DIY - Pretty-fied Brush Holder

I'm a big fan of DIY projects (do-it-yourself). It saves you money plus puts you in control of what the actual outcome of the particular project you're working on.
Today I'm going to share with you guys how I pretty-fied a plain silver plant pot that I use to hold my brushes. The end result is the photo below.

First off you'll need your plant pot or any container that you are currently using to house your brushes. If you're wondering where I got my silver plant pot from, I actually got it last year when IKEA (Singapore) was having a sale. It was around $2 which is roughly P66. 

You will need any type of craft paper. I used papers from this 6x6 printed paper stack I got last month when I was in Bacolod. It has 50 sheets and 10 designs so I had a pretty wide range of choices.

You will also need any type of adhesive. I opted you use scrapbooking adhesive dots because of my pot's finish. The adhesive dots will actually work better that glue since glue will probably just glide off my pot's finish easily.

Next you will also need scrapbooking embellishments, stickers, decorative items to add *oomph!* to your pot/container. I opted to use regular stickers & 3D stickers.

Lastly you will also need stuff like scissors, pens/pencils & a ruler. So now that you know what materials you need, we can get started.

First off we have to cut the craft paper to a size that will fit the pot. I measured my paper using a ruler and with my trusty pair of (old) scissors, snipped away.

In between cuttings, I made sure to keep measuring the paper on the pot so that I'll get an almost perfect fit. Since I used a 6x6 sized craft paper, I needed more than one to cover the entire pot.

It took two pieces to cover my entire pot. After cutting the paper to the right size, we can now stick it onto the pot with the adhesive dots. It was really easier with the adhesive dots since the dots stuck to the surface of my pot and didn't slide around like liquid glue would have.

After sticking on the craft paper you can now start adding on your decorations/embellishments. Since my chose craft paper had a flower pattern, I decided to go with a "flowery" theme. I added 3D butterfly stickers as well as regular flower stickers to enhance the pot's overall appearance. You can decorate however you want. That's the beauty of this project. You're pot will be decorated entirely up to your taste!

So there you have it! Your own DIY Pretty-fied Brush Holder. You can also use the containers to hold your pens, pencils, art materials or anything under the sun. I was even thinking of using it to hold cutlery in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

I hope you guys found this enjoyable. Till me next post!


  1. thats pretty creative... great alternative

  2. great tutorial <3 .. I might make one too hehehe ..


  3. wow.. this is cute Jannie :) I like the result!! turned out very chic and girly! :)

  4. Cute! :) I prefer to have my brushes in a clear glass though. I dont know why. I guess I just like how clean it looks? :D

  5. nice DIY! I often do that way back in highschool. hehe xD

  6. ang cute naman ng pattern ng craft paper! :>
    pero it's a good thing na you decided to do DIY para naman maiba at gumanda ang gamit na plain :>

  7. That's really nice sis! :D very creative! and I love doing DIY, but I'm too lazy to do one, and too busy. D; (that's why I just let my sister make stuff, because she's probably the most creative one in our fam).
    And oooh! IKEA! It's like heaven! haha :D

  8. I love make-it-yourself stuff. This is awesome! And I must say, your header's pretty nice too. :) Following you.

  9. I love DIY's, especially when it makes things evenmore useful and prettier :) As for this one, it's pretty!



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