Review : Cutey's Shamballa Bracelet in White

Sometime last month I received my very own Cutey Shamballa Bracelet in white for free from Cutey.Co.Uk You can read more about Cutey here. Anyway, I even posted a very short post about receiving my bracelet some time after. Now it's time for a more in depth review of this beautiful wrist candy that I've been using frequently...
Photo from site.
Photo from site.
Photo from site.
When worn.
Attention grabber!
Shipping / Shop Packaging : 
I received my bracelet secured in bubble wrap and a envelope type package about two weeks after Cutey admin contacted me. It was relatively fast shipping considering that I'm from the Philippines. I love the black and silver theme of their product tags and business card which were also included in the package. I was also sent a short note. You guys know how much I love short personal notes!

Pricing : 
The shamballa bracelet retails for £18.99 and that's equivalent to around $29.38. When converted that will amount to more or less P1200.00 and in my opinion that's rather pricey for a bracelet. I personally wouldn't purchase something this expensive because I couldn't afford it. It would definitely fall under a "gift" category for someone really special.

Design : 
The bracelet is made up of a total of 11 beads, 9 of which are encrusted with 84 crystals each. I love how refined it looks and it's sparkly enough to grab everyone's attention. I've been complimented on this bracelet a lot of times already. 

Overall : 
Overall I really love this bracelet. The price is somewhat a deal breaker but I'd definitely be wanting to receive more of this kind of wrist candy as gifts. I'd also be willing to save up the money to give this as a gift to someone special like my mum or my grandmother. It's a very classic piece that I believe could be as timeless as a little black dress. Definitely something every girl should have in her jewelry box!

Disclaimer : This product was generously sponsored by Cutey for review purposes however all opinions expressed in this post are purely the blogger's own.


  1. These bracelets seem to be taking over everything! I don't know where they suddenly popped up from and why! Looks cute though :)



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