September Thanksgiving Giveaway ~ WINNER!

It's the last day of September and it's finally time to announce my September Thanksgiving Giveaway that started at the beginning of the month. I've had so many  things to be thankful for and this is my way of giving back to the people who've been so supportive of my blog, my lovely readers!

So, one (1) Philippine based reader will receive all of the following goodies!

Without further ado, the winner for my September Thanksgiving Giveaway is...
*drum roll*

Congratulations Miss Venice Kristine Ramos Culanculan!
You have 48 hours to contact me with your details, failure to do so will automatically disqualify you from claiming your prizes and I shall pick another one.

Thank you to everyone who joined and in case you still want to try your luck at some other giveaways that I'm involved in, check out the photos below!


Jannieology X Unicorn Delight : WINNER!

My Unicorn Delight giveaway has finally ended and it's time to finally announce the winner.
Now just as a short recap, one (1) Philippine based reader will win three neon bracelets from Unicorn Delight... Check the bracelets out in the photo below!

And the winner is...
*drum rolls*

Congratulations Miss Cee Calanculan!
You have 48 hours to contact me with your details via my Facebook page, Facebook account or email address (parel.janna@gmail.com) Failure to do so within 48 hours will automatically disqualify you from claiming your price & I shall be picking a new winner via the rafflecopter app.
Thank you to everyone who joined and remember there are still open giveaways to join... Check them out below!



Review : Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in 915B Spiked With Rum

A few days ago I posted a haul which contained mostly Wet n Wild products. Well ever since that post I've been using the Wet n Wild megalast lipsticks and have been loving them a lot. So today I'm finally going to post a review on one of them which is 915B - Spiked With Rum.

The reason I got this shade is because I don't have one like it in my collection plus I think it's such a pretty color for fall. I'm slowly starting to make a transition from my tangerines and pinks to plums and mochas for my makeup and what better way to start than with lipstick since it's what I use most often! The other reason is this post. I fell in love with the swatch so I decided then and there that I needed it in my life!

Product Packaging : 
The lipstick comes packaged in a sleek black tube with a clear (transparent) lid cover. It has the Wet n Wild wording printed onto the cover, and had the lipstick's identity number on the bottom. It comes with a peel off seal and about an inch or two of product coming out of the black tube on the top. Now that I've described to you how it looks like, I shall now start off by telling you what I didn't like about this lipstick, packaging-wise. First off I hated the fact that they only printed the identity number onto the bottom and not the name. The name was printed on the peel off security seal of the lipstick only and once I took that off, bye-bye lipstick name. I now have to try my best to remember that this tube's called Spiked With Rum! Another thing the irked me is the fact that there's a portion of the product sticking out of the tube. I'm pretty clumsy and now I have to take double care when I replace the cover to avoid it smashing into that tine bit of product sticking out! *eeep!* But apart from that, everything's fine. For a P150 lipstick, the packaging feels sturdy enough to survive my handling, even the transparent plastic cover feels tough enough for me...

Pricing : 
P150/each. I was blown away by the price of this lipstick, considering these (Wet n Wild stuff) are US drugstore products that aren't easy for someone like me (who lives in the province) to come by... It was relatively cheap and of great quality. I'm thankful I came across Sophie J Fashion House because they sell the cheapest Wet n Wild stuff online (so far). Other shops sell the lipsticks at P220-P250 each. So, I'm psyched that I scored these for only P150!

Scent / Color Payoff / Longevity : 
If you're a long time reader, you'd already know that I am a huge fan of pink lipsticks so getting this shade is a big leap for me. Spiked With Rum can be described as a mid tone brownish-pink. I don't have anything like it in my collection but I'm happy that I got it. It gives off no unpleasant scent. It has wonderful color payoff! One swipe across my lips and I'm actually good to go. It's really pigmented and though its formulation is matte it goes on pretty smoothly on my lips. It lasts a good 4 hours on me with talking-eating-drinking in between. At the end of the 4 hours, it leaves a very pretty tinge of color on my lips.

** Tip : Exfoliate lips and prime with clear lip balm at least 15 minutes before application if you're unsure about how you fare with matte lipsticks because they can be a bit drying.

Overall : 
Overall I'd give this 4/5 stars. It would have been perfect if only I didn't have so much of an issue with the packaging. I'd recommend this lipstick to anyone who like matte finishes and doesn't want to put so much of a dent on their wallets. This shade would also flatter most skin tones. I'm an NC30-35, for comparison's sake. So what are you guys waiting for?
Grab this shade and make it part of your Fall 2012!

L-R : 1 swipe, 2 swipes, 1 swipe blended out. Taken with flash under artificial white light.
L-R : 1 swipe, 2 swipes, 1 swipe blended out. Taken with flash under artificial white light.
When worn. Took this photo with my iPhone's front cam.

Questions for my readers:
1. Did you find this review helpful?
2. Have you ever tried Wet n Wild products? What kinds?
3. What's your "Fall" shade of lipstick for 2012?


Beauty Bloggers United Giveaway 2

Well I've teamed up with more beauty bloggers to give you ROUND II of the Beauty Blogger giveaway... *smiles*

April, Janine, Mhisha, Phyll, Ana & I (Jannieology) are super excited to share this pretty awesome giveaway with all of you. So I hope everybody enjoys and joins in the fun!

This giveaway will be open to our PHILIPPINE BASED READERS only.
It starts today, September 25, 2012 & will end on October 09, 2012.
There will be four (4) winners for this giveaway, so good luck to everybody!

So, what are the prizes at stake? Check them out!

1 red "velvet-like" blazer with hoodie
1 pink bow headband
1 crochet pen holder
1 purple slim wallet
1 pair GEO lenses (Mimi Green)
1 Jergens lotion
1 MaryKay time wise duo
1 Etude House lip tint sampler
1 Tenseconds mascara (Black)
1 NYX studio liquid liner (Extreme Pink)
1 travel size face brush
1 Neutrogena blackhead eliminating warming treatment sampler
1 Cyleina carrot soap
1 Defensil anti pimple soap
$5 paypal funds (not in photo)
1 Blog feature (not in photo)

1 set "brown" stick on nails
1 set bling-bling nail stickers
1 Kojic multi berries soap
1 Cyleina shea butter soap
1 Olay all in one fairness day cream sampler
1 Jergens lotion
1 Neutrogena blackhead eliminating warming treatment sampler
1 MaryKay time wise duo
1 travel size foundation brush
1 eyeshadow brush
1 Heartcore mineral cosmetics eyeshadow (Ariel)
1 BeautyUk lipgloss
1 V&M lip butter tint (Salmon Peach)
1 Block & White lotion sampler
4 assorted korean samplers
$5 paypal funds (not in photo)
1 Blog feature (not in photo)

1 red circular coin purse
1 neon pink choker necklace
1 white mustache ring
1 leopard print cellphone pouch
2 kawaii notepads
1 set gold-bronze bangels
2 neon bracelets
1 BeautyUk clear gloss
1 V&M lip butter tint (Pink Posies)
1 Neutrogena blackhead eliminating warming treatment sampler

And a special prize from our generous sponsor:
1 chain purse
1 floral bangle
3 kawaii rings
1 pair blue flats (in your size!)

Are you guys excited yet? Because I surely am!
So, to join in this awesome giveaway, just accomplish all the needed stuff in the rafflecopter app and you're all set!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to everybody who's joining.
Enjoy & good luck!


Haulage ~ Wet n Wild & Maybelline from Sophie J Fashion House!

A few days ago I stumbled upon an online auction site that had really low starting bids.
I was really excited when I saw the Wet n Wild Color Icon palettes with ZERO (0) starting bids.
Needless to say, I stayed up till 12 midnight to make sure I got all four babies.
Unfortunately on my first attempt I was only able to snag three so I waited the next day in hopes for the appearance of the one I wasn't able to get. Luckily it appeared a day later and I was able to snag it as well! I was indeed a happy makeup junkie!
Anyway, these items were from the shop Sophie J Fashion House. She was the shop that got the auction slot at the above mentioned site. Sophie J has a very systematic way of sending online invoices and their customer service is amazing.
I'll stop blabbering now and will show you guys my loot.

I scored this for only P150! It was a slow night and only a few of us were bidding on this item. What a steal, right? Especially since I've seen this being sold for as high as P399-P499! This palette is called PRIDE and reminds me of another Wet n Wild palette called Blue Had Me. This palette has a mix of matte & shimmer eyeshadows in whites, sea greens and blues.

This one was for P175 and is called GREED. Greed also has a mix of matte & shimmer eyeshadows. It has a nice cream shadow, a salmon pink one and some blacks as well. This would be perfect for a spiced up version of the usual black smokey eye.

This palette was also for P175 and is called LUST. Different shades of purple make up this palette. Again, a mix of matte & shimmer eyeshadows. I'm really diggin' the shadow on the lower right. Looks really pretty in the pan. I hope it's as pretty when worn.

And this palette, the one that I wanted so badly, cost me P225. It's called VANITY. How appropriate because it certainly satisfied my "vanity". I've always been a sucker for neutral palettes and this one was love at first sight. I've been wanting to get this palette but it's usually sold out EVERYWHERE! So when I saw it on auction, I literally yelped with joy. So happy was able to get it at P225 only!

These Wet n Wild Mega Last Matte Lipsticks weren't part of the auction but I ordered them from the shop for P150/each. 915B is SPIKED WITH RUM while 907C is MAUVE OUTTA HERE. Been using these for the past few days. Will definitely review them soon.

This Maybelline Lip Polish in Disco Brown was a freebie from the shop.

So was this Maybelline Volume Seduction Lip Plumper.

I'm really happy that Sophie J Fashion House sent over freebies. Definitely put a smile on my face when I opened my packages! So that's it for my little haul.
How about you? What have you been buying lately?


I Joined : Miss April X Jewel Pop Cosmetics

Being the obsessed makeup junkie that I am, I'm always on the lookout for makeup related giveaways.
So I joined Miss April's collaborated giveaway with Jewel Pop Cosmetics.
You can join in too by clicking HERE.


Beauty Bloggers United #1 Giveaway!

Here I am again with another giveaway and this time it's a huge collaboration with several other bloggers from BEAUTY BLOGGERS UNITED (BBU)...
BBU is my little baby. I decided to create a group for beauty bloggers to congregate, share posts and ideas and basically just to interact with each other.
(If you're a beauty blogger, please join us here.)

Anyway, Celline of Product Arena, Kai of KaiGrafia, Ana of Leaving Traces, Aila of Makeup and My World, Valerie of Ms Valerie Deoferio and of course, myself, have decided to collaborate and bring our lovely readers these amazing prizes...

Four (4), yes four, of our lovely readers get a chance to nab all these wonderful prizes. Now I'll stop blabbering and share to you what items are part of the prize sets...

50g tube EnCara BB Cream (Read Review HERE)
Etude House Aqua Emulsion Trial Bottle
Pair of GEO Magic Contact Lens in Purple
Triple White Beauty Bar
L’evinia Lotion & Body Spray
G-LishLipbalm, Lip Gloss & Quad Eyeshadow
ELF Coverall Stick, Hypershine Lip Gloss & Luscious Liquid Lipstick
(2) ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine
The Face Shop Special Face Care Gift Set
NYX Brush on Gloss
1 set (10 pairs) Faux Lashes

50g tube EnCara BB Cream (Read Review HERE)
Etude House Nail Polish& Pearl Facial Mask
Pair of GEO Magic Contact Lens in Purple
Pinkish Glow Beauty Bar
L’evinia Lotion & Body Spray
G-LishLipbalm, Lip Gloss & Quad Eyeshadow
ELF Coverall Stick, Eye Widener Liner
(2) ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick
(2) ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine

** 1st and 2nd prizes are courtesy of Aila of Makeup and My World, Valerie of Ms Valerie Deoferio and Celline of Product Arena.

Vaintage Top
Vaintage Floral Jeggings
(2) Usamimi Headbands 
(2) Nail Adhessive
Slim Wallet
Iphone Notepad
(2) Cellphone Pouches
(2) Ballpen Holders
Penguin Notepad
Napkin Pouch
(2) False Eyelashes
Card Reader

(7) ELF Products
(2) False Eyelashes
Eyeline ASsist
Usamimi Headband
Nail Care Set
Slim Wallet
ID Holder
(5) MakeUp Samples
CP Pouch
Ballpen Holder
Airmail Notebook

** 3rd and 4th prizes are courtesy of Jannie of Jannieology, Kai of KaiGrafia and Ana of Leaving Traces.

This will end in exactly 8 weeks, November 12. Four (4) winners will be announced on all 6 blogs. Shipping is FREE of course. But here’s the catch, you have to do ALL mandatory entries. Failure to do one will INVALIDATE all your entries so be careful.
Mechanics are on the Rafflecopter widget. Wait for it to load.

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh My Clozette! + Fashion Finds by Clozette.Co (An App!)

We all have to admit that at one point or the other, we've all turned to the "world wide web" for 
shopping fixes because our schedules just won't permit us to stop over at our local malls. Now that we're comfortable seated in front of our computers, all we have to do now is log in to a site, right? Wrong! First we'd have to choose from over thousands of online shopping sites available. But which one is "the one"?!

Well, I found "the one" a few days ago and today, I'm going to share it all with you.
This site is an all-in-one sort of site where it serves as your "personal online closets and a fashion social network". Another perk is the online bazaar where you get to check out what fellow members have in store & you can make your own shop too!

So what site am I talking about?
Well it's none other than

Click to enlarge.
So what's so cool about Clozette?
First of all the site allows you to create your personal "closet" online where you can share your personal favorite fashion pieces with fellow Clozetters. This way you get to interact with fellow fashionistas and also in turn get to see other Clozetters key pieces. You can share ideas and tips with other Clozette members because you can "like" & post "comments" on their posts! How awesome is that? Interactive site, indeed! You also get to share fashionable finds that you find at the stores.

Here are some photos of looks/stuff I've recently liked:

Color punch! That turquoise clutch is just lovely!!!

Diggin' the laid back feel of this look.

That floral tie-dye-like dress is to die for!

Now another nifty thing about Clozette is their online BAZAAR!
Their bazaar is the place to be to find fashion items that are hot & trendy from fellow Clozetters!
You can buy, swap and even SELL. Yes, SELL stuff at the bazaar! How? Read on for more information...

Online BAZAAR!

So, the thing that really got me excited about Clozette is that you can create your own store for FREE! Yes my dears, for free! All you need to start your store is at least 20 items. That easy, right?! I might just be selling on Clozette very soon!

I smell a business opportunity!

Now the fun doesn't end there...
Clozette has a new innovative application for all us fashionistas on the move!
I'm so happy to share FASHION FINDS by Clozette.Co to all my lovely readers.
This is a mobile app that allows you to stay connected even when you're on the move and away from your computer. If you're familiar with Instagram, this app is similar to that only geared more towards the fashion savvy!

You can SHARE photos of your recent buys and other interesting fashion-beauty finds. And once you've uploaded the photo on Fashion Finds, it automatically sends it to your Clozette account too! Save you the hassle of uploading twice, right? So cool!

You can easily browse by category and explore the wonderful world that's available to you and your fellow Clozetters! Like & share your own photos and photos of other fashionistas! I'm sure all of you will enjoy this app as much as I do.

Oh & did I mention the app is free? FREE!!!

Sleek and savvy looking interface...

Different categories cater to different needs!

Some of the "makeup" finds for the makeup junkies like me!

Saw this studded dress and fell in love!

Tried sharing my own photo.
And here's the finished product!

That's all for now. Will definitely update you guys on my Clozette adventures.
Hoping to see everybody there! 


Unicorn Delight : Neon Lovin'

Last night, Unicorn Delight officially opened.
I've been preparing for a week or so to open Unicorn Delight and it's been a little rough.
I got good feedback the past few days but last night was a total disaster.
Seems like no one was really around to see the stuff on sale.
So as an attempt to help get the word out, here's a couple of photos of the items we have over at Unicorn Delight.

Ready to shop yet?
Head on over to Unicorn Delight.
Limited stocks!!!