Sneak Peek : January Giveaway!

January 2012 - Accessories for my lovely readers!
Earlier today, I was on the hunt for cutesy accessories to add to my current collection. I wanted "edgier" pieces or at least pieces that fit my age since I noticed I had a bunch of clay accessories that were definitely quirky but at times seemed out of place in my wardrobe. So anyway, I dragged my lil sister along the hot and dusty streets of the city to this lil ole place I knew had really cool stuff. We battled it out with the crowds and eventually got in.

I got a couple of pieces for myself and was about to head towards the cashier but I remembered that since it's the NEW YEAR, I definitely have to do a giveaway. What better way to kick start the year than with a new giveaway on my new blog. So I decided to scout around for more accessories for this particular giveaway.

The above photo is a sneak peek of only SOME of the stuff ONE lucky reader will be receiving. Watch out for the next post since it'll definitely have the mechanics for the giveaway.

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