Giveaway Time : JANNIEOLOGY X EazyFashion

Another giveaway for my lovely readers!

Are you constantly lemming for Asian fashion items? Do you keep adding kawaii stuff on your wish list? Do you spend at least an hour a day scourging the internet for great deals/discounts before purchasing Korean/Japanese fashion accessories and apparels? Well this giveaway is God sent because I have teamed up with the lovely people at Eazy Fashion to bring you lovely readers this super awesome giveaway!

One (1) lucky Philippine based winner will be receiving the following goodies!

1 pair Fluttering Butterflies Dangling Earrings - Click HERE for better view.

1 Pearl Leather Long Necklace - Click HERE for better view.

1 Desire Haze Tassel Necklace - Click HERE for better view.

1 Emily 7pc Brush Set with Leather Case - Click HERE for better view.

So how can you grab these goodies from Eazy Fashion? Well it's super "eazy"! Accomplish all the needed tasks on the Rafflecopter app and you're one step close to nabbing these awesome prizes!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

LASTLY! One of the MOST IMPORTANT steps to join this giveaway...
Click on the following links below and comment down on the comment box which one would you really like to receive and why. Include your name & email address. Clicking on the link is important as it will be included in your entry.

Link1 | Link2 | Link3 | Link4

Ends June 04, 2012.
I will be announcing the winner on June 05,2012 so keep on coming back to check if you're the lucky reader who won! Good luck everybody and enjoy!


  1. I want to win the 1 Emily 7pc Brush Set with Leather Case:) I'm in need of brushes now. I really hope to win these! :)

    Lovely blog by the way. Check out mine?

    Jen Cruz (fashiongalleryy@gmail.com)

  2. Name: Maggie Malonzo
    Email: onine_75(at)yahoo(dot)com

    I wanna win the tassel necklace because it can transform a simple tee into something fashionable. I love wearing shirts and tees so the necklace is a good addition to my collection. :)

  3. Name: Patricia Sy
    Email: sypatriciae[at]gmail[dot]com

    I want the Emily 7pc brush set with leather pouch (http://eazyfashion.com/product.php?pid=721) because first of all, it's pink and I need a good brush since I'm starting to learn how to apply make up and finally, because it's pink - matches my bag and my phone :)

  4. I would definitely love to receive the brush set since I am a makeup addict! Thanks for the giveaway this time! I haven't won any of your giveaways. I hope I'm lucky this time. ;)

    Name: Ghia Somblingo
    Email: memoirsofawannabegoddess@yahoo.com

  5. Christine Loraine D. Riveta

    What i really want to receive is the 1 Emily 7pc Brush Set with Leather Case... its pink brushes...and i really need brushes... i have alot of makeup but sadly just few brushes to use for... anyway thanks for this great give away... hope more to come :)

  6. charmaigne grace gepana


    i wanna win the Emily 7 Brushes Set with Leather Pouch set. it's so kikay and it would be a big saving if it's free right? really. i don't have brush sets. it's expensive kasi

  7. NAME: Anna Lyn Dela Cruz
    EMAIL ADDRESS: nhalenbomb26@yahoo.com

    I would like to win EMILY 7 BRUSHES SET WITH LEATHER POUCH because I don't have one set of brushes until now and I would like to learn how to use it to make my makeup looks flawless and perfectly blend. Thanks =))

  8. I would like to win the Emily Brush Set because I would like to replace my old brushes. :)

    name: Emmerey Rose Sarona
    email: emiatsarona@gmail.com

  9. Name: Kristell Salazar
    Email: salazarkristell@yahoo.com

    I love the Pearl Leather Long Necklace (http://eazyfashion.com/product.php?pid=405) because i can use it for casual and formal occasions since there are a lot of events this coming semester.

  10. I want to win the emily brush set because it's color is girly and the leather case is very posh.

    name: Hazel Grace Bellen
    email: bhazelgrace@yahoo.com

  11. Name: Denzyll Jade Arcaya
    Email: djarcaya@yahoo.com

    oops! forgot some details. :) I would love to win the Emily 7pc Brush Set because it's PINK! So girly and I'm planning to collect as many pink handles brushes as I can. Winning this one is a sure start! :D

  12. Name: Sara Santiago
    Email: kittymae08@yahoo.com

    I'd like to win the tassel necklace (http://eazyfashion.com/product.php?pid=408)! It's something that I've been wanting to add to my collection :3

  13. I would really like to win the Emily 7 brushes set with leather pouch!! I'm starting to love makeup but idk how to apply them properly especially ones for the eyes so i would love to get a good brush set:)

    Name: Hazel Uri
    Email: hazeluri(at)yahoo dot com

  14. I already have the brushes. That's why I am madly aiming to WIIIIN Desire Haze Tassel Necklace. It looks really gorgeous and I think it would really fit into my wardrobe. :)

    Kai Darul

  15. Name: Trisha Kue Usman
    Email: trishakueusman@yahoo.com

    I'd like to win the ~1 Pearl Leather Long Necklace~ because it's unlike the other necklaces I have and it goes well with the top I just bought! :3

  16. Maria Christina Gumatay

    I want the DESIRE HAZE TASSEL NECKLACE because I dont have any necklaces yet. Im sure this one can make the shirt im wearing stand out more.

  17. I would really like to win the emily 7 brushes set, please :)
    I badly need this one .. so im really hoping :D

    ailyn austria

  18. Name: Nicole Ann Valladolid
    E-mail Address: nicole_ann0518@yahoo.com

    I really want to win EMILY 7 BRUSHES SET WITH LEATHER POUCH. Honestly, I don't even have a single brush. That's why I want to have this giveaway. I'm not rich that's why I can't afford to have one. I'm hoping to win this time <3 Thanks Jannieology! :)

  19. I want to own the Desire Haze Tassel Necklace because it's so fashionable and trendy. There will be no dull outfits anymore. :)

    Michelle Grace Magramo

  20. Name: Gillian Anonas
    E-mail address: ljass.gillian@gmail.com

    I'd really love to win the Tassel Necklace! I really like necklaces and I think this one suits my not-so-extravagant wardrobe! I hope I can win this time around~

  21. I want to win the Pearl long Necklace! Oh its a fashion statement to die for :) A very versatile ensemble that could never go out of style! :)

    Analyn Alonsagay

  22. I would like to win the Desire Haze Tassel Necklace..so fab!
    Name: Stella Jezebelle
    Email: ogues.stellajezebelle.v@gmail.com


  23. Mariel Mangubat

    i would love to have Emily 7 Brushes Set with Leather Pouch for my daily makeup!:)

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Name:Sadel fauni
    email: sadelfinafauni@yahoo.com

    I wish to have the Fluttering Butterflies Dangling Earrings! ahhh!I can wear them to any outfit! and i love butterflies! It can give elegance and a part of cuteness coz of the pretty butterflies! :) want themmmmm

  26. Trisha Sto. Domingo

    i would like to win the Tassel Necklace, i love to collect necklaces, so i really really want it! and its super easy to pair with simple tees. =)) http://eazyfashion.com/product.php?pid=408

  27. Dobbe Sumalinog

    I would really like to win 1 Desire Haze Tassel Necklace. I have this collection of necklaces and I would really love to add this to my collection! It is very chic and elegant. It portrays my personality which is fun yet simple. :))))

  28. I super want to have that Emily 7pc Brush Set with Leather Case! :)
    I want to learn how to use brushes because according to a lot of blogs I read, it's a lot better than using my hands.

    Gizette Cao

  29. I would like to win Emily 7 Brushes Set with Leather Pouch because this is a must have for my daily regimen. So chic and fab.

    Mirzi Sarte

  30. I want to win the Desire Tassel neckalce. It would be a superb impression if I will be wearing together with my tops! :)

    name: April Anne San Miguel
    email address: ancient.goddezz@yahoo.com

  31. I want to win the Desire Haze Tassel Necklace. It would look so good on many tops and I could use it on a daily basis.

    Veronica Joy Budke

  32. i would love to have the PEARL LEATHER LONG NECKLACE because it will be perfect for any occasion.

    Myrtle Alaiza Garcel

  33. I want to win the 1 Emily 7pc Brush Set with Leather Case bec I dont have decent brushes
    -jewel (madjewelled at yahoo dot com)

  34. i'd like to win the emily brush set because i don't have any brushes here at home to use huhuhu anyway xD yepp , that's it :D lol

    april angelique tarongoy

  35. I would definitely love to have the Emily 7pc Brush Set with Leather Case because I wanna perfect my make-up endeavors with the help of those brushes. Make-up is essential to me and may those brushes help me bring out the best of me. :D

    Name: Crystal Marie Cañete
    Email: dearcrysy@yahoo.com

  36. i really love to win the Emily 7pc Brush Set with Leather Case.. cutie brushes
    name;jhessica recto

  37. I would choose the Emily 7pc Brush Set with Leather Case because I am a newbie at make-ups and it would be a start for me in collecting. :)Also I can start doing my own make-up like those in the tutorials.

    Name: Jean Michelle Ebias
    Email: jeanebias@yahoo.com


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