New Theme! - Thanks Anj.

One of the things I've always worried about before I transferred to Blogger is the fact that I'm no good with codes and photoshop manipulation. I may be one of the few bloggers who actually have no clue on how to produce pretty graphics and such. Plus the fact that I have an MBP with no photoshop application definitely does not help. If you haven't noticed, I don't even have watermarks for my photos, but that's a different story.

Anyway, I'm really psyched to be sharing with all of you my new theme courtesy of a dear friend of mine, Anj. (Go visit her blog, NOW!) I've known Anj since she was in high school because of a common friend, Chey. She's one talented little lady and I find her awkward shyness really quirky. She's easy to talk to and very approachable. Plus she's such a sweetheart to offer to revamp my site for free!

Here's my new header. Anj picked out all the photos herself. Good choices. Yeah, definitely good choices. Plus I love the whole concept of the theme. It definitely is so me. The color scheme & fonts are so me! I can't get enough! Plus I'm loving the two sidebars together towards the left of my blog.

Lastly Anj was nice enough to also make a badge for my blog! *yey* Now you can link me up (if you want to) through a badge on your sidebar. *wink*

Thank you very much Anj! I definitely owe you one.

PS : Here's a picture of the pretty Anj. Don't forget to visit her blog, mkayyyyy? :D


  1. Ang sweet naman ng friend mo to make a theme for you. Love it's simplicity! and the header..

    You can try making graphics naman sis eh. Try mo photoscape, dun ako nag start. tas ayun na nasanay na, then nag photoshop =)Sa una lang yan mahirap...


  2. Awwww you're welcome, Ate Jannie!!
    and thanks for the mention/~exposure~ hahahaha <3

  3. Wow so sweet of her! Definitely paying her a visit too! <3 lovely new theme i love the colors!!

  4. nagulat ako yesterday nabago yng theme :)))) i like it :)

  5. I'm loving your new theme and gaan sa mata because of the color and the simplicity. It was so sweet of your friend to make you a theme tapos meron pa kasama banner and badge :)

  6. Ako sis IT ako pero di ko rin alam pano mag codes. Hahaha. Lovely theme. <3

  7. cute new theme! :) I love how Anj did the theme :)
    it would also be nice if you'd make the links a bit more darker..so it would be more visible and contrast the white background here :)

  8. im more comfprtable with blogspot actually. followed you btw :D


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