** Edited : September 15, 2013

This is site is open to product reviews, giveaways, advertisements, affiliation programs, promotional posts and the like.I offer affordable advertising for small & big businesses, blogs, YT channels and a whole lot more.

Please take note that I am most interested in finding new products, blogs, channels (& etc) to share with my dear readers. I reserve the right to work with sponsors who are appropriately in sync with whatever is reflected (taste & content) in this blog. 

Before I dive into more details, here are more information on the sites I currently own and manage:
Twitter - 1200+ followers
Google Friend Connect - 1100+ followers
Tumblr - 900+ followers
YouTube Channel - 500+ subscribers

Now onto the more important details...


You will receive a 180x180 sidebar ad space on my sidebar. You may opt to provide a smaller sized ad. Please take note that I accept ads with either a transparent or non-transparent background. 

Sidebar rates & duration are as follows :
$30 - 1 month commitment
$50 - 3 month commitment
$80 - 6 month commitment
$100 - 1 year commitment

*prices subject to change without prior notice

Sponsored posts are as follows :

$30 - 1 photo + max 100 word write up about your shop/cause/company etc
$50 - 3 photos + max 200 word write up about your shop/cause/company etc
$80 - 5 photos + max 300 word write up about your shop/cause/company etc + will share on all social media accounts

I accept payments via GCASH, LBC, & Metrobank ONLY.

Advertising guidelines are as follows :
1. No refunds.
2. I will accept advertisements related to beauty, health, fashion, shopping.
3. I will also accept ads for personal blogs or YouTube channels.
4. In no instance will accept links that lead to sites with adult content
(ex. porn, violence related sites etc.)
5. All ads must be grammatically correct.
6. Ads cannot be offensive on any race, culture, gender, sexual preference and/or disabilities.
7. No SPAM ads.

As an added bonus, all those who avail of my paid ad space will receive ONE (1) FREE FEATURE POST on my blog. You can also opt for a FREE SHOUT OUT + LINK on an upcoming video on my YouTube channel.


I am more than happy to host giveaways on my blog. Each giveaway will receive ONE (1) FREE BLOG POST regarding the said giveaway and ONE (1) FREE SHOP/PERSON FEATURE POST (unless you've already received a previous feature). I will randomly select a winner via RAFFLECOPTER or RANDOM.ORG and will be in charge of announcing the winners. All posts related to the sponsored giveaway will be shared & promoted on my various sites.

As part of the mechanics, all those who wish to participate in the giveaway will be required to become a follower/subscriber/fan of yours on whichever site you'd prefer.

Giveaways may be in the form of a gift certificate with a specific amount or a physical product. I will provide you with the winner's full details so you may ship the prize DIRECTLY to the winner.

You will need to provide me and edited or unedited photo of the prize/s.

As an added bonus, your 180x180 ad will be posted on my sidebar FREE for ONE (1) month.


I accept product reviews weather or not they are accompanied with a giveaway offering, though one with a giveaway is very much appreciated. For me to review your product/s, I must receive a full size, non-returnable free sample of the product/s. I will do a review on the product within 2 weeks from the day I receive the item in the form of a blog post (with photos + links to sponsor's sites) or a video post on my YouTube channel.

I would love to review products that are relevant to myself and to my readers. These products are as follows:
1. Beauty Products & Tools - makeup, skin care, hair care etc
2. Circle lenses
3. Accessories
4. Knick knacks, trinkets, etc...
5. Gadgets

But I am also willing to check out other products as well.

That's about it.
Thank you for taking the time to consider my site.
I am looking forward to working with you in the promotion of your products, company, sites and the like.
If you have any more inquiries, feel free to email me at parel[dot]janna[at]gmail[dot]com (parel.janna@gmail.com)