My New Sunnies, Finally!

There are some things I rarely do. One is buy sunnies (sunglasses) and the other is actually joining giveaways. I'm not the luckiest person in the world but when Ate Kai of KaiGrafia hosted a giveaway by Firmoo where you had the chance to win a pair of sunnies/glasses of your choice, I was sold! I've been meaning to get a new pair of sunnies since it's summer and if I want to protect my eyes from the Singapore heat (upcoming vacation), I really needed a pair. So I joined and prayed to God I won a slot (20 people could win!).

And guess what? For the first time, in a long time, I actually won a slot! When I read the blog post announcing the winner, I had to read it twice just to make sure my name was actually on the list. After the initial shock died down, I messaged Ate Kai with the needed details and waited for my sunnies to arrive.

Finally it did! Yesterday my grandmother received my package at her workplace and she called me up to inform me about it. I was excited and decided to drop by the office to pick it up. I even took photos. Sorry if they sort of are low quality. I didn't bring my camera so I had to settle for my iPhone's camera which sucks at times.

Of all of Firmoo's sunnies, I settled for the one that really caught my eye. The "OTO2543" fall under the women's full frame wrap-around sunglasses category and believe me, it was love at first sight! I loved the large angular shape of the sunnies plus the lovely silver detailing on the arms. They're clean cut and really lightweight. I'll definitely be doing a more in depth review of these babies soon.

How about you guys? Have you tried Firmoo's sunnies yet? :)


  1. cool sunnies!
    tried my luck on ate Kai's giveaway too,
    but unfortunately Im not that lucky. lol.
    I still got mine though. Firmoo is giving away free for bloggers.. :)

  2. Nice one congratulations dear! You know what you can also have one for free. :P
    I got mine a week ago. If you read about my post > http://www.babyvox.info/full-of-excitement.html
    I got 2 because I have 2 blogs. Hehehe. Kaya lang may grade ang glasses ko since I have a blurry eyes. :3

  3. ohe we have the same pair from firmoo...hehe

  4. cool! i love firmoo glasses;)

  5. Whoah Firmoo has been giving a loooot of free sunnies! I received 2 pairs already! :)

  6. Nice pick dear!! :) Would love to see you wearing that! :)) photos!! hehe

  7. Nice one congratulations dear! You know what you can also have one for free I got mine a week ago sunnies


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