Friday, January 23, 2015

Travel Makeup - 2015 Edition

The other day I posted about what makeup brushes I usually take on my trips. Today I'll be sharing what makeup products I usually take on trips. Yes, I always bring makeup with me even on trip because you always have to put your best face forward! *winks*

 photo IMG_0398_zpsgkoizqcb.jpg  photo IMG_0393_zps2klrvkg2.jpg
Ever Bilena powder foundation in Light Natural
* This will serve as my setting & retouching powder. It comes in a sleek black case and has a sponge like applicator too. 

L'oread True Match liquid foundation in Natural Beige W3
* This liquid foundation is very lightweight and natural looking on my skin. I need to take a liquid foundation with me for those night out "laags" I'll be having with my sister.

Revlon age defying concealer in Light Medium
* For days when I've lacked a bit of sleep, this concealer is my best friend. It's creamy and very blendable. It doesn't crease and has a lovely finish.
 photo IMG_0396_zpsrbsiylue.jpg
Ever Bilena matic liner in Hazel Brown
* Currently testing this product out. I love that I don't have to sharpen this as it's an automatic liner. Good for both the brows and eyes!

San San single eyeshadow in Warm Copper Fire
* I use this shadow to "lock in" the creamy pencil liner that use to fill in my brows. It's also a very nice crease/transition shade...

Etude House color my brows eyebrow gel in Rich Brown
* This brow gel goes really well with my current hair color and has great lasting power. Definitely something I'm looking for in a product as I don't really like having to touch up my brows when I'm out and about.
 photo IMG_0395_zps9rfnycy8.jpg
Revlon customeyes waterproof mascara in Black
* This is my current favorite mascara. It has 2 "functions", lengthening and volumizing. Plus it's waterproof, so I need not worry when I'm rushing around.

SanSan felt tip eyeliner in Black
* I have a review on this baby. I've been through a lot of them because they are really wonderful! I find it easier to use eyeliner in pen form rather than fussing around with gel liner.

Wet N Wild color icon palette in Smoke & Melrose
* I also have a review on this palette. I love that it has everything to create both day and night looks without being so bulky!
 photo IMG_0394_zpsndqfh87r.jpg
NYX powder blush in Dessert Rose
* This is a highly pigmented blush that has a matte finish. It's a vibrant burgundy-pink that adds a beautiful flush when I wear it. This is more night appropriate but when applied with a light hand, you can definitely wear this during day time.

Careline powder blush in Fresh Tomato
* I purchased this shade because of this review. It's now one of my favorite blush shades for day time use. It's long lasting, comes in a very slim casing, very pigmented and affordable!

Revlon photo ready bronzer in Bronzed & Chic
* 4 shades in 1? Definitely taking this along with me! It's matte so it works beautifully as contour powder.
 photo IMG_0397_zpsvppt9xxf.jpg
Nichido lip liner in Rosette
* This is a great lip liner that goes with almost any lipstick that I layer over it. I specifically chose to take this along with me on the trip because I can wear it on it's own as well. The only down side is that I have to sharpen this once in awhile because it isn't automatic.

Wet N Wild megalast lipsticks in Just Peachy, Smokin' Hot Pink & Cinnamon Spice
* Yes, I really need 3 different lipsticks for my trip! Lol. Just peachy is my current everyday lip shade. It's perfect for everyday wear. I brought smokin' hot pink along for when I want a bolder and brighter daytime lipstick. Cinnamon spice is for my night outs

EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint
* I really love this lip balm because it performs well and smells really nice. Plus, cute packaging!!!

That's it for my travel makeup... Quick question... If you could only bring 3 (the horror!) makeup products on a trip, what would it be?

Personally I'd take the following :
Fanny Serrano 2 way cake foundation ( because you can use it both dry & wet!)
ELF eyebrow kit (because it has EVERYTHING you need to create beautiful brows!)
Lip & Cheek tint (because I can use it as a blush & lip color!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Makeup Brushes I Take On Trips!

Makeup is a big part of who I am. I think everyone in my life knows that. I put on makeup even when I don't have anywhere to go just because I'm bored or I'm feeling "adventurous". Going out of town is no excuse for me to not put on makeup and though it can be a hassle to bring a lot of makeup products and brushes during trips, I've picked out the "essentials".
In this post I'll be sharing my essential makeup brushes that I pack up for trips. I have a mix of face and eye brushes that don't really take up a lot of space and make my life easier when it comes to makeup application. I'll be sharing my essential makeup for trips on a different post...
 photo IMG_0372_zpsab11e7a2.jpg

I have 4 face brushes that I take along on trips. First I take the Sigma Angled Kabuki brush (F84). This brush serves as my overall foundation brush and I also use the tip for under eye concealer application. I also take my favorite Beauty Cosmetics flat top brush in pink. I've had this brush for about 2 years and it's served me well. I use this to apply my setting or pressed powder. I also take my ELF powder brush because this is the brush I use to apply my blush and sometimes also my bronzer. Lastly I take my Real Techniques setting brush in orange. This lil one takes care of all my contouring needs. Sometimes I also use it to set my under eye concealer.

 photo IMG_0373_zpsadf8ad45.jpg

Now let's talk about eye brushes. I need quite a lot as each brush has its own use. Since I have a large enough travel makeup kit, I'll be bringing along 7 brushes. On the top most are my Ellana detailer brush for smudging out my eyeliner or a shadow on my bottom lash & Real Techniques detailer brush which I use as a lip brush because its shape gives me much more control when I apply lipstick. Next I have my Marrionnaud double end brush for my brows (sadly the spoil end had gone *poof!*). I also have my CPC 219 pencil brush for a more controlled crease color application and my CPC 253 large shader brush for easy lid color application. My last two brushes are the Urban Decay double ended brush which came with my Naked 2 palette and the Beauty Cosmetics fluffy blending brush which helps me blend my shadows to perfection!

That's it for the brushes that I'll be bringing with me... My next post will be about the skincare & makeup products that I'll be bringing along so watch out for it!

Quick question... Do you have any of the brushes above? If yes, which ones? If no, which ones would you like to try out? *smiles*