DISCLAIMER : Cussing may happen. Or not.
I'm only going to tackle this issue ONCE.

The past few days have been a little shitty. I've been dealing with lots of issues, with family, my business, my duty as a nurse, and a whole lot more, but the one I'm going to tackle today is the one that irks me the most. Especially since a helluva lot of anonymous people have been messaging me.

A few months ago I was linked to PROPS Tools & Cosmetics under their affiliate program. At that time I was not as active on my beauty blog as I am now. At that time I was more active on my personal blog and placed all the necessary banners and badges and other paraphernalia on that blog. I was never really an active advocate of the shop, honestly also due to my own negligence and other personal reasons. Those reasons will not be discussed, so don't ask.

Anyway, last February 9th 2012, I finally decided to terminate my contract with PROPS Tools & Cosmetics. I have thanked the company for being so gracious as to have sponsored an item during my Christmas giveaway. I've even received several palettes from PROPS as gifts from family & friends. I've yet to use them though, but that's another story.

As for the termination, I understood that all my PROPS affiliate privileges would be revoked from me and that would mean also discounts for my readers. I've cleared that out with PROPS already. I also received a message from them regarding my termination of affiliation. So that's about 40% of the story.

Now onto the rest of the story. Also last February, I got pulled into the world of BEAUTY COSMETICS. I decided to give the BEAUTY COSMETICS affiliate program a try and I'm now working on several things for the brand. I even blogged the announcement. Everything has been smooth sailing.

Or so I thought.

I've recently been receiving anonymous "hate" mail, anonymous comments and also a message from BEAUTY COSMETIC's founder, the lovely Miss Rosenn about this issue. Apparently a lot of people think that I'm being dishonest about being an affiliate of BEAUTY COSMETICS.

Why? You ask...
Well simply because in my OLD & DEAD BLOG, I've FAILED to remove one PROPS banner on my sidebar. Yes, true. Due to my own carelessness, it was still on the sidebar for apparently "the whole world to see". A lot of people have been making this a huge deal and unfortunately I've only been able to FIX my layout recently & finally removed the banner, which, F.Y.I wouldn't really work since the stand alone page with the proper shopping cart codes that the banner was linked to happened to be DELETED as soon as I terminated my contract with PROPS.

I'm truly sorry for any inconvenience that anybody may have experienced due to my own carelessness. I sincerely hope all this badgering will stop now. If it won't, I hope all those people who wish to confront me will have the balls to message me directly and without hiding behind anonymity.

Again, thank you to Miss Rosenn of BEAUTY COSMETICS for hearing my side out and encouraging me even more to be a better affiliate. I appreciate the care.


  1. Aww.. everything's going to be alright now langga.. at least you've cleared some things out. :)

  2. iHug you.
    i hope you don't receive hate mail anymore.
    i hope things would go well soon.


  3. Oh ang sama naman may hate post pa. I hope your fine sis. Nakakainis talaga yung mga ganyan walang balls to ask without hiding behind anonymity noh. Nakakainggit naman kau sana may nagssponsor din sakin haha chos! Be happy sis wag mo na lang sila intindihin basta sinabi mo na side mo. :P


  4. aw...at least you cleared things out.


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