Going Black...

Do any of you remember these photo? *lol!*

Well it's been two month since I last had my hair treated at RStyle salon. I even blogged about it here
I've been itching for a change and I just knew that this would be the perfect time to "go black"... My natural hair color is a dark chocolate brown, and through the years I've bombarded it with lighter hair dyes because I secretly (well it's not a secret anymore) want blonde-ish hair. Now that I'm a bit older, my fascination with darker hair colors has also started. I initially wanted dark red hair, but that would be difficult to explain to my nurse superiors once I'm back in the hospitals so I decided to go black instead.

 My hair last week...

My hair earlier this morning...

I got to RStyle salon arounf 9:30am and asked for Izah again since I'm comfortable with her expert hands. We talked about me going black and she did advise me against it because black would be a bit difficult to layer a lighter color on if I decided to go light haired again alter on. Instead she advised me to go for a black-brown shade from Cynos called dark brown. She said it would still appear black unless under direct sunlight where it would register as a deep chocolate brown. So I said "let's go for it"... 3 hours later I had a lovely shade of brown black hair! *photos taken with my iphone4*

What do you guys think of my new black hair?
Does it look good on me? So far I've had several compliments that it suites me... I'm planning to go red by next year. *lol!*

So, what's your current hair color?


  1. Your stylist knows what she's doing. I liked the fact that she explained the downside of having your hair dyed black. Most salon nowadays don't do that e. They just apply the chemicals right away. And she's right. You will have to bleach your hair first if you wanna go lighter after dying your hair black.

    BTW, any color looks good on you. So there's nothing to worry. :)

  2. I want to dye my hair black as well.. pero merong purpley hint. hehe. my hair is ash brown something eh.. pero mahaba na roots kaya I need to decide soon kung ano ba talaga gusto ko. :)


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