Travel Makeup + Announcement!

Hello again my lovely readers! Today's a very exciting day for me since I'll be leaving for my lola's (grandmother) hometown. As I'm typing this, it's 8:30 in the morning and I'm halfway through the last minute packing. My flight to Cebu is at 1pm, then to Silay at 6pm, then it's going to be about an hour till I actually get to my final destination. Thinking about it is exhausting that's why I decided to take a short break and blog my last post till I get back home.

You see, my maternal grandmother is ilongga. She comes from a small fishing town in the Negros Occidental area. It's actually called Cadiz City and is about an hour away from Bacolod City. My lola goes "home" every two to three years but I haven't been back home in about twelve years. I'm pretty psyched about going back home. And I realize that my thoughts are kind of jumpy from all the excitement. But anyway....

This post isn't only about that announcement, it's also about the makeup I'll be bringing along. I always used to end up bringing a ton of useless makeup whenever I travel. Sometimes I bring up to 2 kilos of makeup because I insist on bringing my palettes! Then when I get to my destination, I'm caught up in all kinds of activities that I forget to use the makeup I brought along! *ugh*

This time I decided to keep things simple. I'll be gone for only a week anyway. So let's get started on the travel makeup I have, shall we?

My travel brush kit/bag fits inside my makeup bag!
First things first. I suggest you choose a makeup kit big enough to handle all the makeup tools and products you'll be bringing along. This is so that you won't have a ton of small sized bags to lug around. I chose this colorful polka-dotted zippered makeup pouch from a brand called Tickles. I actually have this in three sizes. The one I chose is in the size medium. As you can see, everything I planned on bringing along is inside my orange polka dotted pouch.

My brush kit is from Shopping Bliss Manila (FB)
I got my Tickles pouch from my Ninang as a gift a few years back but the brush kit is a purchase from last year from an online shop called Shopping Bliss Manila. I got it for only P150 and that's quite a steal!
Brought along my "tools of the trade".
I decided to bring only a couple of my brushes with me. I feel that I'll end up using my hands more during makeup application... I brought along more eye brushes than face brushes. I made sure to bring along my favorite face brush though. It happens to be the ELF flat top powder brush which I also use to apply cream and liquid foundation.

Unbranded lip brush and my Urban Decay lip brush.
Since my lip brushes were too skinny to fit into the slots, I kept them in the side pocket of the kit. It's also big enough to have a powder compact fit inside...

Beauty tools!
I also packed up some other beauty essentials like my trusty eyelash curler, puller & sharpener. I know they're all "silver".  I think it's important for you to bring around an eyelash curler if you want to perk up your eyelashes. I have boring lashes and need to curl them to give them that much needed lift. Plus I didn't pack up any false lashes since I don't think I'll be needing them anyway.

LOVE! NYX Nude on Nude Palette.
I also packed up my go-to palette these days. I've had my NYX Nude on Nude palette since last year and have been so in love with how versatile the palette is. I decided that it would be the perfect palette to tag along during my trip since it has a very sleek and compact case plus it comes with a ton of shadows and lip colors too! When you think about it, I don't even have to bring lipsticks with me (but I still did!).
Mascara. Eyeshadow primer. Liquid liner. Pencil liners. DEADLY WEAPONS!
Decided to bring only one mascara, my current favorite. It's actually been a favorite for 4 months already. It's the Pulse Perfection mascara from Maybelline. I also brought my NYX HD eyeshadow base, liquid liner also from Maybelline, and two pencil liners from Ever Bilena and NYX. Deadly weapons indeed! Haha!
Three lip essentials.
EOS lipbalm in Lemon Drop with SPF! I needed to bring this along because I get really dry lips at times. The SPF is also a great bonus! I also decided to bring my NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade San Paulo. I love the NYX lip creams because they are super pigmented plus they stay put for a long time. I won't have to worry about constantly re-applying my lip color. Last lip product I packed up is one of my forever favorites, the Rimmel lipstick in Audacious. It's a lovely nude-ish color that goes well with almost anything I wear.

MAC Studio Fix powder foundation in NC35 & Ever Bilena foundation cake in 01
I packed three foundations. Two powders and 1 liquid. I'm sorry I didn't take a photo of my liquid foundation but it's the NYX HD studio photogenic liquid foundation in 002. I also brought along my MAC studio fix powder foundation and another powder foundation from Ever Bilena.

NYX cream blush in Natural, NYX concealer in a jar in Medium and Ever Bilena powder blush in Earth
Last but not least, I brought along my NYX concealer in a jar in the shade medium, NYX cream blush and Ever Bilena powder blush. I was supposed to bring along a stick concealer but I opted for the one in the jar just because! *wink* I chose to bring along a cream blush because it lasts longer and looks a little more natural than most of the powder blushes I have. The powder blush from Ever Bilena is what I usually use to contour my chubby face! *lol*

So there you go girlies. Those are the essential makeup products and tools I'll be bringing along on this trip, aside from my skin care products of course! I hope you enjoyed my post even if it was rather long. I'll be leaving you guys with some questions down below.

  • What are your travel makeup essentials?
  • Do you prefer bringing powder, cream or liquid foundations when you travel around?
  • If you could bring along only 1 (ONE) makeup product, what would it be?

PS : I'll be gone from January 18, 2012 (1pm) till January 24, 2012. I'm not sure if there'll be free WiFi at the hotel we'll be staying at so I can't promise you guys that I'll be updating much. See you when I get back! <3


  1. Happy Trip Jannie. Good thing boys don't need lot of makeup. haha

  2. 1- Facial wash, lotion, sunblock and moisturizer (makeup ba yan mentioned ko? hehe)
    2-Mary Kay liquid foundation, quite expensive but worth it, I only use my fingers to apply
    3- A tinted lip balm to sooth chapped lips

    Have a safe trip!

  3. have a safe trip Jannie :) bring pasalubong hehe XO

  4. Usually, when I travel I bring with me my BB Cream, Face Powder, EYELINER!, lip balm, tinted lip gloss, an eyeshadow quad and a few brushes. :)

    Liquid foundation works best for me.


    Have fyn on your trip. :)

  5. My daddy and his family are also from Ilolo. Not sure what town though! :D I think it's Dingle but I could be making that name up. Hahha :))

    Makeup travel essentials: Brushes, foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow palette, favorite lipsticks. Hehe quite a lot! Sunscreen too if im going anywhere hot. :)

    In general, I like liquid foundations more and if i could only bring one, it would be my tinted moisturizer :P

  6. You have a lot of makeup. I only use pressed powder and lipstick. Hahaha!

  7. hi sis,... seems like you're gonna have a fun fun trip.. its been 2 years since i last went to cebu on tour.. lol

    seems like thats a lot of makeup to bring.. but I love the pouch it's sooo cute.. '

    What are your travel makeup essentials?
    -I can forget everything but not BB cream and eyeliner.. lol I can go on without lipgloss..

    Do you prefer bringing powder, cream or liquid foundations when you travel around?
    -I prefer liquid ones..

    If you could bring along only 1 (ONE) makeup product, what would it be?

  8. Great make ups you have.. i can't leave without lipstick.. =)

  9. What are your travel makeup essentials?
    Feminine wash and clean undies! Bahala na ang lahat, wag lang maiwan yan. :)
    Do you prefer bringing powder, cream or liquid foundations when you travel around?
    I prefer to bring powder.

    If you could bring along only 1 (ONE) makeup product, what would it be?
    I was about to say a palette with almost everything, but sige. I think it'll be a lip balm (tinted). :)


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