Review : Code.Ai Lash Extend Primer

Being asian has its ups & downs. One of the downs I have because I'm asian (specifically Filipina) is the fact I've always had sad looking eyelashes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all asians have eyelash problems. I just happen to be one of those who do. As I grew older my lashes have always been of "mid" length and have no natural curl to them at all. Plus sometimes they can get sparse in some areas. *sigh* That's why I sometimes resort to using false eyelashes to give my natural ones a boost... But falsies can be a pain to apply at times especially when I'm in a rush. I knew I had to look for a better and more convenient solution.

Well, my prayer where answered when Code.Ai contacted me last month offering me to try out a product of theirs that would definitely help my lashes... I hurriedly scanned through their site and was excited about it that I emailed them back confirming the "collaboration"... Why did I hastily say yes? Well after reading some testimonials, I really was itching to give it a try!

They were going to send me their Lash Extend Primer L-122. I was super excited! It arrived earlier this month and I've been using it ever since. Read on for more information about this product and my own experience with it.

The tester arrived wrapped safely in bubble wrap and this little "booklet". How trendy, right?

I got sent the trial size...

I like the sleek white casing of the trial size. The full size comes in the same sleek white casing with black printing. Most of my tubes (mascara, eyeliner etc) come in black tubes, so this white tube will definitely stand out and help me locate it faster in my mess of a collection! *lol*

Unlike other eyelash primers in the market, Code.Ai's Last Extend Primer L-122 comes in a dark brown tint. That means no more messy white clumps on my eyelashes! (Believe me, I've tried nasty white primers before and HATED them!) I can actually get away with just wearing the eyelash primer without my regular mascara on and still my lashes look very well defined.

The first two photos are of my naked eyelashes. As you can see, in their natural state, they don't do much for my eyes. To fully appreciate my lashes, one must look at them from above of below (like the bottom photo) to see that I actually have lashes! I have a little "balding" problem in my inner tear duct area where my lashes are so fine and tiny.

The second batch of photo are of my lashes curled and have primer applied onto them. I use only 1-2 coats of the primer and there is already a very significant change in my eyelashes. They are more defined and they look thicker. In the top photo you can see how they actually stand out. Since the primer is tinted a shade of brown, I can easily use it alone but of course I use mascara at time to add the drama. Check the photos below.

In this last batch of photos, I have my eyelashes curled, primed and have added one layer of black mascara. As you can see my lashes look a lot fuller and longer and a lot sexier than when they're naked. *lol* I can attest to the last primer actually working well for me.

To sum up everything I like about the product:

* I like the fact that it's dark tinted which leaves me the option of wearing it alone and not worrying about looking weird unlike when I use white-colored eyelash primers.
* I like its sleek white casing with bold black printing. Definitely something I'd like to be part of my growing collection.
* Non irritating.
* Helps hold my curl, volume & length for up to 4 hours (without mascara) and 6 hours (with mascara)!

What I didn't like about the product:

* It isn't such a big deal but I wish they had a "black" version of this primer for days when I'm too lazy to apply mascara over the primer but still want dark sexy lashes.

For more information about this product, feel free to visit  Code.Ai's "CONTACT US".

Disclaimer : This product was sent to me by Code.Ai for review purposes. All opinions are unbiased and my own.


  1. WOW! WOW! WOW!
    Im amazed! A primer that truly extends your lashes! I have to give this a try! Thanks for the heads up, Jan!

    The Misty Mom

  2. awesome! I certainly need that to plush up my so short and thin lashes...

  3. ohh it definitely made a huge difference!! good job with this product :)

  4. WOW!! It really does extend the lashes! ^^ Nice review!♥

  5. the first word that came out my mind is wow!!! nice review. :)

  6. Galing! A black primer would be awesome but this one being brown's definitely a first. =)
    Hindi naman ba siya nagfflaky after awhile? I've tried the white ones kasi before parang nagcclump at flaky sa dulo...


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