Merry Christmas!

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“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!” 
― Dr. SeussHow the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone. <3


MUA Smokin' Palette

I've decided to finally post on one of my favorite "sexy smokey eyes" palette. I remember lemming for the Urban Decay Smoked Palette after reading a review and seeing swatches of the shadows over at Temptalia last year but I couldn't justify purchasing it since I don't usually wear "smokey eyes" out often. So can you imagine my excitement when I found out about the MUA Smokin' Palette? I decided to get my hands on one immediately!
 photo IMG_8003_zps8b9d3bf9.jpg  photo IMG_8005_zps86002a6f.jpg  photo IMG_8008_zps18cbbc20.jpg  photo smokinpen_zps17124bf2.jpg  photo smokinpalette_zps37135567.jpg
What : MUA Smokin' Palette
Where : Kalakalan Online 
Price : P800 (exclusive of shipping)
Glory - Matte, cream shade, perfect as a highlight shade
Boudoir - Matte, warm soft brown shade
Ghost - Shimmer, silvery-taupe shade
Fantasy - Matte, taupe-charcoal shade
Mythical - Matte, black shade
Broken - Metallic, coppery bronze shade
Icon - Shimmer, deep purple with silver-blue reflex
Unleash - Metallic, royal blue shade
Chaos - Shimmer, forest green shade
Wicked - Mettalic, grey shade
Smokin' Eye Pencil - Creamy, Intense black kohl eye pencil



The Giveaway Team Grand Kickoff : TASK Facebook Like 4

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Below is a rafflecopter for the FACEBOOK LIKE #4 task. Please complete all the items then go back to the main rafflecopter and click enter. Should there be one item missed, all points gained through this task will be forfeited. All entries will be checked thoroughly. Main rafflecopter is found HERE.
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The Giveaway Team Grand Kickoff

In less than three weeks, we'll all be kissing 2013 goodbye and I for one am super relieved. 2013 was a roller coaster for me, tons of mixed emotions in 2013 but I'm still thankful for so many things. I'm thankful for the fact that I've learned so much about how real life works. I'm thankful for all the family & friends that stood by my side through all the sh*t I went through in 2013. I'm hoping 2014 will be a greater year for me & my lil ole blog.

To celebrate the coming of the New Year, I've collaborated with 19 other awesome bloggers to bring you dear readers a grand "kick off" giveaway! We've aptly called ourselves "THE GIVEAWAY TEAM" & our goal is to bring you awesome giveaways each month, starting with this awesome first one!

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This month's members are the following :
Janna "Jannie" Joshelle Parel (MYSELF!)
Angelique Misa
Check out the awesome prizes below!
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There will be FOUR winners.  One with most referred people will win the $50 ROMWE Gift Cert. Should there be no one who referred anybody, $50 ROMWE Gift Cert will be rewarded to one who completed ALL tasks. Winners shall be announced on January 18.

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FILED 2014 Doodle Planner

Remember my Christmas 2013 Wish List? Well I can officially cross off the FILED 2014 Doodle Planner from the list because I finally got my chubby hands on it & an "electric" blue Moodi plushie.
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What : FILED 2014 Doodle Planner
Where : FILED
Price : P545 (exclusive of shipping)
** Thank you A. for getting this for me! **

Planner Features
> 18cm x 13cm x 2cm
> available in black & white
> matte laminated cover & sewn binding
> cute "page muncher" + free template to make more!
> doodle pages per month to color & design
> spacious monthly & daily views with additional NOTES page
> expense tracker, life & 2014 plans, movies to see, books to read, places to visit, restos to try page
> sleeve/pocket at the back side
> date starts on Dec 09, 2013

So, how do you order your own? Go to the official FILED site and just follow the simple instructions that I've included below.
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Photo Source
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Well that's it for now. *toodles*
I'm off to start jotting down on my awesome FILED 2014 Doodle Planner!


Christmas 2013 Wish List

Christmas is just round the corner and my parents have been bugging me for ages to finally put up my "wish list". Every year, near Christmas time, I set up a collage of stuff I'd like to receive, think of it as my grown up version of a "dear santa" letter from my childhood. (Whoever says that Santa doesn't exist will automatically get shot, okay?)
Anyway, I have a rather small list this year which I think is because I'm content with what I currently have and all I really want is great health and safety for my entire family. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to open up wrapped material gifts come Christmas morning, but my family being complete on Christmas would be even better. (Dad's coming home on Dec 27th since the office is a bit *insert bad word here* this year.) *le sigh*
Anyhoo, moving on... Here's my Christmas 2013 Wish List!
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* Jansport Superbreak Black/White/Pink Pansy Miss Zebra backpack
Since I'm going back to the Nurse's Life next year, I need a cute yet functional "duty" bag and I prefer using a backpack for even weight distribution on my back. This is the top "need" on my list.

* Apple Earbuds/Earpods
My 2 year old buds are dying on me. Seriously.

* RN/Nurse Inspired Pandora Charm
Ever since my parents got me my first Pandora bracelet, they've been filling it up with charms little by little. I really love the concept of customization with Pandora and this year I'd love to receive a nurse inspired piece because I'm really proud of being a registered nurse.

* Longchamp Le Pliage in Noir/Black - Medium size - Long strap
My folks got my a chocolate brown version a few years back and it's served me so well. It's my travel companion because even the medium size expands so well without looking too bulky. It's simple & functional. Definitely a must have for a no-fuss kind of girl.
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FILED 2014 Doodle Planner in Black
Browsing through all the planners available online, this instantly caught my eye because of the doodles. Totally going to have a fun time coloring those in! This baby retails for P545 plus shipping!
It's quirky yet functional. I can actually write stuff on it, even jot down short "diary" type entries.
(EDIT : Thanks A. for getting me this!)
 photo whatiwant2_zpsad8cfbd4.jpg
* Hunger Game Trilogy Book Set - Hardbound
I've read the e-books & fell in love! I'd really like the hardbound book set of this particular trilogy. The concept & the way the story was written is intriguing & something about Katniss & Peeta's characters pull at my heartstrings. I can relate to them in a bizarre way. I've definitely grown up (book taste wise) from my #potterhead days.

* Disney Pixar's Brave & Pitch Perfect Original DVD
Let's just say I'm the type of girl that watches Disney movies & teen musicals! *lol*

I guess some of my regular readers are looking for the makeup portion of this wish list. Well guess what? There isn't going to be any! This year I've decided to not ask for anything makeup related. As you can see from my list, 90% of what I asked for are things a bit more practical that I can use on a daily basis especially when I'm going back to "work"...

So there you have it guys! Do you have your own wish lists? Comment down below what your top must haves are for this Christmas time!