5 Summer Makeup Must Haves

Long time no post, right? I've been stuck in a rut on what to write. I've been experiencing a load of sh*tty stuff the past few days and really wanted to rant about it but in the end decided to hold back. I'd hate to bring negativity into my blog so I put off writing anything till I felt a little better. Now I'm coming back with a list of my 5 summer makeup must haves. Bear in mind that I didn't include skin care products in this list but it doesn't mean you don't need 'em. Since it's summer, remember to load up on products with loads of SPF to give your skin some SAFE sun lovin'!

Now going onto my list...

1. Face Powder
Maybelline New York Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Cake Powder - 02 Nude Beige
What more can I ask for? It has decent coverage and is very buildable. It applies smoothly and has no nasty smell. It's non comedogenic and it has UV protection. Plus it's pocket friendly at only P240-P250 depending where you get it. It has an even more pocket friendly "refill" version that still comes in a cute baby pink packaging!

2. Waterproof Mascara
Maybelline New York Volum' Express Hyper Curl Mascara Waterproof - Black
This is my current waterproof mascara and I totally love it. Since I don't use a lot of eyeshadows during the summer, I want to have full and curled lashes to help my peepers stand out so I had to keep these in mind when I was scouting around for a new mascara. Luckily I stumbled upon the hyper curl one that does the job perfectly plus it's waterproof!

3. Lip Balm
EOS Summer Fruit & Lemon Drop (with SPF)
I'm currently loving the EOS lip balms. Mainly because of their uber cute packaging! *LOL* I have the Summer Fruit and Lemon Drop variants. I prefer the Lemon Drop one because it has SPF and because of its cute size, I take it everywhere with me and it doesn't even take up space in my bag/kit.

4. Cream Blush
NYX Cream Blush in Glow
I find that cream blushes last way longer than powder blushes and since it's very humid in the Philippines and I tend to sweat a lot, investing on a nice cream blush is the way to go. I'm currently loving Nyx's cream blush in the shade GLOW which leaves a beautiful "glowing" pink-red flush on your cheeks that stays put on my skin for up to 6 hours. Take note I now have oily type skin.

5. Matte Lip Creams
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa
Bright and bold lip colors are definitely "IN" this summer and I'm joining the bandwagon of bright lipped girls with my ultimate fave, the Nyx soft matte lip cream in the shade Addis Ababa. I find that it's a bright hot pink with a slightly bluish undertone that compliments my skin tone a lot. It instantly brightens up my face with an explosion of color but what I love the most about this matte lip cream is that it isn't drying and the staying power is great! Taking into consideration that I eat, drink and talk a lot these days, the Nyx soft matte lip cream lasts up to 4 hours on my lips!

So there you have it guys. My 5 summer makeup must haves.
How about you? What are your summer makeup must haves?


  1. Nice picks dear! I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about Addis Ababa! Should buy one! :)

    1. You should definitely try it ate. Get from me! I have stocks pa. :D

  2. i love that mascara from maybelline too! everytime i ran out of it, i say to myself that i'll give other brands a try... but i always end up buying maybelline pa rin hahaha :D i also have the addis ababa lip cream! love the shade too! :)

    btw, where can i buy the eos lip balm?


    1. Hi Hazel. I got my EOS lip balms from Comfort Scents Online. Check my sidebar for the link to their shop. :D

  3. 'di talaga mawawala ang lip balm sa list ko for this summer. :>
    pero the number one thing in my list is a sun hat. feel ko pa rin talaga ang magbeach. :)

    1. :)) I have tons of lip balms rin. One in each of my commonly used bags just in case i ever need one or two. HAHA.

  4. I love Maybelline's Hypercurl mascara! It was my first ever mascara and I used it for years!! :D I have still yet to try the nyx blushes and lip creams. Bibili na talaga ako one of these days :)

    1. Kung bibili ka, sakin na! :)) HAHAHA. But srsly, you should try the stuff. It works really well and lasts a long time. Like srsly the cream blush has been with me for what feels like forever though I use it regularly.


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