Review : KaiFragrances

Are you a perfume freak? Well, I'm not. Honestly, it's a pretty "off" thing if you give me perfumes for my birthday or Christmas or other special occasions because I'm extremely sensitive to scents.
When I started dating my boyfie, I told him straight up that his perfume was too strong for my poor nose. He had to adjust big time! *LOL* But anyway, there still are some scents that I can tolerate and recently I've been "collecting" new scents. They are mostly light & floral scents. Sort of the kind that reminds you of spring, forever.

Moving on... The other day Ate Kai of KaiFragrances and I met up to do a lil "swap". I'm sponsoring a giveaway on her blog (watch out for it) and she gave me a full size bottle of one of her scents from her own perfume line. She gave me the Le Ange (the angel) scent. When I asked her, the scent was inspired by one of Estee Lauder's scents...

Comes in a white box with Kai's intricate logo.
Actual bottle.
Packaging : 
I received my bottle in a white box with Kai's sticker logo in the front. It seems like a sturdy enough box but I would have liked it better if the scent were printed on top of even on the front of the box. Why? Well, because I know for a fact that some people like to keep their perfume bottles inside the original packaging. It would be so much easier with the name/s printed in front. As for me, I chucked the box into the trash bin because I like displaying my perfume bottles out of their boxes.

Design : 
Despite the lack of the name on the box, the scent's name is stuck to the actual perfume bottle. I love the intricate design of the logo. It features little angels since the scent is "Le Ange". The only sad thing is that the printing came off. It sort of rubbed off the sticker. Maybe it's something caused by the printing quality? Not sure.

Scent : 
Since I'm not a huge fan of perfumes, I was a little skeptical about the scent at first. Honestly, I was a little scared to even take a whiff because it might be really strong and my poor nose would suffer. *LOL* Eventually I got around to spritzing it on my wrist and a took a whiff. Surprisingly it's a really clean scent. It's not something I've had before. I'm not sure it's the type I'd wear on a daily basis, but it's more of the kind I'd like to spritz all over before heading out at night for a family dinner or something. The only downside to it really is that the longer it stayed on my skin, it sort of changed in terms of how it smelt like. Maybe it's because I'm overly acidic and my sweat mixed in with the perfume. *Pfft*

Overall : 
Overall I'd like to keep using this scent and keep its bottle to add to my growing collection of perfumes. Maybe one of these days I'd even want to purchase another scent from Ate Kai.

You may check out and purchase Kai's fragrances by visiting this page.

Close up of the perfume label.
I stuck the label from the box to the backside of the perfume bottle.

Hope you guys liked this little review. Tell me, what is YOUR ultimate favorite scent? :D

Disclaimer : This product was generously sponsored by Kai Grafia for review purposes however all opinions expressed in this post are purely the blogger's own.


  1. Thanks for the lovely review dear! :))

  2. I purchased from ate Kai too. I got mine in minuit blume (midnight mist) <3

  3. i'm such a huge perfume freak (haha) and i don't know how many bottles of dolce and gabbana light blue and ralph lauren blue na ang naubos ko for the past five years. :o i treat them like cologne (omg) kaya madaling maubos pero waaaa, i just love them to bits.

    pero i'd like to smell this perfume by ate kai.
    wink wink to ate kai if she reads this. haha! :))

  4. Does the scent resemble anything in the lines of jasmine or lavender? I'm a die hard fan of Belara from MK. It's just too expensive for me... =p

    1. Hi dear! If you want something with Jasmine notes, try out FORME's Jasmine spritz. I've been thru 3 bottles of that already. This particular perfume doesn't really trigger my memory of any floral notes. It has a somewhat musky undertone.

  5. me too im not a huge perfume fan. LOL! but i love the bottle design.. :)

  6. I love perfume <3 to the point that I just buy it and never used it. especially pag maganda un bottle design. hehe!

  7. i love perfume! to the point that i just buy them then not use it. haha! lalo na pag maganda un bottle :)


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