Christmas 2014 Wishlist

Christmas is just a few days away and there's this silent panic going  through me because I'm swimming neck-deep in "things I have to accomplish" before Christmas and one is this particular post. Last year, my Christmas wish list got posted as soon as December hit and I got pressured when I  received a text message from my Ninang asking me what I wanted this Christmas.

This Christmas most of the things I want and need are centered towards my new business endeavors. You won't be seeing anything makeup or skincare related on my Christmas 2014 wish list but I do hope you still find my list interesting.

 photo ScreenShot2014-12-15at14835PM_zps685b59a1.png
Top to Bottom : Digital Kitchen Scale, Cutesy Apron, Alpha-Numerical Cookie Cutters, Fondant Smoother, Plain Fondant Roller & Fondant Rollers with designs
I think by now most of you can already guess what my new business adventure is? It's baking! Last year I started a small online slash baking from home business that I called Sugar Works and it's received a good amount of notice. This coming 2015 I've decided to broaden the scope of my baking and finally accept customizable cakes & cupcakes (hooray for fondant & gum paste!) hence the need for the above mentioned tools. At the top of my wish list is definitely the digital kitchen scale because I'm trying my best to be more precise in my recipes and I'm looking forward to experimenting with recipes that call for ingredients measured by grams. 

 photo ASOS_zps990cb5bc.jpg
Top to Bottom : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Any or all of these ASOS Curve dresses. I'm in the size US20 or UK24 (yes, there's a difference). I really like the quality of ASOS clothing and the fit.

Okay, I think that's about it.
Wait, what? No MAKEUP? *chuckles*
Yes, no make up this year because this year it's all about the needs and less of the wants.

PS : I'm also accepting hankies, white socks, black & blue ball pens as well as a new "lunch" food keeper for my hospital duty days. Hehe. :)


10 Things I've Learned This 2014

It's the 13th of December and this is going to be my first post for the last month of the year. It's been almost a month since I posted anything and I'm due to post a rather personal entry now. It the 12 months of 2014, I've learned a lot about life and did a bit of growing up again this year. I've been thinking a lot about whether or not I should write this but what the hell... It is my blog after all.
 photo jannieoh_zps642792ca.jpg


1. There are always going to be those few people who don't grow out of their teenage petty bitchy selves. It isn't a phase for them. Sadly, it's their way of life. Don't try to change them. Leave them be and make other friends. Try not to associate yourself with people like them. I've learned not to waste my time on petty drama and talking shit about people because to be honest, it's emotionally draining!

2. I now know the difference of what I THINK is embarrassing and what really IS embarrassing. Back in high school I'd rather die than having one of my boy classmates catch a look of my "red tide" napkins stashed in my kikay kit. Now I'd shamelessly ask male friends to go buy me a napkin or tampon in case of red tide emergencies!

3. You won't have a big group of friends. Big groups are difficult to take track of and can get messy when fights break out and you're forced to "take sides". Being able to count your close and trusted friends on one hand isn't a bad thing. I have only a handful of true blue friends who I can trust with my own life and I'm thankful I have them. 

4. Don't try to convince other people that their religion or beliefs are wrong or inferior to your own. Do not judge their agnosticism or atheism. No matter how much you disagree with whatever they believe in doesn't give you any right to call it bullshitting. Plus, it's disrespectful. Just because you go to church or pray more often that some people doesn't make you any better.

5. Reaching your country's legal age (A.K.A. turning 18!) doesn't give you the "right" to no longer listen to your parents especially when they give you advise. 99.99% of the time, they still end up right. Remember they still have a helluva lot more experience with "life" than you do. I'm 23 years old and I still run to my elders for sound advise especially on "big life decisions" like wether or not I should accept a cake order or not. *teehee*

6. Sex. How much you have or don't have of it and with whom becomes a very minute factor in a real relationship but just because that's the case, doesn't mean you can just open your legs up to anybody with something in between their legs. Respect your body. Choose wisely.

7. Karma is a BITCH and she is real. I've experienced it personally and have seen others suffer from her hands too. But she's not all that bad. Remember, if you give more, you'll get more.

8. Your gut is always right. Always. Whenever I refuse to listen to my gut, disaster strikes! They say a woman's gut instinct is her best ally and I totally agree to that... I now try to always listen to what my gut has to say.

9. Energy is palpable. There are just those people who have positive energy and make you feel happy and alive. There also those people who are filled with negative energy and just drain you... I've been lucky to have encountered only a few negative people this 2014 and I pray that I no longer have to cross paths with them again.

10. Don't sweat the little things. I can be very high strung because of my perfectionist tendencies but this year I've learned that "talo inis" is very real. I've learned to not let the small things get to me as easily as they did before.

Well, that's it for me. What have you learned this 2014?