Mascota De Zamboanga

 photo 1167189_420727128033938_218341559_o_zps085bfa02.jpg

Hair & Makeup by : Jannie of Jannieology
Photography by : Sefi Curada
Models : Rima Gaffud (Violet Mascota)
Elle Ibrahim (Gold Mascota)
Location & Mascotas provided by : Empress Usni Sali

"ZamboangueƱa women claim ownership of the mascota, a formal gown with a fitting bodice, her shoulders draped demurely by a luxuriously embroidered, though stiff, panuelo and fastened at the breast by a brooch or a medal. The skirt tapers down from the waist but continues on to an extended trail called the "cola". The "cola may be held on one hand as the lady walks around, or it may likewise by pinned on the waist or slipped up a cord (belt) that holds the dainty "abanico" or purse. 

Featured in the photos are winning designs previously made by one of Zamboanga's finest designer Usni Sali during the Annual Mascota de Zamboanga competition which aims to preserve the beauty of the Spanish culture deeply rooted in the modern City of Zamboanga." - Sefi C.

 photo 1005796_420726351367349_915773336_n_zpsf90d05d1.jpg  photo 1174688_420726321367352_1156100474_n_zps4c9cd27f.jpg  photo 1174804_420726364700681_652536836_n_zps9c463619.jpg  photo 1173865_420726831367301_1312723263_n_zps8e22f1b6.jpg  photo 1176260_420726928033958_479041858_n_zps00c106a1.jpg  photo 1237053_420726964700621_841383095_n_zps1fc5de5e.jpg

This shoot was another "toughie" but as always, I work perfectly by Sefi's side. He is a great friend and photographer that I'd happily do shoots with him. The mascota is close to my heart because I am from Zamboanga. Call me bias, but hey! It's gorgeous, right?

To all Zamboanga based photographers, maybe one of these days you'd consider working with me as well. I'm always open to concept shoots! Contact me via email : parel.janna@gmail.com or ams me @ 09177230118. To future clients, you may also contact me the same way!


Lipcote Lipstick Sealer

Being the huge lipstick fan that I am, it's natural for me to want to try out products that help extend my lipstick's longevity on my lips. Due to all the talking, eating, drinking (and boyfie kissing! LOLJK!) I do, not a lot of lipsticks can cope up with me so naturally when I got the Lipcoste Lipstick Sealer from the sweetest owner of Kering Keri Store, I was super ecstatic!

Fast forward to about 2 weeks later, I can finally put up a review for all of you have have heard of this product and might want to try it but need a bit more convincing.

 photo IMG_7860_zpsc8605861.jpg

What : Lipcote The Original Lipstick Sealer (Vanilla)
Where : Kering Keri Store
Price : Free!

 photo IMG_7861_zpse0f06227.jpg  photo IMG_7862_zps850e242b.jpg  photo IMG_7863_zps454da7e9.jpg  photo IMG_7864_zpsce1a9a72.jpg

Lipcote is packaged in a practical and travel friendly bottle with a twist off lid and an applicator brush. It conveniently fits even inside the smallest of your "kikay". The brush is smooth and coats the lips very well. The design of the packaging has remained a staple for the brand and befits it well.

Using Lipcote is pretty simple. First you apply your lipstick, then blot, then reapply your lipstick then apply Lipcote all over your lips. During the application process, make sure to keep your lips parted and wait for the Lipcote to fully dry before you even think of talking or pressing your lips together!

The very first time I tried Lipcote, I was a bit turned off with the "industrial" smell and the slight tingling sensation I experienced during the application but I learned that this was normal because of the product's alcohol content. The smell goes away once the product dries and isn't a bit offensive. Lipcote also does not alter the color of your lipstick in any way.

I tried the product over finishes which don't usually last long on me which are frost & satin or cream-like finishes. Lipcote extended my lipstick's longevity on my lips up to 3 hours more than my usual. It works even better on matte formulas! My MAC Ruby Woo stayed put for a solid 12 hour day of talking, eating, drinking, more talking, more eating, more drinking! This made me a really happy lipstick lover.

Would I recommend it? Definitely! I can get past the icky smell and tingling sensation because this product delivers!

Disclaimer : Product was sent for review purposes by shop/company mentioned. All thoughts are unbiased and my own.


In My Makeup Chair : Mei Sanchez

 photo 11_zps32bc0a31.jpg
Client : Mei Sanchez
Event : Pilar College IHMP Dinner & Dance
 Theme : Retro-Vintage
Inspiration : Taylor Swift
 photo 12_zpsbd7ea39f.jpg  photo 1_zpsf4436155.jpg  photo 2_zps24eaa81c.jpg  photo 3_zpsee75aa11.jpg  photo 4_zpsfc36707d.jpg  photo 5_zpsde7dcf68.jpg  photo 6_zps2f49f5df.jpg
Miss Mei's naturally fair skin is dotted with freckles which I simply adore and I felt that covering them up would be such a shame. So I allowed these adorable dots to still peek through the foundation.
Zamboanga based clients can book me via email at parel.janna@gmail.com or via sms at 09177230118.
Allow me to bring out the best in you!


Lipstick Lover Organizer Giveaway!

As all of you may already know, I'm a HUGE lipstick fan. I currently have over 50 tubes from different brands and in different shades. I have to admit that sometimes my tubes are all over the place so when I spotted these lipstick organizers a couple of weeks ago during the KERING KERI STORE sale, I instantly bought two. I already have two of my own and only need one more but I've decided to give away one lipstick organizer to help other lipstick lovers out there!

Check out the mechanics on the rafflecopter app below.

 photo IMG_7742_zpsde373483.jpg 

This giveaway is open to all my PHILIPPINE based readers only and will end on August 31.
One lucky winner will be taking home 1 lipstick organizer plus a couple of other surprise goodies!
Good luck everyone and enjoy!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway


Pretty-fying Is What I Do

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I've been on a roll with my freelancing the past few weeks. Really enjoyed working with these girls. They were such an awesome group of people which made my job as their makeup artist a breeze!
I offer HMUA services to Zamboanga based clients.
Contact me via email : parel.janna@gmail.com or send me a text message @ 09177230118 for more information! Allow me to bring out the best in you!


Kering Keri Store Haulage! ~ SALE ITEMS!

Kering Keri Store is a Quezon City based shop that I've had great transactions with before. The other day; Miss Eunice, the shop owner, posted her post birthday sale and I immediately grabbed hold of a few things I wouldn't normally get at their regular prices.
 photo IMG_7741_zps16e5fddc.jpg  photo IMG_7742_zpsc55d598d.jpg
Lipstick Organizer - P180/each

Most of you already know that my favorite kind of makeup product happens to be lipsticks! I have a slight addiction for them and so I really need 2 other lipstick organizers since 1 isn't enough to hold my growing collection.
 photo IMG_7743_zpsfb7a1824.jpg  photo IMG_7744_zps2bfbba12.jpg  photo IMG_7745_zps1c17414b.jpg  photo IMG_7746_zps23e09463.jpg
1. Maybelline "The Falsies" Mascara in Black - P350
2. Beauty UK Lip Vinyl in Pacha - P150
3. BYS Matte Lipstick in Reddy Set Go - P200
4. NYX Powder Blush in Taupe - P240
5. MUA The Artiste Collection Palette - P400
6. beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection - Freebie for Review
7. Lipcote - Freebie for Review
Which product do you guys want me to do a review on first?


Small XOXO Armcandy Haul!

I've been trying to break away from my usual choice of huge bulky military-like men's watches and have opted to get more dainty pieces. That's why I'm so in love with XOXO ARMCANDY.
Xoxo Armcandy is Zamboanga based ans started out as an online shop that now has an actual physical store and is managed by Miss Alyssa and her boyfie.  
 photo xoxo1_zps247b3997.jpg  photo xoxo_zps2be7f2ba.jpg
Xoxo Armcandy
IG : @xoxoarmcandy
Contact # : 09173053337
 photo IMG_7728_zps3dff6de6.jpg
I stopped by the shop yesterday to pick up a few of my orders, hence this small haul post.
One of the things I love about this shop is its packaging. They use eco-friendly paper bags and rarely use plastic bags.
 photo xoxo3_zpsf76d9d9f.jpg
Neon Baby Pink "Diesel" Watch - P250
 photo xoxo4_zps2995f3d7.jpg
Blue Gray Aztec Print Strap Watch - P350
 photo IMG_7734_zps823a662e.jpg
Printed Bow Hair Ties - P40/each


Challenge : The "No Makeup" Look

 photo ChallengeNoMakeupMakeup_zps0800247d.jpg

Challenge Accepted!

 photo IMG_7724_zpsbe2af1d2.jpg  photo IMG_7723_zps70c93f35.jpg
Face :
Celeteque Moisturizer
ELF Mineral Infused Primer
Encara BB Cream
Garnier BB Eye Roll
Glory of New York Total Coverage Foundation - 210
Ben Nye Luxury Powder - Banana
Ever Bilena Powder Foundation - Oriental
Eyebrows :
Nichido Eyebrow Pencil - Brown
Lashes :
Maybelline Colossal Mascara - Black
Cheeks :
ELF HD Cream Blush - Headliner
Lips :
Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain - Honey
Nails :
"Rain" Nail Polish - Vamp
 photo IMG_7725_zps4c175e2d.jpg
I hope you enjoyed watching the video.
If you have any tags, challenges or requests, leave them in the comment box below.

Are You A Rainbow Head? - GIVEAWAY ALERT!

I started getting my hair dyed in high school since it happened to be "all the rage" back then to go a shade lighter than your natural hair color or have blonde-ish highlights put in. I naturally have dark brown hair that shifts to a medium brown in the summer when I get too much "sun" exposure.
Through the years I enjoyed getting my hair dyed till I reached college and started taking my course seriously. You see, it's a big "no-no" for nurses to have crazy hair colors (I still don't understand why!)

So back in college, I had to say good bye to hair dyeing sessions till I graduated. Or so I thought!
Even as a registered nurse, crazy hair colors were prohibited. So now that I'm currently on a quick hiatus from my job as a nurse, I've decided to take a risk and get my hair dyed a crazy color. Which brings me to this really cool giveaway I stumbled upon the RAINBOW HEAD shop!

Based in Pasig & Makati, Rainbow Head is an online shop that is an authorized reseller of Manic Panic hair products and they're being very generous by giving away 1 year's supply of hair dyes!

 photo 526433_636850506333790_1360297572_n_zps49aa5f30.jpg

Giveaway Rules
Giveaway Mechanics


Makeup Tutorial : Smolder

 photo IMG_7712_zps172d65d0.jpg  photo IMG_7713_zps10d89af5.jpg
Face :
Celeteque Moisturizer
Shu Uemura Face Architect Foundation - Medium Beige
Glory of New York Total Coverage Foundation - 210
Ben Nye Luxury Powder - Banana
MeMeMe Flawless Powder - Translucent
Eyebrows :
ELF Eyebrow Kit - Dark
Eyes :
NYX Eyeshadow Base - Skintone
Sleek Eyeshadow Palette - PPQ Limited Editiom
NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette, Runway Collection - Caviar & Champagne
Virginia Olsen Mineral Eyeshadow - Solar Flare
Clinique Mascara - Black (lower lashes)
Rimmel Eyeliner - Black
Lashes :
DUO Lash Glue - Clear
Random pair of "flirty" lashes
Cheeks :
ELF HD Cream Blush - Headliner
Lips :
Maybelline Baby Lips - Mango
ELF Lip Exfoliator
Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick - Sugar Plum Fairy
Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick - Pinkerbell
 photo IMG_7715_zps3717494d.jpg