Haulage : Polish, Please?

I'm not really a big fan of nail polished but recently I've been into painting my nails so I decided to get a couple of polishes just to get the feel of being a girly-girl with painted nails. *lol* Plus I could always swap these polishes or give them to friends.

 photo np1_zps3721e70f.jpg

I got the RAIN polish & the Caress polish at a local mall while the KleanColor set was a purchase from  Stuff N' Shop.

 photo np2_zps2d279f77.jpg
What : Rain Polish in Romantic Red Blush
Where : Shoppers Plaza (Zamboanga)
Price : P22
 photo np3_zps2b07fdbc.jpg
What : Caress Polish in Glow in the Dark
Where : Shoppers Plaza (Zamboanga)
Price : P35 photo np5_zpsbd20c06a.jpg
What : KleanColor Polish Set in Green Addicts
Where : Stuff N' Shop
Price : P260 + shipping
 photo np4_zps21c396d0.jpg  photo np6_zps064d495e.jpg

Above is a photo of my nails the other day. I used two coats of KleanColor 109 Green Grass topped off with KleanColor 130 Starry Meteor. I've been a bit obsessed with GREEN lately, maybe because it's the color of the year... Well actually EMERALD is, but you get the point! *lol*

I'm thinking of doing nail art tutorials soon. What do you guys think? Yes or No? Comment down below, okay? 


January 2013 Favorites!

It's almost the end of the month and I've been messaged by tons of people to get to work with uploading new videos on my YouTube channel... I didn't have much time to film anything the past couple of days but this afternoon I took time off to film my first video for this year and it happens to be my January 2013 Favorites!!! 

 photo faves_zps4c597103.jpg

I hope you guys enjoy this video. I know I seem a bit awkward but that's because I haven't filmed in such a long time! *laughs*

How about you guys? What are your January 2013 favorites?


TH Boxes, 1k Followers & 1st Blogversary Giveaway WINNERS!

I know I've been missing in action (again) but things that are beyond my control came up and I've always set my priorities straight so I had to focus on the things that came up first before my blog. Anyway, since I've finally settled some challenges, I'm going to FINALLY announce the winners of 2 giveaways that have ended already...

For the TH BOXES giveaway, congratulations to :

 photo thboxes_zpsd33a0aff.jpg

For my 1k FOLLOWERS & 1st BLOGVERSARY giveaway, congratulations to :

 photo 1k1st_zps398190ff.jpg

All the winners have 48 hours to email me at parel(dot)janna@gmail(dot)com with the subject title GIVEAWAY WINNER. Please include your full name, full shipping address, email address, facebook profile link, & contact numbers in your email. I will reply to you regarding the prizes as soon as I can. Failure to comply with this will automatically disqualify you from claiming your prizes.

Thank you very much to everyone who joined, and if you didn't win this time, don't worry, I have more giveaways coming up!


First Impressions : Real Techniques Core Collection & Blush Brush

Every now and then I take a look at my lil purse for "splurges" and check if I have enough extra cash for a small "splurge"... The other day I took a peek and said to myself, "Yey! I can finally splurge a bit for something I need." A few days later, I got "hired" at a local hospital (details of which I cannot disclose right now) so I decided to finally use that "splurge" opportunity and got myself a couple of Real Techniques brushes.

Now if you don't know what Real Techniques brushes are, it's either you're :
A. A boy/guy.
B. Been living under a rock...

Kidding aside, Real Techniques is a brush line designed by the one and only Samantha Chapman, pro makeup artist & beauty vlogger (Pixiwoo on Youtube!). These brushes are made of taklon which are extra plush & smooth plus 100% cruelty free!

 photo rt1_zpsb6e6c82d.jpg  photo rt2_zps32e8959c.jpg  photo rt3_zpsab0d6fad.jpg
What : Real Techniques Blush Brush
Where : Beauty's Treasure
Price : P780

Pink handles, perfect size, perfect shape & just the right density. What more can I ask for? Off the bat, this brush is definitely going to be put to good use. I haven't really tested it because I need to wash it first and check for bleeding and/or shedding but against my face (yes I swiped a few times) it feels super soft and the right size to apply color onto my chubby cheeks!

 photo rt4_zpsf853286d.jpg
What : Real Techniques Core Collection
Where : Beauty's Treasure
Price : P1200

They don't call it the "core collection" for nothing. It has most (if not all) the brushes you'll need to create a flawless canvass. You get a buffing brush, detailer brush, foundation brush & a contour brush. Like the blush brush, these babies are so soft and just the right density. Looking forward to using these babies very soon!

How about you guys? Have you tried Real Techniques brushes? If not, what brushes have you tried & recommend? *winks*


Review : Barbie Puffy 3 Tone Brown (UNIQSO!)

Yesterday I posted my first impressions on the pair of lenses generously sent to me by Uniqso
It's been a long time since I last reviewed lenses or even wore lenses so I was pretty excited about this pair. First new pair for 2013! Definitely a pretty pair of Big Eye Circle Lenses!!! 

 photo u2_zps7cf8debe.jpg
What : Barbie Puffy 3 Tone ( Barbie used to be labeled Deuba )
Shade : Brown
Diameter : 16.5mm
Base Curve : 8.6
Water Content : 38%
Life Span : 6-12months
Origin : Korea
Price : $7.90/per lens (not per pair)
 photo IMG_6708_zps5375ac2f.jpg  photo IMG_6711_zps1600bfaa.jpg  photo u7_zpse0e20922.jpg  photo u6_zpsa7d4db34.jpg
Love :
* Color & Design. I've gone through a lot of brown lenses and this is by far my favorite one! It even beats my trusty pair of Geo Angel Brown ones because of its unique color & design. In the vial & lens case it looks like a mix between a muted red, chestnut, brown & black. When worn it turns into a lovely hazel color against my dark brown eyes. The unique tri-color design also helps this pair blend quite nicely on my eyes without it disappearing completely. Plus this particular pair doesn't make me look "reptilian" in any way.
* Enlarging. Being 16.5mm, this particular pair doesn't look overly huge on my eyes. I have "medium" sized eyes (as friends have said) so maybe that compensates for the size of the lens. Anyway, this is my first 16.5mm diamete lens and I'm pleased at how it gives off just a "subtle" but noticeable doll-like quality to my eyes.
* Comfortable! Of all the lenses I have tried and owned, these are by far the most comfortable pair ever. I was slightly worried of its low water content but I wore this pair for up to 6 hours without feeling any dryness and that's a big deal for me since I usually get dry eyes on the 4th hour of wear. They are also thin (in a good durable way) thus it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing lenses!
Hate :
*Not locally available.
 photo u5_zps01455be9.jpg
All in all I had a great experience with Uniqso!
Great packaging, great communication between me and the staff, very easy to use their site, plus very gorgeous pairs of lenses in different styles & colors readily available for shipping! Now what else could I look for?

DISCLOSURE : Some products shown on this post were PR sample/s sent to me for review and/or use. All opinions are unbiased & my own. I am in no way affiliated with the brand/s mentioned.


First Impressions : Barbie Puffy 3 Tone Brown (Uniqso!)

Last year I was lucky enough to be sponsored by Uniqso. Miss Lee-Lee & I have been corresponding via email and she introduced me to their new circle lens line called the Barbie Puffy 3 Tone. The brand Barbie used to be called Deuba. Honestly, I think I like that they changed their brand name to Barbie, sounds more "kawaii" to me! After choosing the color (either gray or brown), Miss Lee Lee informed me that they had shipped me the lenses. That was last November 26, 2012.
Want to know when I received my lenses? I received them a few days ago, on the 15th of January! Talk about holiday delays! Christmas time is one of the "worst" time to send international packages since it takes an extra long time for them to get delivered. *lol*
But it was all worth the wait!
 photo u1_zps67e9f83d.jpg
I've already mentioned in previous posts that "the little things" count a lot to me and Uniqso didn't disappoint. My lenses came in a bubble wrap padded package, inside this really cute box that had a teddy bear design. They also sent over a cute Christmas themed card!
 photo u2_zps85baa8f5.jpg  photo u3_zps64d84281.jpg
As you can see, my lenses were also wrapped in bubble wrap inside the tiny box to ensure its safety. Another thumbs up to Uniqso! They also sent me a free lens case with transparent blue top covers. Isn't it cute? Now moving on to the actual lens vials...
 photo 1-2_zps7e21fc27.jpg
The usual information is printed on the label. This particular lens has a 16.5mm diameter and a base curve of 8.60 ... 

 photo 2-2_zps45a367b9.jpg
Isn't it pretty? Look are the tri-color design of the lens. I'm betting this will blend (but stand out) on my dark brown eyes. I'm really excited to try this out... Watch out for my full review on this lovely pair on my upcoming posts!

Head on over to Uniqso to purchase your own pair...


Haulage : Personal Items

After class earlier, I headed over to the local grocery to pick up some personal items that I had been running low on. This might be a boring post to some, but honestly, I like seeing haul posts on "personal" items because it actually gives me ideas on what stuff to try out next, especially when it comes to hair care & skin care products...

 photo h1_zps2070dd00.jpg  photo h3_zps6a1099d5.jpg
I got this medium sized bottle of Biogenic alcohol for P27.75 to refill my spray bottle which I use in disinfecting my makeup (especially palettes). I like the Biogenic brand because of its clean smell that isn't rough on my poor nose. 
 photo h7_zps389cd9b0.jpg
Next I got a new shaver from Schick in Exacta2 for P30.50 My old shaver's aloe vera pad is super worn out so when I shave my legs (because waxing can get a bit time consuming sometimes) it won't hurt...
 photo h2_zps6c642c30.jpg
Colgate Optic White is next. This little tube cost P52.00 Both Cj & I got this because of the hype & advertisements. Call me gullible, but I'm a sucker for whitening products!
 photo h4_zps1979d6f4.jpg
Also got this AstrinOsol Ice Pure Tri Defence mouth wash to replace my Listerine mouth wash (that I didn't really like at all) because I've been running low. This 60ml bottle cost P49.50
 photo h6_zpsc0f77f36.jpg
One of my obsessions just happens to be my hair! Now that I got it rebonded again, I have to take extra care of it so I've put my LUSH products on hold and decided to go back to the Dove Damage Therapy shampoo designed to leave your hair "straight & silky". The shampoo cost P192.50. I got the biggest bottle which will last my medium length, thin hair about two months (srsly!)
 photo h5_zps895b63d3.jpg
Since I got the shampoo, I also got the conditioner. This cost me P104.50... I really like this conditioner because it truly does keep my hair soft without weighing it down or getting it greasy.
 photo h8_zps31bac298.jpg
Another thing I'm going back to it the Ponds Clear Balance Oil Control Skin Mattifying Facial Foam which costs P137.75 for 100g of product. I'm running low on my Kiehl's facial foam so I've decided to reserve it for night use only and use this Ponds on for my daily daytime routine.
 photo h9_zps9ca1ce2d.jpg
Last thing I purchased is this Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Facial Moisturizer which costs P129.25 for the 50ml tube. I know I've mentioned before that my Kiehl's Oil Free Facial Moisturizer is my ultimate favorite BUT this Celeteque one is a cheaper alternative and I plan to use this for my daytime routine. This is also the moisturizer I prefer to use on my clients.

So there's my small haul of personal items...
Do you use any of the products above? What personal items do you usually purchase at the grocery/drugstore? 


Oh So Emerald, A Makeup Look Contest!

Hello Ladies! (& Gents)...

As you all may know, EMERALD is the "it" color of the year. I'm seeing it everywhere! So, in line with this new fashion & makeup trend, Milna of Milnamania and I have decided to host a contest-giveaway! This is my very first time to host a contest on my blog so I'm really super excited for it...

So what will three (3) lucky Philippine based winners receive? Check out the photos below...

Photobucket Photobucket

To join in the contest the participant is required to first do the following mandatory mechanics:

1. Follow both Jannieology & Milnamania via GFC publicly.
2. Follow @TheJannieP & @mhielnah on Twitter.
3. Like Jannieology & Milnamania & Beauty Bloggers United Facebook Fan Page.
4. Like our sponsors' Facebook Fan Pages :
5. Lastly you will have to submit a photo of your "Emerald Inspired" wearable makeup look to Milnamania's email address : milnamania@gmail.com with the subject title OH SO EMERALD CONTEST ENTRY. You have till January 29, 2013 to send in your entry...

So, how do we pick a winner?
Well, we have invited three guest judges to help pick out our lucky winners. These guest judges are none other than Bing Castro of The Project Awesome, Joyce Sola of Candy Love Art and Chriselle Sy of ChriselleSy. They will be judging your looks based on the following criteria :

Wearability 20%
Creativity 20%
Delivery/Technique (blending, color combination, eyeliner application etc) 20%
Overall Impact (makeup, hairstyle, clothing, accessories etc) 30%

Now you must be wondering where the 10% went to make it a total of 100%... Well this is where the audience comes in. All submitted entries will be posted on the official Beauty Bloggers United page and we will be opening an album with all the entries for your supporters to "Like". There will be a 1 week period where you can collect "Likes" on your photo and this will account to 10% of your total score.

Below is a photo collage of "emerald" looks made by our guest judges for your viewing pleasure!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Wait! There's more! All three winners will also get one (1) Unicorn Delight & Everything Pink Gift Certificate each!
Photobucket Photobucket
Isn't this exciting? Good luck to everyone and enjoy! 

Real Nature Mask Lemon by The Face Shop

I'm on the roll with the product reviews, aren't I?!
This post is dedicated to all my friends who have been "pestering" me into trying out face mask sheets. You guys have finally succeeded! *lol*
Photobucket Photobucket
What : The Face Shop's Real Nature Mask Lemon
Where : The Face Shop, The Fort branch
Price : Less than P60 (I threw out the receipt! *boo*)
On my short trip to Manila last year, we decided to hang out at The Fort and while the "oldies" talked over their unfinished crabs & beer, my lil sister and I ventured towards The Face Shop outlet nearby. She stalked the BB creams & foundations while I hovered over to the shelves filled to the brim with different kind of face masks... I've never really been interested in face masks but I heard that the the ones from TFS were good and affordable.
So, there I was, looking at all the variants. My head was spinning. Which one should I get? Timidly I approached the SA and asked which mask would be good for brightening the face ( I had been suffering from skin dullness for far too long). She handed me this mask and explained that it was "bursting with vitamin c" and that this had a very fresh citrus scent. I got two packs without even thinking about it.
Photobucket Photobucket
On the back label it says that the Real Nature Mask Lemon has extract grounded from fresh lemon. It is "a brightening mask sheet containing fresh lemon extract bursting with vitamin C to densely penetrate the skin and brighten dull skin tone while maintaining its translucence."
It comes with what I assume are korean instructions and an english translation. I highly appreciate the english translation since I know for a fact some korean products don't have that. Another plus is that the english is actually grammatically correct!
Since it's my first time to use a face mask (in sheet form) and also my first time trying out TFS I decided to do a bit of research on some of the ingredients listed (yes, I can be weird like that)... Some stood out.
Glycerin - humectant, draws moisture from the air which leads to helping the skin retain moisture.
Citrus Medica Limonum (lemon) fruit extract - has skin brightening, exfoliating, antibacterials, antiseptic & astringent properties.
Sodium Hyaluronate - hydrates deep down to the deeper layers of the skin.
Rumex  Crispus root extract - anti-aging & anti-inflammatory.
I love that this mask does what it claims to do which is brighten. My skin significantly brightened after using the mask. I also like the fresh citrus scent and that slight cooling sensation I got upon application. Another plus for me is that this mask left my skin feeling really soft and moisturized!
In my opinion, the only downsides to this product is that it isn't readily available in Zamboanga (I have to ask friends to ship it to me if I wanna have more packs), it can get a bit pricey if I stock up on them for everyday us and that the fit of the mask is a bit awkward on my face. As you can see in the picture above, the mask is obviously too big even for my big face! *lol*
Overall I'd still want to repurchase this mask and add it to my weekly skin care routine because it's a nice addition to my routine.
How about you? Have you tried TFS face masks? Which ones and did they work for you?


Were You Just Bitten? - Revlon Balm Stains

What : Revlon Just Bittem Kissable Balm Stains
Where : Sophie J
Price : P350/each *sale price* (usually costs around P500-P550!)
A couple of days ago I got these babies in the mail and included them in my first haul of the year. Revlon released this product last year and it became an absolute hit. So what is it, really? It is a lip balm infused with a stain that is packaged in a convenient retractable crayon. The balm stains are available in 12 shades. These chubby pencils (which remind me of the Clinique Chubby Sticks) comes off a cross between moisturizing balm and a gloss, sans stickiness! They are also a breeze to use and have a nice tapered but rounded tip. It does have a minty smell and a slight minty taste upon application but it does go away after a couple of minutes. Personally, it doesn't bother me.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
I didn't really think these babies would be moisturizing since most of my lip "stains" tend to dry my lips out but these are very (and I mean very) moisturizing! Plus the moisturizing effect lasts longer than my "ordinary" lip balms. The pigmentation is also very good. It comes off a bit sheer on the first swipe but it's buildable, which is a good thing.
The photo above is of the entire product rolled up to its maximum. As you can see, there's more packaging that product which was a bummer for me. Especially since it cost me more than what I would have liked but I love them so much that I'm willing to ignore this tiny "problem".
Photobucket Photobucket
Since I wasn't sure how I'd like this product, I only got two (2) in the shades darling and cherish.
Darling is a soft lilac shade which I've been favoring lately.
Cherish is a light cool toned pink that morphs a brighter pink (just a tad bit brighter, really) as I wear it throughout the day.
Overall I am in total bliss with these babies. I'm in love! I'm actually scouting around for more shades of these online (since I don't have any Revlon counters nearby). I'm hoping to get the shades Smitten & Romantic.
How about you? Do you have this product? If yes, do you like it? If no, would you get it?

EDIT : 01/15/13 @ 23:00 = These typically last 4 to 4.5 hours on me before it starts fading. Then it leaves a stain that pretty much lasts me an extra 3 to 4 hours. And yes, that's with eating, drinking & talking already! *smiles*