I offered were authentic slimming products and ultimate gaming cards for Facebook and MySpace games. For the first few months of online selling, I just had a handful of clients -- 3 clients in January 2010, 5 clients in February 2010, 15 clients in March then 94 clients in April and so on. I was so amazed on how my online shop grew. 

As the number of clients grew, I tried to look for more products that clients might be interested in. I added fashion accessories, couple shirts, korean cosmetics and Cyleina organic soaps. Vintage necklaces and couple shirts were selling like hot pancakes back then but sad to say it lasted for a couple of months only. So I tried to search for more promising products, I found Strip IT! Sugaring waxings kits. I saw the big potential of their products that I immediately applied for a distributorship in my area. The sugaring kits, body butter and whitening body scrubs became my best sellers. 

Being a girl who's addicted to buying a lot of makeups, I joined NYX Cosmetics craze. From the first time I tried it, I immediately fell in love with this makeup brand. So I couldn't help but to make this brand available to my online store and made sure that I made it affordable for everyone. 

This year as I was looking for good skin care products that would be best for my skin, I found KRAVE Minerale Organics and Cosmeceuticals. It is because that I believe so much in Krave's products, that I wanted to share it with my clients and friends; I, then applied for distributorship and was so lucky to get accepted.

2. When did you start the business and what inspired you to do so?
 Skye Avenue online shop was created in the late 2009. At first, it was just a trial. I just offered things that I think other people might be interested in. I just had a few clients back then and I started doing meetups around my work place. On January 2010, my family was migrating to another country but my sister and I was left here in the Philippines because of the age limit. I was feeling really down that time because for the first time in my life, I will be away from my family. So I diverted my attention and pursed my online selling business, and it is still doing very well.

3. What are your "shop" goals for 2012?
 Every year, my online shop's goal is to search and offer more interesting products to my clients and potential clients. I think I have already reached my goal early this year by offering Krave Minerale Organics and Cosmeceuticals. I also have a surprise to my clients this year, Skye Avenue will be carrying the UK brand, Miners cosmetics starting late April or early May. 

Keeping my clients happy and satisfied is a mission, that is why my goal is growing each day.

Random Question : Would you rather be a beauty product or an accessory (jewelry)? Why?
While both beauty product and an accessory (jewerly) when worn can make a person more attractive, I'd rather be a beauty product. Why? Beauty products most especially skin care products can enhance a person's beauty even if it is not worn plus it could give long lasting effects.

Check out some products they offer:

Don't forget to visit Skye Avenue to check out all their albums for more of their items!


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