GWYSHOP Goodies!

Last month I received a lovely package from GWYSHOP.
Gwyshop is a Manila based online shop that sells circle lenses, cosplay wigs, wig accessories and most recently some beauty products. I was fortunate enough to receive three lip products to review and today I'll be sharing a sneak peek at each item. I'll reserve an in depth review on each item for future posts...

My package arrived inside this super cute paper bag with the Gwyshop logo on it. It also has other information about Gwyshop printed on the front and I think it's a spectacular way of showcasing your items. I believe that putting that extra effort in packaging your product will always have an impact on your buyers. Plus points!

Inside the package my products were wrapped in a lovely purple wrapping paper with a purple bow to hold everything together. Again, plus points for details!

Tons of bubble wrap ensured the safety of my products. Plus points yet again! I love the fact they took into consideration that it can get a little bumpy for the package that'll be delivered from Manila to lil ole Zamboanga!

Inside, after all the unwrapping, I received these babies! Three new lip products. If you've been following me for quite some time you'll know by now that I am a sucker for lip products! So I was ecstatic to have these new babies to play with.

First off is this Sibella Makeup Milano lipstick in 201-04. This is a lovely brown-red lipstick that's very pigmented. It is in a satin finish and is very moisturizing.

Next item I got is this Riveel Milano lipstick in the shade 04. It's a sheer peach orange lipstick that definitely has a shimmery finish. It's not as pigmented as the Sibella one but I love layering it over my NYX round lipstick in Pumpkin Pie to give it an extra boost of sheen.

Lastly I received this H&M lipgloss in Hot Pink. This is another sheer product that I'd recommend layering over any pink lipstick to add an extra *pow* to it. I like that this lipgloss isn't sticky on the lips and it also like the fact that it doesn't have the kind of glitter that's chunky and can leave your lips feeling gritty.

Swatches are on the photo above...
Hope you enjoyed this teaser-short review of my Gwyshop goodies. In depth reviews will be posted on each product soon!


  1. They sell cosplay wigs? I must check out that shop. Nice review by the way! :)

  2. Ang cute ng mga packaging! :)


  3. Wow new babies! :))) Love their packaging too!! Bongga! :))

  4. H&M lipgloss in Hot Pink for me.I love to win here for me and my daughter. thank you!

  5. The Sibella lipstick looks great for a night out!! Carry it fierce!


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