Saturday Shop Alert : Comfort Scents Online

I was supposed to post this yesterday but something came up so I'm posting this today.
So here it is, finally, my new post "series" on this blog.
I've decided to post shop features every Saturday starting with my first shop called Comfort Scents Online...

Are you fond of buying imported items? Do you crave for the "authentic" thing rather than settling for the replica/version ones that are insanely available EVERYWHERE? Sad that you don't have any relatives abroad who can purchase particular stuff for you? Then fret not, the answer to all your problems is

I stumbled upon this shop a while back when I was looking for authentic imported items online. I was looking for Calgon and Bath&Body Works products when I stumbled upon CSO. I took a shot and added the shop up to be able to browse through their wide array of products. Some are available on hand and the rest are for pre-order. After a while I messaged (a rather brazen thing to do) the owner asking if she were interested in a little something called a "sponsorship". Lucky for me she was! That's how CSO is one of my current sponsors for the Big Birthday Blowout giveaway.

The shop owner, Ice, sent me imported items for the whole thing.
She even included a little something extra for myself.
Read on to know about CSO & the person behind it a bit more.

Miss Ice, CSO owner. <3

1-a. Tell us something about the person behind the shop..
~Well, my name is Ice Tamayo, Im 23yrs old, I studied Bachelor of Arts in Multi-media Arts in Asia Pacific College. I'm happily married to Enzo Tamayo. And I'm a full time mom of our 2 baby boys named Aizen and Vincent, if you want to know them they have their own FB page https://www.facebook.com/VonPotDiaries :) 

1-b. Tell us something about the shop. What it offers etc.
~The shop offers a variety of 100% Authentic Brands from US/Canada may it be Bath and Body Works, Old Navy, ELF Cosmetics, Aeropostale, Crocs, Body Fantasies, Sanrio, Forever 21, Evolution of Smooth, Xoxo, Coach, etc. We get orders directly from the brands' website, for our buyers to easily see the products and also choose on their own. 

2. When did you start the business and what inspired you to do so?
~11 months after God gave us Aizen, I started selling online last March 2009 in sulit.com.ph. I just give it a shot in selling online with hopes that it will give us an extra income, while Im at home taking care of my baby. My items then were pre-owned authentic bags and other personal items like cellphones, shoes, etc. And then, I thought of selling brand new items from US like Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works. Since we already have 'sukis' and other connection my husband and I decided to make an official online shop here in facebook. Thus, Comfort Scents Online was born. 

3. What are your "shop" goals for 2012?
~ Our shop goals for 2012 are:
1. Get 3000+ or more LIKES on our FB page.
2. Get more customers locally and supply internationally.
3. Maybe join a bazaar :)
4. To get more followers in Twitter :)

Random Question : Which place in the Philippines would you relate yourself to and why?
~ Iligan City, that's my birth place :)

Check out some of the cute stuff they have on-hand and for pre-order!

There you go guys. Now what are you waiting for? Fill your appetite for authentic imported goods by heading over to Comfort Scents Online now and shop till you drop!


  1. I checked their shop and they have VS's which I like ^ ^

    Looking forward to your next shop features :)


  2. omg. ang cute nun mga design ;)

  3. i want the lips purse!

    Am a new follower of your blog. Followed you through GFC. Please follow mine,too!



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