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This cafe has been open for some time and people have been bugging me to do a review on it but I've always tried to put it off. Why? For the simple fact that my 2nd degree cousin & his lovely wife own the place. Willy & Yummy started Yummylly Cakes a few years back and have now opened their 1st cafe branch at Nunez Ext. Crossing, behind ADZU, beside TV Surplus shop (Zamboanga City)...
People may think that I'd be biased because of the fact I'm related to Willy, but I've always given 100% honest reviews and this particular one won't be any different... Now that we got that out there, let's get on with the review...
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My friend D.A. & I stopped by around 3:30pm. There were a couple of other people in the cafe to place in cake orders but we were the only ones there who were actually going to stuff our faces with food. *lol* Their color motif was pleasing to the eyes - a soft pink & a teal blue color. We loved the lighting fixtures, cutesy throw pillows and also their long stretch "sofa" couch. The fondant covered cakes on display also offered a touch of quirkiness to the place that balanced everything out... We all agreed to give Yummylly Cakes a 5/5 for their cafe set up.
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What's better than FREE WIFI? *winks*
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I liked that they used a chalkboard as their menu board because these gives them the option of spicing things up with colored chalk or other decorative writing styles... Though their current one was a bit out of place with the overall cuteness of the cafe... They have a variety of finger foods available and they even have rice meals! We decided to order a strawberry frappe, a cookie monster "monster frappe" (monster frappes were on a separate menu board), a slice of their yema cake and plain salted fries...
*Quick story : My friend D.A. got really pissed off with the one manning the cash register and taking our orders because she gave off this really mean attitude. She talked to us as if she wasn't in the mood (in Chavacano "dol nuay le gana combersa na customers) and seemed impatient to answer my questions regarding the monster frappes. My friend decided to just go sit down at our table before she also goes all b*tchy while I was left to handle the situation... (Bawas pogi points tayo sa ganito eh!) Only 3/5 for this particular customer service.
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Our orders arrived in batches (something that irks me at times) starting with the yema cake, the frappes then lastly our plate of fries. We digged in and started  comparing notes on our orders...
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Strawberry Frappe P75/order
Taste : 4/5
Presentation : 3/5
D.A. & I liked this frappe a lot. It had the distinct strawberry flavor you'd expect from a strawberry frappe and it had a generous serving of whipped cream on top. We just wished it had more of an "oomph" presentation-wise.
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Cookie Monster - Monster Frappe P150/order
Taste : 2/5
Presentation : 5/5
We gave this frappe a 2/5 for taste because it lacked that cookie or chocolate-y taste we were expecting. Most of the "flavor" from this frappe came from the toppings but the actual "milkshake" portion of the drink did nothing to satisfy our tastebuds. Having said that, we gave this a 5/5 for presentation because come on, just look at this thing! It was overloaded with yummy goodness! It was impressive enough to warrant the P150 price tag.
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Plain Salt Fries P50/order
Taste : 2/5
Presentation : 2/5
This were your standard "from the package" kind of fries that came with a dusting of salt. The serving size was a decent "good for 2 unless your'e fry obsessed". Presentation was MEH! I wish they had a separate container for their fry sauce (mayo+ketchup, I think) because it can get a bit messy if it's squirted directly onto the serving plate... I know they could have done better on their presentation but at P50/order, you definitely get what you pay for
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Yema Cake P55/order
Taste : 2/5
Presentation : 3/5
I had high expectations for this... This is supposed to be their best seller, an all time favorite... I got disappointed because of the taste. I was saddened because my friends D.A. & A. also had the same opinion about the taste of this particular slice. The yema filling and frosting had this really weird "plastic-balloon" kind of taste, and it wasn't an after taste at all, it was straight up plastic balloon (the kind I played with as a kid) in my mouth. At first it was subtle, but as we progressed into the cake, it tasted more and more like the plastic balloon that we ended up not finishing this piece. I've had my share of yema cakes so I definitely know what it's supposed to taste like, and believe me when I say that this piece tasted nothing like a yema cake. *sad sigh* I really think it's the frosting was the thing that was off since the cake was light and fluffy by itself.
Well that's it for now. We're giving Yummylly Cakes cafe an overall 3/5. There's definitely room for improvement on several factors. So, has anyone tried this place out yet? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Been wanting to visit this place, but after reading your review, I might not. The monster frappe looks so good though! :(


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