First Impressions : Real Techniques Core Collection & Blush Brush

Every now and then I take a look at my lil purse for "splurges" and check if I have enough extra cash for a small "splurge"... The other day I took a peek and said to myself, "Yey! I can finally splurge a bit for something I need." A few days later, I got "hired" at a local hospital (details of which I cannot disclose right now) so I decided to finally use that "splurge" opportunity and got myself a couple of Real Techniques brushes.

Now if you don't know what Real Techniques brushes are, it's either you're :
A. A boy/guy.
B. Been living under a rock...

Kidding aside, Real Techniques is a brush line designed by the one and only Samantha Chapman, pro makeup artist & beauty vlogger (Pixiwoo on Youtube!). These brushes are made of taklon which are extra plush & smooth plus 100% cruelty free!

 photo rt1_zpsb6e6c82d.jpg  photo rt2_zps32e8959c.jpg  photo rt3_zpsab0d6fad.jpg
What : Real Techniques Blush Brush
Where : Beauty's Treasure
Price : P780

Pink handles, perfect size, perfect shape & just the right density. What more can I ask for? Off the bat, this brush is definitely going to be put to good use. I haven't really tested it because I need to wash it first and check for bleeding and/or shedding but against my face (yes I swiped a few times) it feels super soft and the right size to apply color onto my chubby cheeks!

 photo rt4_zpsf853286d.jpg
What : Real Techniques Core Collection
Where : Beauty's Treasure
Price : P1200

They don't call it the "core collection" for nothing. It has most (if not all) the brushes you'll need to create a flawless canvass. You get a buffing brush, detailer brush, foundation brush & a contour brush. Like the blush brush, these babies are so soft and just the right density. Looking forward to using these babies very soon!

How about you guys? Have you tried Real Techniques brushes? If not, what brushes have you tried & recommend? *winks*


  1. I love that brushes sis :) I have the whole line and I've been using it non-stop :D

  2. I'm still yet to try these!! Jealous you have them!! :D I want them so bad! Now a new follower to your blog :)
    I love your blog!

  3. bet ko yung core collection at eye kit nila :) the one in blue :)

  4. Ang ganda ng brushes :))
    I like the pink one :D

  5. Hi Jannie, I have the same brush :) Ganda noh?? I ,love it to bits.. hehee..
    Review here.


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