Review : Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Pink Flame

Take one look at my lipstick collection and you'll see mostly PINKS! Time and again I've admitted that I'm a pink lipstick kind of girl though I do have a few reds and corals and tangerines thrown in the mix. Anyway, one of my favorite kinds of finish for lipsticks is the matte finish. I know that it isn't the most forgiving for chapped lips but still I just can't resist a good matte lipstick, especially a PINK one!
So today I'm going to share to you one of the more affordable matte pink lipsticks I have in my collection and it just happen to be from a local brand.
Presenting to you, Ever Bilena's Matte Lipstick in Pink Flame!

Sleek packaging BUT poor printing quality. The EVER BILENA logo and printing have faded over time. It used to be in silver printing...
Pink Flame! 
Clear portion at the top of the tube for easily distinguishability of the lipstick's color. 
SA told me that this removable part is supposed to be a lil "tester" but I don't really agree tho. LOL
Product Packaging : 
The Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks are housed in black tubes with a clear colored "cap" at one end and has silver printing and accents. When I initially got my tube of Pink Flame it came all sexy looking in the sleek black tube. I was in love with it! Well, at least I was for the first two weeks then the packaging started looking... Old. The silver printing (brand name & logo) started rubbing off and worst of all the clear cap at the end started popping off! So I guess I got what I paid for. *LOL* 

Pricing : 
At P155 a tube, this is definitely one of my more affordable lipsticks... Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can score these babies at P99-P100 only! That's why they are so addicting and great for girls (and guys) on a budget!

Scent / Color Payoff / Longevity : 
In the tube this lipstick gives off a sweet-plastic like smell that quickly disappears once applied. I don't find it bothersome at all. Color payoff for this product is great. I'm thinking that's because it has a matte formulation to it. I find matte finishes give a bolder color payoff and Pink Flame doesn't fail to deliver. It is a bright enough girly pink that's great for everyday. It definitely adds a great color to my lips and is one of those shades that fall under the "no-brainer" category. I fall under the medium skin tone range but I'm sure fairer & tanner girls can pull this medium toned pink lipstick off. It's also quite opaque and very buildable. I apply 2-3 "coats" for maximum color. It lasts a pretty long time, like most matte lipsticks do. I can pull a 3-4 hour wear with this lipstick but I do notice a little drying by the third hour. To be honest the formula of this can be very drying for some. Nothing a little lip balm can't fix. If you aren't careful this can set into the cracks or line in your lips. I'm relatively lucky that I don't usually have horribly chapped lips... But I'm still taking points off for that.
*Tip : Exfoliate and moisturize your lips around 30 minutes before using this lipstick for a smoother application.

Overall : 
Overall I'd give this 3/5 stars. It's a decent matte lipstick for when you're on a budget pinch and it does what a matte lipstick is supposed to do but I would have preferred better packaging and a slightly more forgiving formula. Would I repurchase this? Yes, in the same shade and in other shades just because I'm a sucker for affordable matte lippies. I'll just have to make sure my pout's well exfoliated and moisturized prior to applying the lipstick. 

Scuffed up silver barrel. This happens over time. Like I said, cheap packaging.

L-R : 1 swipe, 2 swipes, 3 swipes, blended out... Taken under white artificial light with no flash. Medium skin tone with warm undertones. 
A closer look..
Photo taken under white artificial light with my iPhone4. Sorry for the crappy photo.

Questions for my readers:
1. Do you own any Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks?
2. Would you purchase this lipstick for yourself?
3. Recommend a local brand lipstick for me! :)

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  1. The EB matte lippies are quite impressive given the price. But it just dries my lips too much that I didn't bother to get more shades. But the shade you got is very lovely! :)

    1. It's kinda funky... The formula I mean. Because I have some tubes that are super drying and some tubes that I super love! @---@

  2. I tried using the scarlet red shade but end up getting dry lips :(

    1. I haven't tried Scarlet yet. Try other shades dear. Sometimes its a hit or miss talaga.

    2. Scarlet is fine w/ me actually I like it.. :)

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  4. Do they have any orange-ish shades? what would you recommend. i love orange lippies~

    1. Hi Andy! I'm not really fond of orange-y shades for lipsticks. It's too out of my comfort zone, I guess. But I have tried out testers for some orange-y lippies. Try out NYX round lipstick in Vitamin... :)

  5. I have one. the EB Scarlet. Pink Flame is one of the famous shade from EB matte line! Oo nga, that's the bad thing about EB, the packaging :(

    1. Asar na asar ako sa clear cap that keeps falling off!

  6. i have that shade :D EB matte lipsticks is one of my faves <3 ang ganda kasi ng color and mura pa. not sure about the drying of lips tho (i read their comments kasi hahaha) saka i rarely use it din -.-"

    1. Affordable kasi talaga siya. LOL. It's a good lipstick to have for "just in case"...

  7. I have this one too! Sobrang gusto ko nito kasi for me, perfect yung pagka-pink at mura considering the pigment and staying power :)))

  8. I have this too. It's one of my fave shades from EB's matte lipstick collection. My fave one is Mirrored Mocha. Drying nga but I always put lip balm underneath naman. Nice review! :)

  9. I use Ever Bilena lipstick from time to time. as of now I use the Bianca V. Colour Collection from Tupperware Brands, for a change.

  10. Ooh, I would like to try this but my lips are sooooooo dry so I tend to go for lipsticks that won't dry my lips that much ^^ Nice review tho! ♥

  11. I have this shade too! Among the other shades I have tried from EB, this is the one I keep coming back to. I love it! New follower here!

    Let's support each other! :-)
    Hope you can support a newbie blogger!

  12. That's such a gorgeous colour! Beautiful :)
    I'm now following your cute little blog!


  13. I have EB Matte in Mauvey, Off Beat Pink and Port. I love them. They easily fade though. :P And they should really change the packaging! :P Great Review! :)


  14. Pink lippies can make people younger than their true age :)
    While red can make you classy and a bit older
    I'm 16 years old and I'm wearing off beat pink everyday(if we have a class coz makeup is required in my course)


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