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EnCara BB Creams!
If you've been following me for a time, you'll remember that I posted about receiving my very own EnCara BB Cream that was made popular by some beauty bloggers. I've been so excited to share my review of this product with you guys so let's get started...

Setting powder - freebies for my orders. <3
Official EnCara BB Cream pamphlet.
Sleek packaging.
Matte body, satin-like finish twist cap.
I have been using this product for over two weeks and I think I can finally give my two cents about it.

Shipping / Shop Packaging : 
I purchased my EnCara BB cream online and received it two days after she shipped it. It was wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap but I didn't particularly like the paper tape that was used to wrap it. I found it a bit messy. But that's a very minor thing that doesn't necessarily ruin the product itself. A official pamphlet for the EnCara BB cream was included and also included a couple of freebies.

Pricing : 
The EnCara BB cream is usually sold at P999 but I got it at P499 pesos. And that's a FULL SIZED tube... Compared to other BB creams, the price is GREAT! I mean, where can you find a legitimately nice BB cream for only P499? It's definitely more pocket friendly in my opinion.

Design / Product Packaging : 
The product comes in a sleek semi-matte finish tube container that's housed in a silver paper-cardboard type packaging with details printed. The tube itself one of those squeeze tube type containers that don't really make a mess unless you squeeze too hard. I like the fact that the opening is at the bottom of the tube so that, by law of gravity, all the product flows down. You see, there's less wastage of product with packaging like this. I also like that it comes with a screw top cover instead of a flip top one. That way there are lesser chances of "accidents". 

Scent / Color / Coverage / Etc... : 
In the two weeks that I have used EnCara BB Cream here are some little details that I have to say. Taking into consideration its scent, I'd say that this product has a very faint scent that I can compare to some sort of floral scent. It's not nauseating in any sense and for someone like me that's very sensitive to scents, it is quite tolerable. The downside is that I'm very acidic to begin with and over a period of time people who come in close contact with my face tell me that it gives of a mix a floral scent with a hint of mild plastic. *eeep!*
As for the color of this BB cream, I'd say this is geared towards people like me that have a yellow undertone. I fall under the NC35-40 category, in other brands I'm a medium beige, true beige, oriental and nude beige. I'd have to say that compared to other BB creams that I've tried in the past, this one has to be the one that comes the closest to matching my skin tone. I have yet to completely play around with it and get my technique on applying it to a perfection but this has by far the best over all look on my face in terms of BB cream. Most BB creams leave me with a ghastly gray-white cast and I look horrible in photos but EnCara is a different story. It looks better in photos than my other BB creams. I can't say that it won't end up looking a bit white, because in some photos that have extremely bright flash and lighting, there is a soft hint of that white cast on my face BUT it's still a whole lot better than other BB creams that leave me looking like death's bride. I also find it working a whole lot better as concealer (gives a highlight effect on the under eye area) , and mixed in with a tiny bit of my regular foundation. It also works great as a thin layer of makeup base before you apply your regular foundation on top of a dried layer of EnCara BB cream. It seems to have kept my oilies at bay!
The coverage of this BB cream is medium to full (depending on how many layers you've applied). It is very buildable and since it blends so well, you really won't have to exert much effort in buffing it into your skin. It has a great consistency, not too runny nor too thick. It's just right for those who like applying face products with their hands. It also works great when used with a stippling brush, flat top brush and even a paddle shaped foundation brush. I have also tried using "beauty blenders" (read : beauty sponges etc) and it does tend to "suck" up much more product than I'd like to so I wouldn't really recommend that.

Overall : 
Overall I'd like to keep using this product. Play around with a lot more and try to get my technique in applying it down to a T. I like it a lot because of its yellow undertone, its consistency, its non irritating smell, its coverage and of course its affordability. Plus I haven't broken out of this particular BB cream. I'd recommend it to those who don't like to wear full coverage foundations on a daily basis, and to those BB cream fans that are looking for more affordable BB cream. EnCara is proving to be a very nice product and its popularity is steadily gaining top place in the hearts of a lot of other beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts. I see a bright future for this BB cream. Definitely worth 4/5 stars. Would have given it a perfect score if it weren't for the "cast" trouble I still slightly experience.

Now onto more photos plus a surprise for all of you at the end...

Fits right in the palm of my hand.
For reference, I wear size 6.5 sterile gloves (when I do "nurse" duties).
Sealed for your protection & to guarantee it's brand new.
Blended out...

Now onto the exciting part... The GIVEAWAY! I will be giving away 1 brand new tube of EnCara BB Cream to 1 lucky reader. This giveaway is open to PHILIPPINE BASED readers only. You must be at least 18 years old to join. For MINORS, please be sure you have parental consent to join because I will be needing shipping details in case you win. This giveaway starts today, June 14, 2012 & will end on July 15, 2012. I will be announcing the winner shortly after and will be posting it on most of my media sites. Please take note that I will not email the winner. So please make sure to keep checking back if you are the lucky winner. Now go ahead and finish the tasks on the rafflecopter app.

I will also be giving a special "referrer" prize. I will base the winner on the number of people who claimed that you are their referrer to this particular giveaway. So remember to instruct them to include your name on the comments as their referrer! :)

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Good luck everyone!


  1. I want to nab that Encarra bb cream because I've been joining Noe's FB giveaway and I never win. LOL. Besides, with the review you wrote, it seems to be super nice! I love BB creams! :))

  2. I am absolutely obsessed with anything bb cream! I love the fact that if you find the right one, you can put your foundation aside only for special occasions. Especially in such a hot and humid country where you want good coverage (at least I do, haha) and yet not something too heavy on the skin to add to the heat! This sounds like such a good product that I'd love, love, love to try it out!

    Name: Ari Yupangco
    Email: arian.yupangco@gmail.com
    Address: P.O. Box 8246 DVA, Makati city, Metro Manila, Philippines
    Referrer: Saw this on your FB page :)

  3. Eeek! Forgot the next part, sorry Jannie dear :((
    NAME:Karen Claire Grafia
    EMAIL ADDRESS: karenclairegrafia@gmail.com

  4. I have a very sensitive skin. Ordinary powder is big no no to me. So, I wanted to try if this product would be perfect for my skin. Thank you! :)

    NAME: Jell Robante
    EMAIL ADDRESS: jell.robante@gmail.com
    REFERRER: saw your post on BLOGGERS group

  5. Will try if this will work on me.

    Clint Andrew Mamuri
    Kai Grafia

  6. NAME: Elson Joice Peralta
    EMAIL ADDRESS: elsonjoiceperalta@gmail.com

  7. Acne scars = major problem!!! :( I do not experiment that much with BB cream because some are really pricey. I'd love to have this because you claimed that it has a medium to full coverage, I badly need that!! Concealers just don't do the job for me... I hope this will.. :)

    Name: Maria Revelyn Galura
    Email add: revs_galura@yahoo.com
    NO REFERRER 'cause I follow you on FB. ;)

  8. Amazing review, Janna! Thank you so much for being honest in your thoughts about the Encara BB Cream. I'm very happy that you are still liking this product. Saying that this is by far the best from those you've tried means a lot to us. I'm surely sending your notes to our Korean manufacturers. =)

    Makeup and My World

  9. OMG! This is cool!!! :D I wanna try it too!!! <3

    Tell me why you'd like to try the EnCara BB cream.
    I like to try EnCara BB Cream because I love using BB creams and I since I read that you've got good reviews on this and other beauty bloggers does too.. then why not try it too.. right? hihihihi... :)

    NAME: Rhea Bue
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  10. I wanna try something new! And your review is just oh sooo~ <3 I wanna try if this would be perfect for my skin :)

    Name: Jonalyn Dicayanan
    Email address: najdicayanan@yahoo.com
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  11. I'd like to try the EnCara BB Cream because I like using BB creams! *-* Not a lot of BB creams work on my face, so I'd like to give this one a try :)

    Name: Sara Santiago
    Email address: kittymae08@Yahoo.com
    Referrer: Saw this on the blogger's page ;3

  12. aww i hope i win, im also joining to ate noe's giveaway but i didnt win.. hehe btw i really love to try encara bb cream because of Makeup by Aila Apolo's clients they all great because of the encara wow..

    jhessica recto

  13. i love bb creams and i like to try this one.

    charmaigne grace gepana


    referrer: none, i'm a gfc subscriber (saw it on dashboard)

  14. i've been seeing lots of good reviews about this product in the Youtube community in the Philippines and i'm really jealous that there are yellow undertoned BB creams that can be bought here in our country! i really want to have one :)

    Name: Chiara Vicencio
    Email: chiaravicencio@yahoo.com
    Referrer: i forgot, sorry! :P

  15. Great review. :)
    I would like to have one and try this out! <3

    Name: Jessica Bauya
    Email Address: jessicabauyagabarda@yahoo.com
    Referrer: I've seen this review on ate aila's Facebook page :P

  16. I'd like to try the EnCara BB cream because I am curious for that beauty it brings to me just like any other who actually tried it already.
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  17. I like to win the prize because I want to try it, maybe this is hypo allergenic. :)

    Name: Vanessa Apal
    email: vanessamarie.apal@gmail.com
    Referrer: I am following your blog.

  18. Thanks for the review! It made me want to have this one too! I have been a BB cream user for more than a year now and I must say, I haven't found the ONE. I would use shades that has a grayish undertone to it and just depend on the setting powder to match my skin tone. That sucks, right? I love the fact that this has yellow undertone to it because that's what I need. And since Ms. Aila, Ms. Noe and you raved about it, who am I not to take my chance on this? Plus, it's my birthday next month. This will be an AWESOME gift, if ever. :)

    Name: Michelle Grace Magramo
    Email address: fhrayzie@gmail.com
    Referrer: None. Just saw this via your facebook page. :)

  19. This is the first BB cream that has yellow undertone I saw, I would really like to try since I've tried so many BB creams but sadly they don't really work for me

    Name: Janelle Dumalaon
    email: jaja_1117@yahoo.com
    referrer: none :)

  20. I wanna try it, if it really works on my skin.

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  21. I heard a lot of great reviews from this product that's why I want to win and try it for myself too!

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  22. BB Creams is a perfect choice for daily makeup if you don't want a heavy foudnation, so I would love to try this ENcara BB cream.
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    Referrer: none, been following you all the time.. =)

  23. always want to try bb cream.. perfect to my skin!
    NAME:Catherine Sayson
    REFERRER: Jhessica Recto

  24. I want to have one but I think this is not for my skin tone. Sayang! :(

  25. I heard about BB creams from Kai Grafia once. And since then I became curious about this product. This giveaway might just answer my curiousity. hehe Thanks Jannieology! <3

    NAME: Yuri Choi
    EMAIL: choifungkay@ymail.com
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  26. I've heard of Encara BB Cream and been wondering if it really does the works. :)

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  27. I always wanted to achieve a flwaless skin for everyday make up but I cannot find a good product. Basing on the reviews, I know this will be a perfect product for beginners like me. I hope to have one!

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  28. Gizette Cao
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  29. I love BB creams,. and I want to try this variant. Cause till now, I'm not yet sure what BB cream will suit my skin.

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  30. I want to try this particular brand of BB cream to see if it is good for my skin
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  31. i haven't tried any BB creams yet so i hope my first one will be free since bb creams are too expensive. i want to know if it's worth its price. :)

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  32. I want to try this product because as you said you didn't experience any break out. I have a tendency to break out when trying new products so I sure want to try this.

    Carolyn Ong
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  33. I've read a lot of good reviews about this one so I wanna know if they're for real.

  34. I wanna try the Encara BB cream for my every day use because i honestly have never tried any BB creams. But i have heard a lot of positive comments about BB creams, like it gives you a natural flawless glowing skin. :)

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  35. I have been wanting to try this BB cream. :D

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  36. I want to try the Encara BB Cream because I haven't tried any BB creams. If I'm going to win this one and found out that it's worth it. I'm going to buy one.

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  37. Wow. I haven't heard about this brand... now im dying to try it!

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  38. i really want to grab that EnCara BB cream.. its so fantastic and it soothes my skin all over again.. Love to have that!

    Name: Hannah Mae Mayordomo
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  39. I've read on the reviews about this ENCARA BB cream from the blog of noe and pinkiericegirl and of course you! and they are really convincing that this product is a must-have esp. for the yellow-toned.
    seriously, i wanna have this ENCARA. hope i will win

    NAME: Marj hisler
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  40. i want to try that EnCara BB cream.. ive heard great reviews about it! :)

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  41. i hate having pimple scars. so i want to try this BB cream to make my scars gone :)

    just hoping to have luck,

    Rachel Canales

  42. I want to try the EnCara BB Cream because I tried many bb creams but I still didn't find the right one for me. And I read many good reviews about the item so it's a must try for me. :)

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  43. i want to try it! if ever, it will be my first bb cream..

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    please check my blog too... im also havin a giveaway! :)

  44. I'd like to try another brand of BB cream so I wanna win this one. :)
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    I want to try the EnCara BB Cream because I want to compare it to other BB Creams that I've tried before. Besides, I am also looking for cheaper and better alternatives. ^__^

  46. I love to try the EnCara BB cream because all of the BB creams I've tried have pink undertone and it doesn't match my skintone and I know that it has a yellow undertone so it will definitely match my skintone.

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  48. I want to try if it works on my skin..:D

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  49. I don't own any korean bb cream and i would like to try it because it sounds promising!

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  50. All the BB creams I've tried are pretty much GRAY. And I want a bb cream that'll finally give me a healthy glow and I know Encara bb cream will do the job!

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  51. I have never used any BB Cream in the past so I think this can be a great start and this will surely suits my skintone based on your review.

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  52. I really really want to try out this BB cream but i'm still on the fence about it. I'm hoping I win so that I can try it out though! :)

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  53. I'd love to try the EnCara BB Cream mostly because of it's yellow undertones. It looks like a 'barely there' type of makeup much unlike the BB creams I have now. It's also quite affordable.
    Name: Chynna Carlos
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  54. i'd like to try the BB cream and most likely this one, bcoz i want to use a matte finish make up to have a natural look. tnx.

    mary avellana

  55. how to order? pls. text me 09158211583

  56. i just discovered your blog when i was searching for Encara's review. I think I am finally giving in. By the way you have a new follower. Mind to follow back?



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