Suzanne's Emporium Scrap Soaps & A Giveaway!

Before the #zamboangacrisis started, I received an awesome package from Miss Suzanne of Suzanne's Emporium. She had messaged me earlier on Facebook to tell me that she was sending over some scrap soaps for me to try out. I'm a bath product freak so naturally I got excited over the thought of being able to try out new products soon.
These babies arrived last September 02 tucked safely into layers of bubble wrap and plastic. Her scrap soaps arrived to me in three huge slabs and I decided to cut them up into smaller bar sizes so that they'll be easier to use. I gave away some to my family and friends, kept a couple of bars for myself and also a few more for the giveaway! (Details will be discussed later on.)
 photo 1_zps60c52944.jpg  photo 2_zps90b55cbd.jpg
White + Orange soap is actually the gluta-kojic variant. Double the whitening power with micro peeling that's barely noticeable! This variant is my favorite among the three that were sent to me. I've been using this for the past week and I am a tad bit lighter than I was before.
 photo 3_zps3e3b7272.jpg
This black soap is the bleaching variant. Another whitening product that I've yet to really test out. My close friend likes this because accordingly it works faster that the gluta-kojic one. Miss Suzanne also advised me to use this at night since it's better to avoid sun exposure after you've lathered this onto your skin.
 photo 4_zps7105d9d2.jpg
This lime green (stained with a bit of orange from my gluta-kojic soap!) soap is the guava variant. This gently exfoliates the skin and has antibacterial properties which made this an instant favorite of my auntie who has younger kid at home. According to her the soap helped quicken the healing process of several insect bites my niece and nephew suffered from recently. Miss Suzanne also told me this is good for acne. I'm planning to road test this soon!
Now onto the giveaway.
I will be giving away a container filled with several bars of scrap soap in different variants.
This giveaway is open to all my PHILIPPINE based readers and will end on September 30, 2013.
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  1. Hi Ms. Jannie,Today Im using Cyleina Tomato Soap recommended by my cyber friend, it works on my big pores, it tighthens it and makes my skin smooth!

    Mary Ann Cueto

  2. as of now my favorite soap is kojie-san. i love the smell of it, smells like oranges.

    Aiko Borja

  3. Im using Dove soap but would very much like to try this out!Thanks for the giveaway. ♥

    Say Yap

  4. Hi MS. Jannie. :) I've been using the Dove original scent ever since. :)It's a mild soap yet it works well on your skin.:)

    Arjayssa Reyes

  5. my fav soap is dove cause its smooth and creamy :) feeling ko ang smooth dn skin ko pag gumagamit ako ng dove.

    Arra Odeza

  6. im now currently using glutathione soap, it makes my skin flawlessly fair

    sherry ann gole cruz

  7. dove is my favorite soap cause it makes my skin smooth :)

    Arra Odeza

  8. I am using Dove white Beauty Bar to give moisture to my skin because i am not a frequent user of lotion.

    Diana Beatima

  9. Hi Ms. Jannie, as of now I'm using a whitening soap...I'm using this because i want to whiten my skin.

    Flor Ann B. Guarino

  10. Goatmilk soap for my face because it dries up my pimples

    Abigail Caponpon

  11. Im using kalamansi soap and sometimes papaya soap

    Maricel Fajardo

  12. My favorite bar soap at the moment is Olay's Age Defying Moisturizing Bar. I love the scent and how soft it makes my skin feel after I shower. The anti-aging properties are also a great bonus, especially since I'm particular about aging already in my mid-twenties.

    Name: Arian Yupangco
    E-mail: dolcellita@gmail.com

  13. I don't have favorite soap because i use anything available in my house and i love trying different kind of soap, my skin is not sensitive and i am thankful for that...not giving me a hard time to be beautiful ;-)
    Joy Pineda

  14. My favorite soap is Ivory. Because it is mild & has no harsh chemicals.
    Abigail Sy

  15. my favorite soap is safeguard and palmolive naturals because they smells good and good for our skin.

    Belinda aguilar

  16. Irish spring & dove unscented.. i love the moisturizing effect & It really makes my skin feel much cleaner and fresher.

    Marine Therese Decena

  17. My favorite soap is Olay and Dove whichever is available because of its moisturizing components :)

    Name : Winnie Aurelio
    Email : waurelio77@yahoo.com

  18. I like non-drying antibacterial soaps. :)

    Anna Adona

  19. Hi Janna!

    I came across your blog through top blogs ph. I won't really join the give-away, I just want to drop by and say hi. Hope we can follow each other's blog. Thank you!


  20. We just use anti-bacterial soap like Safeguard but I try different brands of whitening soaps like Beauty and Bright, Kojie- San, Belo etc.

    Maria Christina Gumatay


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