Review : InkHeart Shop False Eyelashes #218

One of my earliest frustrations in life would be my darn eyelashes. They're visible but I'd love some more length & volume to them. Sure, a good mascara helps tons but on those special occasions when I wanna look really doe-eyed or need flirty long lashes to compliment my eye makeup, I head on over to my reliable stash of false eyelashes. False eyelashes or falsies as some people call them, have been a huge part of my makeup life. I personally wear falsies and always encourage my clients to try them out too! Since I started wearing falsies, I'd always be on the lookout for long, flirty but still natural looking falsies available locally. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon a shop called InkHeart Shop that sold just the kind I'm looking for without drilling a hole in my wallet!
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What: #218 false eyelashes
Where: InkHeart Shop
Price: P150/box for 10 pairs (P15/pair)
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What I like:
Affordably priced at P150/box for 10 pairs.
Natural looking.
Adds length.
Flirty cat-eye effect can be achieved with these lashes.
What I don't like:
Flimsy lash band that can flip around sometimes.
Delicate lashes can get bent if not handled with care.
Doesn't add a lot of volume to thin lashes.
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  1. I know this is a silly question but if I'm new at using falsies is there a chance that I could hurt myself like mapuwing ako or I can end up hurting my eye with falsies adhesive?

    1. Oh it isn't a silly question... I used to ask the same questions too! To be honest, you can hurt yourself if you use the wrong falsies adhesive. Always make sure to use the right kind of adhesive with your falsies. I recommend the DUO brand. :) Also make sure not to over apply the adhesive so that it doesn't drip all over the place especially all over your eyelid.

    2. Hi where do you think i can get that DUO brand, i guess we have the same problem:) thanks!

    3. Hi where do you think i can get that DUO brand? I guess we have the same problem. Thanks!

  2. Love how it looks pretty and natural on you. :) Some sellers binebenta to ng 250 :| why oh why.

  3. They definitely make a statement. I've seen the shop and noticed they have really affordable brushes. =)


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