Polish Nailbar Zamboanga - First (2) Impressions!

Last month, a new nail salon opened up called POLISH Nailbar. I was scheduled to leave for my Singapore trip at the time of their opening so I was only recently able to avail of some of their services...

Polish Nailbar is located on the lower level of Azenith Royale Hotel, Gov. Camins, Zamboanga City. Last year a flurry of nail salons had opened up in different areas of Zamboanga but I could never find a place that I genuinely liked and genuinely would recommend to other people... Until I went to Polish Nailbar.

I'm the kind of person who gets very concerned about cleanliness and sterility of items used on me during pedicures and manicures that's why I usually stick to my trusted "home service manicurista" that's been doing my nails for years... The downside to that is she offers no nail art services, branded polish or foot spas... So I was forced to venture out to find a place that would pass my standards... Needless to say, Polish Nailbar happens to be one of those places...
 photo 6_zpsej4xwgkh.jpg
Photos grabbed from Polish Nailbar Zamboanga page.
Woman on upper right photo is Dra. Azenith (AVP) on lower left is Dra. Lala (Owner)
 photo IMG_1899_zpsvikua4cq.jpg
A wide assortment of nail polishes & nail products to choose from!
 photo 4_zpsmfgo6rbr.jpg
The place has a very clean vibe to it with walls painted white and purple. Purple has always been associated to royalty and that's exactly what you'll feel when you avail of their services. You'll feel 101% like a V.I.P.! I also like their big and comfortable chairs and pillows. Another perk is the complimentary drink. I always go with iced tea!
 photo 3_zpszhpf0npz.jpg
My first visit to the place was for a combination of foot spa, basic pedicure, gel nails removal & basic manicure... I spent a little over P500 but it was worth it. I opted for the peppermint scrub for my foot spa. I really like the fact that the nail technicians take a lot of time to really make sure you're left with feet as soft as a baby's bum!
 photo 1_zpsmw16zvi2.jpg
I chose OPI's Chicago Champagne Toast for my nail color during my first visit. It was no easy task because they had A TON of different brands, colors & finishes to choose from that my head was spinning from it all. In the end I opted for a frosty pink-brown shade perfect for everyday wear. The nice thing about Polish Nailbar is that they use good quality base coat and top coats aside from the branded polish!
 photo 5_zps1bqrdvbq.jpg
For my second visit, which was earlier today, I availed of their footspa & basic pedicure which amounted to only P270! Not bad for service that is definitely high quality.
My nail technician for today wast Ate Lheny (highly recommended if you have rough/cracked heels & ingrown nails or dry skin) and she did a terrific job with my feet. I tried out their strawberry scrub this time and I liked it for the scent but I would still choose the peppermint one over it because the peppermint one had a cooling effect. 
 photo IMG_2098_zpsxyshj45n.jpg
This time I opted for a bright orange-red polish from Nature Republic. I wanted a color that would catch your attention from a mile away! *laughs!* What do you think of my color choice? Leave your comments and suggestions on what color I should paint my nails next on the comment section below!
I hope all my Zamboanga based friends take time to check out this awesome place. I swear to God I'm not paid in any way to recommend Polish Nailbar to you guys. It's just that I honestly really like the place, their staff & their service! Definitely a big contender among the nail salons in Zamboanga!


  1. I would definitely have my nails done at this place. It sounds amazing and I love a good chill and iced tea while I'm being pampered haha. I love the bright red-orange polished you picked - an eye catcher :D

    Personally, I would go for something purple or deep purple / burgundy.


    1. I love the color purple but have yet to try it out as a nail polish shade. I might give it a try next time! :)

  2. The nail polishes are so organized, it looks neat pa :)

    1. Agree! It's what really caught my eye when I first stepped inside!

  3. what's that wrap on your nails? not foils for removing gel polish? I always love nail salons who give extra pampering experience and don't ruin my nails and give me ingrown haha

    1. Hi ate! Cool the wraps nu? It has little square pads soaked in acetone inside. It's supposed to be better than foils but it's technically the same method. Haha. :)

  4. The place looks chic! And I love how neat they did your nails..not every nail salon can do it that clean :) Pretty!

  5. Your post reminded me that I should get my nails done too! My pedi is chipped to death already! Haha! Anyhow, love how the place looks and how reasonable their prices are. I find it hard to choose nail colors too since most nail spas carry a lot of shades and brands! But I love what you've chosen! :D Maybe for your next trip to Polish Nailbar, go for something cool-toned naman? Since for your first 2 trips, you went with warmer colors? :D

  6. Awesome review! I haven't been to Zamboanga but this makes me remember how good and CHEAP our services back in the Philippines can be! Here in Europe, I am dying just by looking at the prices LOL that's why now I just resort to doing my own nails :P

  7. Pinicture month sana ang place Jannie! Would love to see the place too. Nice picks! Love the catchy color and would like to try their foot spa. Sana makapunta ako one of these days. I miss you! :)

  8. oh. i think i know the girl in hijab sa tarp. haha.
    looks lovely pero i dont do my nails kasi. i just clean em. pero, looking forward to visit this.


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