Review : Ever Bilena Advance 3D Compact

It's the first of September! Personally excited since Christmas is just around the corner.
Today I shall be introducing to you Ever Bilena's Advacne 3D Compact!

I first chanced upon this product way back June 2012 but being skeptical about purchasing product without doing research about them made me stay away till I saw a review (reviews actually) on it. Feel free to read review1, review2 & review3 here. Honestly it was Celline's review that made me really go out and buy the product because I just needed to try it out for myself. *lol*

So anyway, last month I finally decided to get myself my own 3D compact from one of the Ever Bilena counters at a small local mall. There were three different shades and I got the darkest one is Dark Baked Fusion because I think it would be the one that would show up on my NC30-35 skin more.
Read on for a more in depth review of the product.

Product Packaging : 
The 11g product comes in a pressed powder form and in enclosed in a white + silvery mirror-like packaging. The top cover is slightly domed which makes the compact easy to grab. The compact is made out of a hard plastic-like material which honestly comes off a bit cheap looking. I would have preferred this to be in a sleeker black packaging like their powder foundation compacts. I also had a problem with how bulky this compact is. It definitely makes my makeup traincase sad because its chunky and takes up space! *lol* What I did like about the compact is that it comes with a decent sized mirror, and it has a hard plastic "barrier" that holds the free sponge and separates it from the actual pressed powder. That means lesser chances of bacteria transferring too much from the sponge to the product. Mind you, I would have preferred a free brush to apply the product because I have never tried contouring with a sponge! But the sale representative explained that the powder can also be used for setting your liquid/cream products hence the free sponge was included. *hmmm*

Pricing : 
I was pretty pissed at the fact that our local Ever Bilena counters sell these at a whopping P180-P230 while other beauty bloggers have snagged this product at P150 only! Still, at P180 it beats the prices of other contour powders/products out there.
Three contour powders for the price of P180 was definitely a steal!

Scent / Effectiveness / Color Payoff / Longevity : 
First off, the scent can be mildly annoying at first. It gives off this baby powder like smell that fades over time. At the moment, my compact powder actually smells slightly like the disinfecting alcohol that I spray over it. *lol*
Moving on, one should ask, is it effective as a contour powder? Now with the three shades in one compact you have a choice of which powder colors to use. I also have a separate compact for clients and for fair skinned girls I usually use the lightest & the middle powders for contour, while for more tanned clients I use the middle & the darkest powders for contour. On my myself, I give my contour brush a swirl all over the three powders to get a nice contour powder shade. It gives off a nice subtle contour that you can build up BUT don't go overboard because it can (and will) look a bit too orange sometimes and we don't want to end up looking like the Lorax!
Color payoff was good. It wasn't chalky or too powdery and was easy to blend out. As you can see on the swatches below, the lightest shade did blend into my skin almost seamlessly.
Almost perfect product right? But the lasting power of this powder was horrible on me. I have combination-oily skin and this lasted only a maximum of 3 hours on me. That was with a setting spritz! I can't imagine it lasting that long without any setting product. On my clients with normal to dry skin though this lasted up to 4 hours without setting sprays to help, which I think is pretty decent.
I also tested this out as a setting powder and I found that mixing the lightest & middle powders gave a sheer coverage on me and balanced out my "a little too light" NYX liquid foundation in #2. *yey!*

Overall : 
Overall I'd give this a 3/5 stars. Minus points on its lasting power, smell & chunky-cheap packaging but  not paying much attention to those little "kinks" definitely makes me love this product a lot. It's affordable and a multi-use product which I think would be a great addition to one's personal collection and also a newbie's (like me) makeup artist's traincase. Go check it out at your nearest Ever Bilena counter!

Questions for my lovely readers...
1. Did you find this review helpful?
2. Would you go and purchase this product to try it out?
3. What's your favorite contour powder that you would recommend me to check out?

Watch out for my next post! It's a giveaway! <3


  1. very nice review dear! you gave all the important informations all the girls needed when reading a make up reviews. I am not a fan of shadows or anything I am happily putting liquid liner and mascara and just a simple john sons powder hehe. I do admit that i own one revlon as well but I never use the product since i bought it. I am lazy like that.

    1. Thanks ate. :)
      You should try putting on a lil blush too! For everyday, I don't usually wear a lot of eye makeup. I usually just put on some tinted moisturizer or bb cream, blush, mascara and a lil tinted lip balm.

  2. I got this for 90 pesos only because it was on sale. So far, I am loving it. I must agree with the smell though. It reminds me of my lola's perfume or powder. Something similar to that. Haha!

    1. P90?! Whaaaaaaat?! Tsssk. Good for you tho. I got it for P180 talaga! :(((

  3. cool~!!! I will tell this to my mom! :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  4. sorry for the dumb question, but what are contour powders for?

    i'm glad that this product actually worked well for you. and sorry to hear that you need to pay extra for this :D

    1. Did you find this review helpful?
    - yes i did find it useful, but i really don't know what is this for.

    2. Would you go and purchase this product to try it out?
    - yep i will :D and i'm really curious about this. i'll prolly interview the sales lady to know more about its use.

    3. What's your favorite contour powder that you would recommend me to check out?
    - sorry jannie :( i really have no idea what contour powders are or what they do :( i love make ups but i don't have that much knowledge about them.


    1. Hi Dear! Contour powders are used to contour. When we say contour it means reducing the size of something. Usually contour powders are used to contour the area below the highest points of your cheek bones to give you a slimmer face. Also use around the jaw line and even on the sides of your nose bridge. :) XOXO!

  5. yun pala ang Contour powder, tatanong ko din sana ee :3 ahahah ♥

  6. Super helpful! thank you :) I bought 3 contouring powder none seemed to work. I'll try this one :) Btw does it have an Orange-y undertone in person?



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