30 Day Makeup Challenge - Day 3/30 & 4/30

I totally forgot to post the third day question for my 30 day makeup challenge yesterday, so I'm doing it today instead...

Day 3 : Favorite Brand

I've been using NYX products for the longest time ever. Since I started my love affair with makeup, NYX has always been one of those makeup brands that I've sworn by. I use it on myself and on my clients. They offer great quality products at affordable prices. I always find myself coming back to NYX products at the end of the day...

Day 4 : Do you like wearing foundation? If so, what's your color & favorite?

I like wearing foundation on special occasions. I also have a ton of favorites but this product is the one I use the most among my stash of "favorites". It's the Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation and I'm in the color Medium Beige 745 (warm undertone). On me, this leaves a semi-matte finish.


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