Human Nature 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm : Review & Swatches

Back in high school, while other girls where into lipgloss, I was hooked on tinted lip balms. I remember collecting lip balms all throughout high school then I stopped in College. Recently I've been on the lookout for tinted lip balms again because they're a lot more friendly when I'm in a rush especially on duty days at the hospital.

Last January a duty mate (Anna Solis) of mine brought along a copy of Human Nature's current catalog and a few stuff definitely caught my eye. One (well actually three) of those things happened to be the Human Nature 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balms. They were on sale at 3 for P199 so I immediately ordered one of each available shade. Imaging getting a tube for less than P70? GREAT! :D

Flame Tree (berry red), Island Kiss (tangerine), Pink Orchid (rose)

Been using these since January.

All of them a hint if shimmer in the formula but they aren't "grainy".

Packaging / Design : 
Pictures can lie. *cough* When I was flipping through the catalog, the packaging of these lip balms looked really neat and posh but when I got the actual items I got a little disappointed. The packaging may come off a little "cheap" to some but what can you expect for its price, right? The lip balms come encased in a plastic tube container in a berry red color with a berry red cap cover. I think it would have been better if they color coded their covers to match the shade but I guess I'll have to just let that issue go. One other sad thing is the printing of the information on the package. It easily rubs off. After about two weeks in my makeup kit, the printed expiry date on one tube has been erased completely. Plus the labels are stickers to now the edges have started peeling off. It may be due to my carelessness but, whatever. So I think that needs improvement. Don't get me wrong, I have positive things to say too.
One of the things I do like about the packaging is the fact that it feels sturdy in my hands. They feel solid enough that I'm not scared of my other heavier stuff crushing my lip balm in my bag. I also like the Human Nature logo very much. I find the heart in the middle of the two words quite adorable. Another plus is that there is a full list of ingredients so you can check them out to see if you're allergic to anything. Not all lip products have a printed list of ingredients on the tube. 

Quantity / Quality : 
Each tube contains 4 grams of product and since I got three tubes, I guess it'll take quite some time before I run out of them. At first swipe, I was honestly disappointed. Pink Orchid didn't come off a pink at all and it took me a couple more layers to build a solid color but then I remembered that these babies were LIP BALMS and not LIPSTICKS. So for a lip balm, these babies are pretty pigmented especially Flame Tree which is a lovely berry red shade that leaves such a pretty "stain" on the lips after a while. For the more funky girls, Island Kiss is a perky tangerine shade that's quite flattering on any skin tone. Another thing I do like about these lip balms is the actual formula. Though they have a slight shimmer to them, there is no grainy/gritty feeling on the lips at all. It gives off such a smooth application that I can't help myself but re-apply. One downside though is the longevity of this product on my lips. Since I'm usually moving around, talking and munching on stuff, these don't last very long. I'll give it 30 minutes tops then I'd have to re-apply. But do take note that Flame Tree stains your lips leaving a lovely "natural flush" to them. Another nice thing I'd like to point out is that it leaves a slight "menthol-like" sensation when applied and it smells great. Definitely a plus for me.

Overall : 
Despite the packaging issues, lack of pigmentation of Pink Orchid and staying power issues, I'd still repurchase these because I've fallen in love with the formula and price. I know the sale price won't last forever but I think I'd still be willing to get it at its regular price. It's a nice "go-to" lip balm and because of its size, it's something that you can just throw into your makeup kit. It really is a no brainer. I'd recommend these to people who want a nice "healthy" tinted lip balm at a pocket-friendly price.

Made in the Philippines! *sariling atin*

List of ingredients. The good stuff!

L-R : Flame Tree, Island Kiss, Pink Orchid
There you go guys. Hope you enjoyed this review. Keep coming back for more of my reviews!

Product was bought with my own money. I was not paid in any way to do this review. Everything said is 100% my own honest opinion.


  1. haven't seen this before. interesting... :)

  2. I've heard about this in the past actually! I forgot all about it though. Yay, I might look into this! I'm a huge believe in "screw the packaging, let's judge the product quality!".

  3. I'm using Flame Tree; it looks a bit like sheer lipstick which I like. Pink Orchid is very pretty. :)

  4. I bought some products from Human Heart Nature :) Will do a review soon. I might buy their lip balms too, thanks for sharing! hehe :) I just bought a lippie from them which I definitely love! :))

  5. Wow! Those lip balms looks good! You picked my color. Nude and light <3



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