Giveaway Time : TheRainbowStar (stargaze07) Giveaway!

Lhyzie of therainbowstar
is hosting her June giveaway! Aside from joining I'm blogging about it to share this piece of news to all my lovely followers! This giveaway starts today and will end on June 15, 2012! Take a look at some of the awesome prizes...

That's not all! There will also be several winners and a ton of other prizes in store! To join this very lovely giveaway, head on to her BLOG POST to read more on the mechanics of this giveaway.

REMINDER : It would really be awesome if you placed my name (Janna Joshelle P. / Jannie / Jannieology/ Jannie P etc...) as the person who REFERRED you to this giveaway. I'd really appreciate it loves! *kisses*

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  1. Hi Jannie! Love your entire blog :) Hope you'll have time to check out mine. I just opened it and posted my first beauty product review yesterday. http://dolcellita.blogspot.com/



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