Review : Gluta-Strawberry Milk Bar

I'll have to admit, I've always had this slight obsession with skin whitening.
Right around the time I started high school, I got more insecure about the color of my skin because I felt that I wasn't fair enough. Truth be told I've always been afraid of being tagged with the endless "insults" that come from having darker skin. So as early as high school, I was on the lookout for whitening products that actually work.

By the time I got to college, I had "evened" out a bit and I became fairer than when I was younger. I thank "kojic" soap for the whitening but then it became a little too expensive for me to maintain plus since I was starting to have duty in the hospitals, I immediately switched to Safeguard because of of the notion that it would leave me 99% bacteria/germ free. 

So anyway, now that I'm at the hospital a little less, I've restarted the hunt for my holy grail whitening product. I was browsing thru the internet one day when *poof* I stumbled upon Flawless Beauty Online. Now, I've been hearing a lot about FBO's beauty products so I decided to message the owner and Lei was nice enough to answer all my queries. In the end of it all, she even ended up becoming one of my sponsors for my Big Birthday Blowout giveaway I had last month.

I still wasn't sure about which product I'd be purchasing so I told her I'd order next time. Little did I know that a pretty surprise would be coming my way thru her little package of goodies for my giveaway. Miss Lei was sweet enough to send me my own bar of one of her new beauty soaps for review purposes - the GLUTA STRAWBERRY MILK BAR.

Little details ALWAYS count. Always.
I received my own full sized bar of the gluta strawberry milk bar along with a sample cut of the arbuting whitening soap. I was super excited to start using it right away. I knew for a fact that beauty soaps from FBO didn't contain any harsh preservatives hence it would melt easily but despite that, I decided to experiment and didn't bother cutting the soap into pieces. I used the bar as is and enjoyed every minute of it. It lasted me a week. *LOL*

Since I loved it so much, I decided to order 250grams of SCRAP soap (cut up pieces) and now it's been more than a week since I got my scrap soaps. Definitely time for a review of the soap as a whole. :)

Received the package with this tag. <3
The actual soap bar. Cute pink packaging!
Shipping / Packaging : 
My first bar of gluta strawberry soap came with a pink ribbon wrapped around it and a small shop tag with a short note. My second order of scraps came in a small plastic bag with a pink ribbon tied to it. I loved the fact that Miss Lei included a short and simple note, it shows she cares about her buyers and also the people she send products for review purposes. Shipping was a breeze too! She uses JRS.

Design : 
The actual soap bar is white with a pink marbling. It's super cute and looks really dainty. It actually looks good enough to it. The soap also comes wrapped in it's own protective plastic sheet and has product info on a cardboard-like material around it. Also it has "flawless beauty" stamped/etched into the actual soap bar. Really cool, in my opinion. I think what added to the glamour of this bar are the little details put into it as part of marketing the product. The little details definitely count! 

Scent / Whitening : 
I'm in love with the scent. It smells like milk and strawberries. It's a very clean and crisp scent. The kind I really favor. I think the number one reason I love the soap is its scent. It something that I like smelling on my skin. Whenever I use the soap I get a lot of compliments that my skin smells really good. It's sort of "yummy" in a sense. As for its whitening I really can't say if there is much of a difference. I've been using it for about a little over two weeks. Some people have commented that I'm fairer but I don't really think so. I'll reserve further comments on its whitening properties when I've used the soap for a longer period of time.

Overall : 
Overall I'd like to keep using this soap. I'd definitely repurchase it since it only costs P130/bar! I'm in love with the scent and how it lathers beautifully on my skin. Even if it doesn't make me fairer, I'd still but this soap because it has a mild but effective exfoliating action and makes me skin really soft and smooth. I'd recommend everyone to give this soap a shot. It may not look like much to most, especially comparing it to other high end whitening soaps, but it has no harmful chemicals mixed into it plus it's also locally made. "Sariling Atin". I'm giving this product 5/5 stars because I genuinely love this product.

Additional info at the back... Manufactured in Bongao,Tawi-Tawi!
It's not clear in the photo but FLAWLESS BEAUTY is "stamped" onto the soap bar.

I also made a video for you guys! Please go watch for your enjoyment.

Disclaimer : First bar of soap was sent for review purposes by FlawlessBeautyOnline but I personally purchased the scrap soaps. All opinions/thoughts are my own.


  1. i super love the soaps from ate Lei too! :) as in. wala lang ako moolah to buy at this point in time. hahaha. :D

  2. Great review! :) Miss Lei sent me the Whitening Soap. I also tried that one but I only got one soap scrap so didn't really the experience the whole thing like you did :))

  3. nice review Jannie! :D
    OMG! seriously.. I need to work on this review ASAP! hhehehehe :D super overdue na ata yung review ko rin neto XD


  4. I was truly ecstatic reading this review, Jannie. Thank you very much for trusting Flawless Beauty Online and for loving our product.

  5. wow.. thanks for the review about the soap. i'll try this one...
    mind if we follow each other via GFC?? please do let me know :) i love your blog :)


  6. it really looks yummy! :) makes the bathing time pleasurable! :D



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