Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review : Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Unlike most ladies, I'm not a very big fan of perfumes. It's probably because I have a sensitive nose and subtle changes in scents triggers a succession of sneezes but on certain occasions I do find that specific perfume that's great for me. This one from Dior is definitely something that caught my attention. 
"Discover Blooming Bouquet, the newest interpretation of Miss Dior. Created for an irresistibly charming and flirtatious woman, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet embodies the couture spirit of Dior in a sparkling and sensual essence. Unfurling a delicate blend of Sicilian orange essence to reveal a tender floral heart, the fragrance unveils notes of pink peony and Damascus rose. As a finishing touch, white musks softly envelop this light and sensual floral bouquet. The bottle is a true work of art, expertly showcasing Dior’s savoir faire. The houndstooth pattern made famous by Christian Dior is embossed on the base, while a sleek metallic bow adorns the neck."
 photo IMG_9928_zps5e8edc1e.jpg  photo IMG_9929_zps8ddd37da.jpg  photo IMG_9930_zpsddb86ef0.jpg  photo IMG_9932_zpsf875da80.jpg  photo IMG_9931_zpsd62c0956.jpg
Due to my sensitive nose, I always go for perfumes that lean on the clean and crisp side with not much muskiness going on. I also go for perfumes that last long and smell better as the day goes on. Maybe this is why I really like the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet because it fits all my "wants" and "needs" for a perfume.
I've gone through 4 bottles already and it's definitely something I'd like to keep coming back to. I'm down to my last stand by bottle and now I really need to get myself a backup bottle of this beauty. How about you? What's your favorite perfume?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Review : Born Pretty Falsies in #018

A couple of months ago, Born Pretty Store sent me an awesome package of falsies. It's taken me quite some time to so a review on this but it's finally here. I've been using these falsies for special "events" and even on some of my clients. Read on for more details on these lovely babies!
 photo IMG_9878_zps8b417da4.jpg  photo IMG_9880_zps9dd6e7a8.jpg  photo IMG_9882_zpse84e2182.jpg

What : Born Pretty Stores Falsies in #108
Where : Born Pretty Store Site
Price : $5.29 roughly 231.97php
Quantity : 5 pairs
Material : Synthetic Fibers
Lash Length : 0.5cm-1.2cm
Color : Black

 photo falsies_zps49e2d434.jpg

Overall :
There are several things I like about these lashes. First is the design. This particular lash design gives a very flirty look as it tapers towards the outer edge. Once you pop these babies on, they give the illusion of length AND volume. I have really flimsy lashes and these really help make them a lot thicker and longer looking. I really like how they make my eyes look a lot more lively without weighing them down like some lashes can. Moving onto the band of this design... It has a thin band which is a good and a bad thing for me. It's good in the sense that it makes these babies blend better onto your natural lashes and you don't have to apply too thick eyeliner to "cover" or disguise the band. It's a bad thing because sometimes, especially when I'm rushing, it gets a bit flimsy to work my way on getting them on. I'd totally recommend these babies to girls who are looking for lashes for that special occasion that adds length and volume. This is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Check out some photos of me using them!

 photo IMG_0217_zps16a559c1.jpg  photo IMG_0218_zpsdf05a02a.jpg  photo IMG_0219_zpsc3e94bbe.jpg  photo IMG_0220_zps9c0cd17c.jpg  photo IMG_0221_zpsc6efbae3.jpg

You can get this particular style of lashes at
Born Pretty Store and use a special discount code.
JJH10 for 10% discount!