Review : Mini Egg Sponge

Beauty Blenders  are one of the most talked about makeup tools that I've read about. I've been seeing them everywhere! On my recent trip to Singapore I stopped by a Sephora branch to check some out on numerous occasions. I just couldn't bring myself to shell out nearly $25 (SGD) on a sponge that I would need to chuck out eventually. Right? So till I have enough guts to purchase an original one, I'll gladly settle for a more affordably priced one that I got sent for review purposes! *teehee*

 photo IMG_8572_zpslpfgi3ap.jpg
What : Mini Egg Sponge a.k.a. Beauty Blender Replica
Where : Prinsesitasarahcosmetics (Instagram)
Price : P98
* Sponsored by Miss Sarah
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Available locally.
Soft with just enough springiness to help blend out my foundation beautifully.
Doesn't bleed out its pink dye when being washed.
Dries fast.
Travel friendly.
Versatile - I use this to blend out both liquid, cream and powder products!


A bit too small for my face, if it were larger then it would be perfect.
Tears easily when you wash it too vigorously (like I do!)