Review : Matte in Detail Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks have been all the rage since early 2015. I think my first encounter with this type of product is with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams (which I loved!) but they can be a bit pricey. 
Over the months I've seen a ton of brands come out with liquid lipstick type products and I've always been intrigued but the thought of splurging so much on a hyped product is a bit off putting till I stumbled upon this new product called Matte in Detail that retails for about P200-250/tube.
I saw these babies first posted by a friend and fellow blogger Deann Sarmiento but they are also available at the Cosmetix website.
 photo IMG_8491_zpsy91axonq.jpg
What : Matte in Detail Liquid Lipsticks
Price : P225/tube
Where : Deann Sarmiento
Left to Right :D10 Rhea, D9 Jhen, D3 Rox, D7 Naima, D4 Sabrina
 photo IMG_8492_zps3mntuizj.jpg  photo IMG_8493_zpskdcdu3p0.jpg
The liquid lipstick is housed in a simple small, clear, squared off tube with a small doe-foot applicator that's good enough to spread the product evenly. It can even reach right into the corner of your lips. Let's move on to some more swatches!
 photo IMG_8495_zpsgmceiehn.jpg
  Left to Right :D10 Rhea, D9 Jhen, D3 Rox, D7 Naima, D4 Sabrina
Rhea - is a mauvey nude that doesn't wash me out. One of my favorites!
Rox - bright periwinkle-purple shade. Out of my comfort zone but still lovely.
Jhen - is a classic peachy nude. Another one of my favorites. It really brightens my complexion.
Naima - bright pink-magenta shade. Has a very nice summer vibe to it.
Sabrina - is a dark plum shade. Best for evening wear.
Check out my "when worn" swatches!
 photo B_zpsi3thleds.jpg

Affordably priced.
Locally available.
Sweet melon scent - this is one of the rare times I don't mind a product having a scent.
Lovely velvety texture that glides upon application.
True to tube - what you see is what you get.
Variety of shades.
Dries to a true matte finish.
Good lasting power - up to 5 hours on me (but less if I eat!)

Lighter shades applies a bit patchy, like D10 Rhea.
If your lips are a bit on the dry side, it can cling to the fine lines and make your lips appear more wrinkly. Your best bet is to exfoliate!

Okay, to wrap it all up, here's another photo of me wearing one of my favorite shades - D9 Jhen!

 photo IMG_8446_zps5zrtggan.jpg

Have any of you tried this product out? What are your thoughts about liquid lipsticks in general? Suggest more products for me to try out! *wink*


Review : MeNow Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick

If you've been a long time reader of my blog, you'll know by now that I love lip products and that I tend to hoard them especially matte lipsticks & liners. I've been seeing so much of the MeNow Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks on beauty blogs, beauty vlogs and online shops so naturally I just had to join in the bandwagon albeit a little late. 
 photo IMG_7415_zpsksf2egui.jpg
What : MeNow Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick
Price : P150 a pop! ( + shipping )
Where : Deann Sarmiento
Why it's so popular? It claims to be a "long lasting lipstick with a cushiony feel. It's matte and highly pigmented for full coverage; creamy nourishing formula won't dry lips; lightweight texture resists cracking and settling into fine lines."
I purchased 7 shades that I thought would go well with my medium light-medium skin tone. I picked out a variety of shades so I could get a feel of the entire line. I think it comes in a total of 19 different shades that range from nudes to pinks to corals to plums and reds...
 photo IMG_7417_zpsp0jvg0mi.jpg
Left to Right : 008, 006, 016, 009, 012, 003, 013
 photo IMG_7422_zpsqkcoebj4.jpg
I'm going to keep this review short and simple.
Pros :
Affordably priced at P150/each.
Manufacturing date & expiration date are included so you can keep track.
Dries and sets to a very matte finish.
Transfer proof, smudge proof, water proof too!
It has a decent color payoff - even the nude shades.
Has good longevity until it comes across something oil based - like food.
Cons :
Some shades apply a bit patchy.
Application is a bit of a drag - literally. It  tends to tug at your lips, especially in corners.
It has a tendency to set into the lines of your lips making it appear crackly.
This isn't retractable pencil. You'll have to sharpen it and that wastes product.
 photo IMG_7423_zpsrb9l32d4.jpg
Left to Right : 008, 006, 016, 009, 012, 003, 013


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Surprise, surprise! She's back! *chuckles*
I've been gone for too long this time. So much has happened. (I feel like I always say this.) 
This time I have a valid reason. I suffered a heartbreak and I left for Singapore. I'll be blogging more about this soon. For now let's get the ball started with another "currently" post.

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I've really been into green tea smelling scents and this one by the brand Hype by Concept II is really refreshing with notes of lemon and amber as well. 

 photo IMG_8476_zpsnvknzmjy.jpg 
These Matte in Detail liquid lipsticks in the shade Jhen & Rhea. I love these two shades and will be blogging about them (along with several other shades) soon!

About how I should really cancel that second postpaid bill soon.

Tired but happy. I haven't been happy in such a long time. It's actually such a nice feeling.

My new white nails!

More time. So many things to do, so little time.

A haircut.