Happy New Year! ~ 2013

First post for the first day of 2013!
Wow! It's finally 2013. I've been waiting for so long for 2012 to be over with so I can start fresh. I have so many plans for 2013 and I'm excited to get it started with.

I won't be posting my new year's resolutions just yet (that's for another post), instead I'm just sharing a few photos of what I've been up to. Check the photo collage above.

I'm gonna be doing a JANUARY PHOTO CHALLENGE for the whole of this month. The photo of me is my first photo-a-day challenge photo. My cheeks are super chubby! *hahaha*
The two photos on the lower portion are of the food we had for lunch earlier. All home cooke with love by my mum, me & my lil sister.

Anyway, here are some other updates...

This January 2013 is my blog's 1st anniversary, so watch out for something special on of these days!
I'll be collaborating with several other bloggers for a giveaway by next week.
Expect more product reviews this year because I have tons of products to review! *hehehe*

For now that's all I can think about. Catch you guys on my next post!


  1. Di ko talaga macomplete ang photo challeges.haha. :) Happy New Year Jannie!


  2. Ooh your face looks pretty and fresh on this pic :)

    xoxo shayne

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