Makeup Look : Rainbow Liner

I'm quite a sucker for rainbow-inspired stuff and neon colors. So I decided to re-create this very easy look that I've seen around YouTube. I know I was supposed to do a Neutral Pop look but I was too tempted to create this instead plus I've missed playing around with colorful eye shadows. I hope you guys enjoy.

Full on face shot! :D

Was trying to look maldita. FAIL!~
Product List!

Kiehl's skin care products
Myra E tinted moisturizer - beige
Nyx concealer in a jar - CJ04 medium

Ever Bilena eyebrow pencil - light brown

Nyx HD eyeshadow base
Dollface 88 matte palette - cream (entire lid) medium beige (crease) ROYGBV (lash line)
Dollface 88 earth palette - silver (lower lash line)
Maybelline stiletto liquid eye liner - black

Maybelline pulse perfection - black

EOS lip balm - lemon drop
Nyx slim lip liner - hot pink
Nyx round lipstick - pink lyrics

That's about it for the list of products. Posted below is a closer look at the rainbow liner. I know I skipped out on Indigo but it still looks really pretty, in my opinion. This isn't an everyday look, but hey, if you feel that you can rock this out everyday, be my guest! Personally I suggest going to quirky parties with this kind of makeup. 
Close up shot on the eye makeup. ROYGBV. :)
Don't forget to watch the video so you guys know how I did this look. It's really easy... But if you find it difficult, practice does the trick! Good luck, loves.

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  1. nice make up!what was the white one that you applied before you applied the red shadow? hehe. ang nice! xD


    1. Sis, it's the NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK. :)) I just depotted it because it's easier to use in the pot. :))

  2. wow i love the eyes.
    pwedeng-pwede pang concept shoot. :)

  3. nice makeup Jannie! so colorpul! hehehe.
    I miss doing my makeup tuts videos XD
    people were asking and asking me about it.. might work on those vids soon :)


    1. Thanks sis! Yeah, I think you should make more makeup tuts. I miss watching your makeup tuts. Super girlyyyy ka kasi. :)

  4. Love the look! I tried doing a 3-tone eye liner look di visible sa mata ko. :( I would love to get a look like this. :D


    1. I think you'd have to really EXTEND the liner towards most of your lid sis for it to show up well on your eyes. Good luck! <3

  5. Nice! Love it when you get creative with your makeup! :) Keep at it! :)

    1. Thanks Mitch! :) <3 I hope to create more "quirky/fun" looks in the future. :D

  6. That was cute :D I really though a rainbow eye liner was available. haha. funny. :D Nice Video!

    1. Nako, if there really was a rainbow eye liner thing, I'd definitely buy a couple of tubes of the product! :D


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