Cup & Cakes ~ Sweet Tooth Delight!

DISCLAIMER : Word Heavy & Picture Heavy Post!

When I first heard of Ate Sandy's plans of starting a new food-related business venture, I was silently hoping she's start something that will satisfy my secret sweet tooth. Last September 28, 2012 when she unveiled her plans and the actual shop front, I was ecstatic! Why? Well because her new business venture turned out to be a cupcake & coffee sort of cafe!

I've been dying to get hold of some legit red velvet cupcakes, and now my problem's solved!
The other day, I, along with Cj & Shanne, stopped by Cup & Cakes to get a taste of the available goodies. 

Cup & Cakes is owned by Sandra "Sandy" Balagapo and is located at Yubenco Star Mall's ground floor, near the grocery area. It's a new shop that offers high end, gourmet cupcakes made fresh everyday without putting a huge dent in your wallets. There are around 6-7 cupcake flavors everyday and each cupcake differs in base, filling, icing & toppings! They also serve coffee made from coffee beans shipped all the way from Batangas. Pasta, sandwiches & salads are also available for those not really into the sweetness of cupcakes!

I was a happy kid as Ate Sandy presented us with 6 different cupcakes to sample.
Cupcakes in the back are as follows : (L-R) Lemon Poppy, Vanilla Orange, Choco Coconut.
To the front are as follows : (L-R) Choco Banana, Red Velvet, Black Bottom

3oz cupcakes like the ones in the photos cost P27/each.
5oz cupcakes which a larger cost P35/each.
Half dozen assorted box will cost you P155 only while assorted one dozen box will cost you P300!

I've decided to post a solo photo of each of the cupcakes we sampled starting off with my personal favorite...

Lemon Poppyseed

Red Velvet

Black Bottom

Choco Banana

Choco Coconut

Vanilla Orange

All three of us also had "short" orders of Vanilla lattes which were iced because it was a scorchingly hot day out. We all loved the drink, especially me since I finished mine and sipped half of Cj's! *lol*
The drinks were served in the cute glasses and I thought "how lovely!" that they put attention to details.

Cinnamon buns were also available for P25/each but I decided against them since I really came for the cupcakes and I was already too full to have another bite of anything!

I also snapped a photo of these choco-blueberry cupcakes sans icing which were sitting in a corner waiting to be displayed. I'm definitely hoping to try this out next time I visit Cup & Cakes.

Below are just some more photos I snapped of the cupcakes...

Unofficial boxes for your "take out" orders. Ate Sandy informed us that there are more Cup & Cakes personalized boxes coming soon. I'm betting it's going to be pastel pink! *fingers crossed*

From left to right : Unlimited, Short, Tall
The cure lil cups above are for the warm coffee orders...
I have the cute lil cup for "unlimited" serving because Ate Sandy was sweet enough to give me one!
I know sip my home made warm milk tea in it every morning.

Ate Sandy (left) posed with Shanne & I. Credits to Cj for snapping this photo.

Of course I couldn't go home without taking a photo with the crew and also taking home a box of assorted cupcakes for my grandparents to try out! *hehe*

That's it for now. Head on over to Cup & Cakes and tell Ate Sandy I sent you. I'm sure your sweet tooth and taste buds will be in for such a delightful time...
Till my next post!


  1. aww. those cupcakes are so yummY!! :3 noom noom! nooom! xD

    xoxo. http://www.ostarey.info/

  2. super delish and everything looks so pretty~

  3. yay the cupcakes looks yummy XD

  4. Joelo and I went there too yesterday dear! <3 I tried the Red Velvet and the frosting's fantastic!

  5. I wanna go to that shop too! Too bad it's a lil bit far from town.

  6. They look mouthwatering. yum.yum.yum.yum.yum
    and I think they are stylish for a cupcake. hehe

  7. a really must try!.. yum!yum!yum! it's just near my place,too! definitely i woill grab the cinammon buns.. my fave!


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