Beauty Cosmetics Flat Top Brush : Review


So about two months ago I received this lovely item from Beauty Cosmetics as part of their affiliate program. She sent me one of their best sellers, the lovely pink handled flat top brush which retails at a very affordable P400! I promised myself I'd use this for more than a month before I make a review because when I received this I was already in love with my ELF flat top powder brush. I was afraid of not being able to really give the BC flat top brush a chance to shine... I'm glad I tested it out thoroughly. Now after two months, I'm finally ready to share my thoughts on BC's flat top brush.

My flat top brush came with its own brush guard. Yey! :)
Beauty Cosmetics printed on the handle.
Fluffed out.
In its glory.
Packaging / Design / Quality  : 
The brush arrived in perfect condition. It was wrapped in bubble wrap and even came with its own brush guard which for me was instantly a reason to give it plus points. This particular brush is around 6-7" long and has a metallic pink handle. Its ferule is a deeper metallic pink color. It has a very nice solid feel to it and I happen to like how sturdy it feels in my hand. Its size is really handy for traveling. Well, maybe some would complain that it's too long but it fits perfectly well in my medium sized makeup kit. I like the density of the actual brush head. It's not a large as some flat top brushes out there but I find that its size is just right for me to apply the needed amount of product on my face. The first time I washed it there wasn't any visible shedding nor was there bleeding which is great! Another great thing about  this brush that it feels so nice on the skin. Its softness is quite addicting.

Price : 
At P400/brush, who can complain? It does the job well at such an affordable price! Enough said.

Overall : 
In my two month using this brush, I have started to regret using my other flat top brushes/stippling brushes. I use the BC flat top for my liquid, cream and powder foundation. I use it for contouring and cream blush application. I even use it to blend out my under eye concealer! This brush keeps amazing me everyday and I really hope it lasts a long time. Though it was sent to me FREE for REVIEW PURPOSES, I'm already thinking of getting a back up one since it's super affordable at P400 only! 

DISCOUNT ALERT : You can also get this beauty with a 10% discount when you order and input the discount code : JANNIE! So what are you waiting for? :D

Comparison to ELF Flat Top Brush.
Comparison to ELF Flat Top Brush.
Comparison to ELF Flat Top Brush.
As a bonus, here's a video of the brush in action plus my go-to "sexy bronze eyes" using the 120pc eyeshadow palette (version 3) from Beauty Cosmetics.

Thank you all for reading and the endless support! I love you guys!


  1. lovely! i think I'm getting this brush now.. :) thanks jannie!

  2. cute ng brush color pink.. i want have din ganyan..

  3. thanks so much for this review! I'm currently in search of an affordable yet nice brush. I'm still using my 6months old Marionnaud brush and the bristles started breaking off and sticking into my face! aaarrgh! around 6-7 hairs stick into my face! I think I'll try this out! thanks for the promo code ^_^~

  4. Ang ganda ng look. Will 'try' this later,LOL. I suck at make up. :P

  5. Very nice make up !

    Turtle <3

  6. which is better? the elf powder brush or this one? i'm having a hard time choosing~ thanks! :))

    1. Hi Alexis. Since I wrote this last April, a lot has changed about my feelings towards the BC flat top brush. I still love it to bits but now I reach for mostly Sigma brushes. But if I were to compare only the BC brush & the ELF brush... I use the ELF one for a heavier coverage (liquid/cream foundation) & my BC brush for a lighter coverage. :) In terms of quality, both are of excellent quality. The only other plus to getting the BC brush is that u can use my discount code for a 10% discount. :)


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