MUA : Makeup Academy The Artiste Collection - Multi Use Palette

Hello my dearest readers!
It's been a while since I last posted. It's been a tough time in Zamboanga due to the ongoing crisis but I've decided it was time to start posting more "normal" stuff on my beauty blog... So after my short soap review & giveaway, I'm back for a palette review today! 
Last month I featured a new palette in my Kering Keri Store haul.
It's called the MUA (Make Up Academy) Professional The Artiste Collection palette.
It is made up of 6 marbled eyeshadows, 2 blushers, 1 bronzer & 1 highlight. Perfect for people who want more of a "all in one" kind of palette.
 photo IMG_7907_zps7faf6f8e.jpg
What : MUA (Make Up Academy) Professional The Artiste Collection palette
Where : Kering Keri Store
Price : P400
 photo IMG_7908_zpsde67d900.jpg  photo IMG_7909_zpscea7e285.jpg  photo IMG_7910_zpsd4258855.jpg  photo IMG_7911_zpsaf6f6319.jpg  photo IMG_7913_zps6e57d84c.jpg  photo IMG_7914_zpsdbeeabbc.jpg
Love :

Sturdy yet lightweight packaging that looks very sleek and has a lovely transparent top case to make it easier to look at the shades inside the palette albeit it doesn't come with a mirror. The marbled effect of the eyeshadows is definitely something that catches the eye & draws you more into the palette. 
Versatility & multi-functional palette since it contains most of the things you'd need to come up with a complete look.
Application, texture & pigmentation on the eyeshadows were great. They were easy to pick up with both a brush & your fingers and even after thorough blending you can still see the distinct shade of each eyeshadow on your lids. Of course with the lighter shadows, there was a bit more fallout but that was expected. The face products (blushers, bronzer & highlight) have lovely pigmentation and were buildable.
Longevity wise, they last around 4 hours, or more, mostly depending on the weather.

Hate :

Not locally available. I had to purchase this palette online.

 photo 3_zps774fdfe2.jpg


Teaser : Time Heals All Wounds

 photo 1268421_674702889208775_1091746462_o_zps70d6b838.jpg
Hair & Makeup by Janna Parel
Photography by Sefi Curada
Modeling by Danette Roc
"It has been said, time heals all wounds. I do not agree.
The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone." - Rose Kennedy


#PrayForZamboanga : MNLF Attacks!

 photo 565039_436436459808658_667862160_n_zps9d4b3bc4.jpg
* photo credit *

Today is the 4th day of #zamboangacrisis and I've been sleep deprived more than ever.
I know this is a beauty blog but this blog is also my emotional outlet...

My dear readers, I am so tired. I am confused. I am saddened. I am frightened. Some of you may ask why, since some of you may think this is a normal happening in Zamboanga. Let me tell you that it is not. In my 22 years living in my little hometown, I can tell you this is not a normal happening. The MNLF rebel group has invaded my beloved city, and even if they are supposedly contained in only 5 barangays, there has been sporadic sightings of the rebels in other barangays as well.
There are hostages. There are casualties.

All I can do is #prayforzamboanga and I ask you to do the same.



MLOTI 4 : September's First Week

 photo instalife_zpsb54dffab.jpg
Welcome to another post of the "My Life Outside The Internet" variety.
My September's first week has been eventful. I've started cooking again, and eating sweets to uplift my spirits. I had a really cool and savvy shoot the other day with lovely accounting students from my alma mater and the models were G-O-R-G-E! I also bust out the face paints that my good friend lent me. I've been practicing Halloween looks and I'm really happy with the outcome so far. I need more practice of course but it's all good. I've also been wearing a tad bit more makeup for everyday but still keep everything looking clean. I'm into wearing blush these days which is something I used to dislike. I'm still into the marine-sailor print. It's something innate, I guess. (Anak nag talaga ako ng seaman!)
The highlight of my week is actually the event I went to today.
For the 2nd & 3rd time, I'm a ninang!
My cousin Kat who gave birth 2 months ago to baby boy Kyle got me to be one of his godmothers. Kuya Webb, another cousin with a 6 month old baby girl, Cielo, also got me.
Luckily they both had their baptisms done at EABB Chapel! *winks*

That's it for now. More beauty posts soon!
For now, I'll leave you with this totally beautiful song I'm in love with.


September's Here!

 photo nannie_zpsb5890276.jpg

It's finally September and I can totally feel the "fall-christmas" vibe already.
Nights are longer and the air is a lot cooler despite the fact there has been an increase in electrical blackouts in Zambooanga, there is little to really complain about.

Yesterday I tried curling my hair again and though I got a few "burns" from my curling iron, it turned out pretty enough. I'm so relieved my hair is starting to grow long enough to curl again. I've been going through a no-makeup phase the past few weeks and it's helped with my sad skin. Honestly, I blame the hormones.

Other things I'm looking forward to are my makeup bookings, my 23rd monthsary with boyf and my mum's 50th birthday. It's going to be a very busy month!


In My Makeup Chair : Ezra "Basha" Solomon

 photo 1098458_10201206762323717_1019482313_n_zps708f49bd.jpg  photo 1098445_10201206794204514_1683561033_n_zpsea9c4c7d.jpg  photo 1233344_10201206569918907_1171758813_n_zps554962d3.jpg

I can't believe it's the start of the "ber" months already!
Anyway, Basha is a college batch mate who contacted me last month to glam her up for her aunt's wedding. She was a secondary sponsor. She had medium length hair that I had to be careful not to over-curl too much so that she wouldn't be left looking like a poodle with too short curly hair!
I'm so glad she loved the outcome.

Zamboanga based clients can book me via email at parel.janna@gmail.com or via sms at 09177230118.
Allow me to bring out the best in you!

** Photos grabbed from Basha.