30 Day Makeup Challenge - Day 1/30

The past few days have been a bit stagnant for my blog. I've been busy with so many things outside my "online life" that I'm finding it increasingly difficult to update often... So when I saw Katleya of Eyahnism posting this makeup challenge, I decided to do it as well... I'm starting today!

The question for the first day is : When did you start putting on makeup?

My introduction to makeup took place a couple of years ago when I was still in high school. During my sophomore year, I started using Johnson's pressed powder in natural and random lipglosses that my mum would give me. I never really cared about using more products back then. In my junior year, I discovered eyeliner and mascara. I went through that awkward stage in my makeup life where in I piled on the eyeliner and mascara and left the rest of my face so pale and bare. Some called it the "emo" look, but don't quote me. I hate branding people anyway...
In college I added a touch of blush to my routine but it was when I turned 18 that I really took a serious interest in makeup. After my debut, I decided to search more into makeup brands and makeup products suitable for my skin type, tone, personality and lifestyle and thus my romance with makeup started...
Now I'm totally in love with makeup! But take note, I don't wear makeup everyday... *lol*

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  1. weeh .:) thank you for mentioning na! Let's start together! :)))))) Namiss ko yang blog post mo.. :)


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