Saturday Shop Alert : Beauty's Treasure

About a year ago I had featured Beauty's Treasure on my old blog and I raved about how amazing this shop was. Well, my dears, it still is. Yes, I have branched out and bought several makeup stuff from different online shop but Beauty's Treasure remains my number 1 go-to shop... Plus the fact she's Zamboanga based makes it a whole lot easier for me too!

Beauty's Treasure is run by 30-something Eunz, a proud mother of 6 (one on the way!) with a very loving and supportive husband. She loves makeup and has recently branched out her "passion" to nail polishes. To quote, "I love trying out new things such as beauty creams, lashes, makeup and brushes."
Like me, she believes that makeup enhances the beauty of a person but being a good person inside makes you stand out even more.

Beauty's Treasure is a Zamboanga based online shop that's out to become your one stop shop for all your beauty needs! The shop offers brands such as NYX, ELF, MAC, Maybelline, Lor'eal, Rimmel, OCC, Cinema Secrets, Urban Decay, Sleek and a ton more. She also carries nail polishes from NYX, Orly, China Glaze, Essie, OPI, Zoya and very soon Misa & Seche Vite. All items are NEW and AUTHENTIC. No knock offs, replicas or fakes whatsoever!

At Beauty's Treasure, Eunz aims to make your shopping experience as easy as possible by making quality brand name cosmetics available with great deals that's sure to make you and your wallet happy. For 2012, Eunz aims to expand Beauty's Treasure and offer more promo sales to the market. Isn't that great news? Prepare your wallets people! Beauty's Treasure is sure to leave you clamoring for more!

At the moment, stocks are being sorted out at her new page so wait till July comes and the page gets officially opened. Lots of stuff in store for all of us! For now, check out the screen shots!

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