Thank You : Year End Edition (V.5)

For the past 4 years I've always made a blog post thanking all the people that made my year special. This year is no different... It's finally time for me to post my Year End Thank You list which was actually first inspired by a high school classmate (Nushi). Shall we start? I have a particularly long list this year! *wink wink*

(I'm going to be posting it now because I'm sure I'll be a bit busy later! *hehe*)

First of all, I give my biggest thanks to the LORD. I wouldn't even have a year 2012 without Him. I may not be the best catholic there is but I have faith in you and trust that everything that happens to me is because you will it to happen. Thank you for shining light on my darkest moments and for pushing me forward towards the right direction. Thank you for forgiving the times I've questioned you. Most of all thank you for all the blessings you've given me this year. Hopefully you keep me tucked safely under your arm for the coming year!

Thank you to my MOM & DAD. For the unconditional love and support in everything I want to do and in everything I am currently pursuing (freelance makeup artistry & my masters degree). Thank you for not pushing me into doing things I don't want to, an for not pressuring me to the point I'd break. Instead, you both have been a solid "support system" that I have always relied on. Thank you for continuously spoiling me, even if I'm too old to be "spoiled like a baby". Thank you for all the small & big things like those sausages from Singapore that I adore & also for the iMac & airbrush kit (plus a lot more), that will totally make my life a whole lot easier. Thank you for keeping me company whenever I'm sick, even if it's only through skype, viber or Facetime. Thank you for being the best parents a kid could ever have. No matter what happens, no matter who comes into my life, always remember that I will always be your little girl, your panganay, your Princess.

Thank you to my LOLA & LOLO. For (almost) 3 years you've been the ones acting as my guardians. I know that even in your silence you both love me and care for me as much as my folks do. Thank you for always looking out for my well being. Especially when I leave the house and will be out a bit late. Thank you for spoiling me and always being there for me through everything. To LOLO, thank you for always remembering that I love nangka with gata, and caballas, and ripe bananas. Thank you for constantly reminding me of the little things like my house keys and valid IDs. To LOLA, thank you for aiding me in my online business ventures, and for rubbing my back when I have asthma attacks and for hugging me tight when I'm mad and keep crying, and for all the patience...

To my one and only sibling, my little sister... Thank you, MONSIE. In times I need "technical assistance" with my MBP & other gadgets, you're always there to rescue me. In times I need someone to "slap me back to reality", I can always count on you. In times I need someone strong to emotionally hold me up on my two feet, you were there. In times when I felt that I had no friends at all, you became me best friend. Though you are far away most of the time, I know that I am lucky because God gave me the best of the best sisters in the world. PS : Thank you for the Naked2 palette, you've saved my wallet yet again! *wink*

Thank you to YAYA MALOU & MAMANG MELIT. You both are like second mothers to me. Thank you for always being there when I needed you both the most (especially when Lola got sick) and for never leaving my family in both the good & bad times. Thank you for taking good care of me and my family and for constantly being part of my family through everything.

Thank you CJ. Who would have thought of the two of us together? So different, yet so alike. Thank you for showing me that it's okay to be afraid and to be scared at times and that nobody's perfect and it's only human to make mistakes. Thank you for the patience, kindness, love & respect you've given me as your girlfriend and as a person. Thank you for being there when Lola got so sick and I crumbled. You were by my side through not only the good times but also the bad. Thank you for having the guts and the sincerity of (wanting to) & meeting my family. It means a lot to me that you did...

Thank you to my best friend JELZ, & closest girlfriends TATIN & AYI. Though we may be far from each other ever since we graduated, I am thankful that we constantly try to keep in touch and when God's willing, are able to meet up when you guys come home to Zamboanga. It means so much to me that we work at our relationship as friends and that you guys have been with me through so much. Thank you for keeping in touch and for the friendship we share. I'm looking forward to all of you coming home again soon!

Thank you to my second "sister" SHANNE. I never thought we would become close friends, but look at us now. We are so alike in so many ways and I am thankful that we click! I thank the Lord that he gave me a friend like you. Someone who understands me despite my quirks, someone who loves to talk about everything just like me, and someone who has the same intellectual capacity to keep the ball rolling. Thank you for all the times you were at my side, especially the bad times. You never complained nor left me hanging. You are indeed a true friend.

Other FRIENDS & FAMILY. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my 2012!

To my NINONGS, NINANGS, TITOS & TITAS... Ninangs Sam, Ella, Tess... Ninongs Ermin, Rolyn, Monching, Benjie... Tita Eleanor, Mimi, Nina, Mercy, Peng, Luisa... And all other members of my "extended" family (yes, all my ninongs, ninangs, titos & titas are considered extended family) thank you for everything! Thank you for being there for me & my family through the goods times & the bad times. And thank you for your never ending support!

To Ate EUNIZEL T. of Beauty's Treasure... Aside from being my number one source of makeup products, you are also one of those people close to my heart. Thank you for being a good friend and an "older sister" to me. Thank you for all the times we hang out and just talk like we haven't seen each other for years. We always do have a splendid time together! Hoping to have more years of friendship with you!

Next I'd like to thank my ZAMBOANGA BLOGGERS & BEAUTY BLOGGERS UNITED family. You guys have inspired me to keep blogging and to keep my passion for writing. Special thanks to the following girls that have made my 2012 blogging life more colorful than the years before : Anabelle Perez (miss-april.info), Ayzee Casimiro (chilipina), Celline Reyes, Kai Grafia, Lea Cedeno (gingerxlady), Milna Tulao (milnamania), Pat Tan (lalalapatricia), Katleyah Ballada (eyahnism), Mel Lee, Ana Alina (analysisofmylife), Pat Sy, Rhea Bue, Prei Datolio, Aila Apolo 
 and the list goes on & on...

Also a big thanks to all my lovely BLOG SPONSORS (both local & international). Thank you for taking notice in a girl from a small hometown like me. Thank you for trusting me with product reviews, product advertisements and all that good stuff. I am very proud to have been given the opportunity to work with you all!

Moving on, I'd like to give a big thanks to SEFI CURADA for being the first photographer to notice my makeup skills. Thank you so much Sef for introducing me to your clients and picking me to work with you on several projects. Because of our collaborations, more people now know who I am as a makeup artist!

Another group of people to thank are my CLIENTS. Thank you for trusting a freelance makeup artist like me. You girls (and guys) have inspired me to keep improving my "craft" as a makeup artist and you people have opened so many doors for me through referrals to other people.

I know this is getting long & I have so many other people to thank so instead of mentioning everyone here, I'd like to end this post by saying :

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who has stuck by me through the ups & downs of my 2012. I hope to see & be with you all again this coming year 2013 and I hope to make more memorable "memories" with all of you. I wish you all more blessings, love & contentment, good health & safety for you & your family. May the Lord bless and keep you always!



A Year Ender Giveaway!

Hi guys! How's everything going? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and received tons of gifts (plus good food, family time & tons of other blessings!). Well for those who didn't receive any material gifts, here's a special treat for you! I've teamed up with fellow bloggers lalalapatricia, yourstrulycee, paucheecasimiro & blessedriza to bring to you a year ender giveaway!


First Prize :
1 peplum dress from 85th closet
1 pair contact lenses from Unicorn Delight
1 cutie pouch
1 coupon card from Unicorn Delight


Second Prize :
1 color-block skirt from 85th Closet
1 kawaii hat from Hatah-Hatah
1 pink watch
1 coupon card from Unicorn Delight


Third Prize : 
1 pair lace shorts from 85th Closet
1 kawaii hat from Hatah-Hatah
1 Erna APF & 1 whitening cream
1 coupon card from Unicorn Delight


Fourth Prize :
1 cute top
1 hat from Hatah-Hatah
1 gluta power lotion
1 coupon card from Unicorn Delight

a Rafflecopter giveaway 
PS : Below is a clearer photo of the Unicorn Delight Coupon Card, please take note of the details of the card to avoid confusion/problems in the future...


Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted, I know. Things have been busy for me this holiday season but I'd like to take a little time off my busy schedule to greet everyone a (belated) Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a lovely time with family & friends.

As for me, I spent Christmas at home with my family.
I've decided to share a photo of me with my immediate family.
(Back Row : Me, Lil Sis, Mom, Dad)
(Front Row : Maternal Lolo & Lola)

We had a simple Noche Buena, exchanged gifts, took tons of photos and generally had a great time!
How about you? How did you spend your Christmas eve/day?



Facebook Fan Page Cover Photo

Public Facebook Account Cover Photo

Dearest Readers!

I know I've been missing in action lately. It's because I've been doing tons of stuff that needs to be done before my family arrives from Singapore. I'll be a bit busy this particular holiday season because the family will be celebrating my maternal grandfolks 50th wedding anniversary and I've been the main event's planner for the whole she-bang. So I hope you all understand if I'll rarely be online.
Don't worry, the J.A.J.A CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY is still ongoing and I will be accepting all the comments for that giveaway. Just have a bit of patience.

I'll miss you guys BUT family first this holiday season.

Jannie of Jannieology

PS : Here's a list of some of my activities for this coming holiday season...

Dec 14 - BBU Xmas Party 2012
Dec 16 - Initial arrival of my family from Singapore
Dec 17 - Hair pampering day
Dec 18 - Doctor's appointments
Dec 19, 20, 21 - Last minute preparations for EVERYTHING
Dec 22 - Grandfolk's 50th wedding anniv party, the big "Cj Introduction"
Dec 23,24 - Last minute preparations for Christmas eve & Christmas


Haulage with Swatches : Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks

I am a lipstick hoarder, that is a fact. I have a fairly large collection of lipsticks (more than I actually need) and I continue to spend on lipsticks and lip products in general. My usual "weapon of choice" is a bright hot pink lipstick in matte finish but recently I've been feeling a bit bold and have opted to try out darker colors that are all the rage this season...

I set out on a mission to find plum or wine colored lipsticks that aren't too pricey because I'm not sure how I'd react to these colors when worn. I was super excited when I saw Suzanne's Emporium's announcement of a SALE on her Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks... I've tried this particular line of lipsticks from Wet N Wild and I like the formula so I went ahead and ordered three different shades...


What : Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks
Shades : Vamp It Up (919B), Ravin' Raisin (916D) & Wine Room (906D)
** these have the old packaging, new packaging has the actual shade names printed on the bottom
Store SALE Price : P100/each
Where to Purchase : Suzanne's Emporium



As you can see, my Wine Room & Ravin' Raisin tube had a bit of an "accident" but I didn't really mind. It didn't totally ruin the tube and I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning it for a new tube since I was super excited to try these babies out.



Wine Room - is a medium berry red shade, great for those who want a "red" lip but still a bit shy to put on that classic red lip color, works great on my medium skin tone.

Ravin' Raisin - is a medium plum-purple shade, it looks pretty on the back of my hand but tends to make me look a little too "goth-like" when worn on my lips, I might have to layer this over a rose-colored lipstick to make it work.

Vamp It Up - is a blackened purple, this is totally a goth type purple and if that's what you're looking for then you definitely have to get this! Looking for a black lipstick but can't seem to find any, try this out as an alternative.

I'll be doing a review on these babies soon...
Dare me to do a look with any of these shades! Comment down below...


Review : Wet N Wild Single Eyeshadow in ENVY

I'm back with another review!
Today I'll be talking about one of my few single eyeshadows (I prefer palettes) from the brand Wet N Wild. I beginning to love the Wet N Wild brand! They have really affordable stuff of great quality.
What : Wet N Wild Coloricon Single Eyeshadow
Shade : Envy (forest green shimmer)
Store Price : P75
Where to Purchase : Suzanne's Emporium
What I Like:
* It's "cute" size makes it very handy to bring around. It takes such little space in my kit.
* Clear top cover makes it easy for me to see what color the eyeshadow is.
* Packaging looks and feels sturdy in my (big) hands. The hinges feel strong enough to hold up the constant opening & closing of the lid.
* Great pigmentation. One swipe and I was in love. For a drugstore product it does have great pigmentation which is further amped up when layered over a nice eyeshadow primer/base.
* True to color. What you see is what you get.
* Decent staying power.
* Easy to blend and has very minimal fallout.
* Affordably priced.

What I Don't Like:
* Tends to crease on me. I have oily lids but even with a proper primer this tends to crease around the 4th hour to 5th hour of wear.
* Not an "everyday" kind of color.

Disclaimer : This product was sent for review purposes by Suzanne's Emporium. All thoughts and opinions are unbiased and my own.


Aj Mendoza ~ Laidback

Remember that time I posted a BTS collage for Aj Mendoza? Well last night I finally received my copies of the output from Sefi. It took me a whole 80 minutes to download the files Sefi sent but they were a 80 minutes worth waiting for because when I saw the photos, I literally squealed with delight! Check the first set's photos below...

For the first set we decided to go with something "normal" if that makes sense. Aj had this pair of awesome "washed out" jeans which Prei paired with a peachy salmon colored shirt... I did my own kind of magic too... Read on to get the list of products I used.
This was my second time to be working with male skin and I've learned from my previous mistakes. Males tend to have rougher textured skin due to more hair growth but Aj didn't really have that kind of skin but nevertheless I made sure to start of with my ritual skin prepping with several different skin care products before moving on to actual makeup.
Kiehl's skin care products
Elf mineral infused primer
EnCara bb cream
Revlon colorstay foundation - golden beige, medium beige
NYX concealer - beige, fair
Avon clear mascara
NYX eyebrow kit - medium brown
Ever bilena eyebrow pencil - brown
NYX powder bronzer - sunny
Ever bilena powder blush - earth
Mememe highlighter - sun beam
Lucas Papaw ointment
This last photo is my favorite from the set. He gives off this very laid back-chill feel which I think is great and fits him well. Don't you?
Photographer : Sefi Curada
HMUA : Jannie of Jannieology
Creative Director/Stylist : Prei Datolio
Need a Zamboanga based Makeup Artist?
Hire me!

PS : Aj's around 6 feet tall, I know most of you will ask what his height is at one point or the other. 


Review : Club Monaco Lip Liner in Pink

I'm not a huge fan of using lip liners because I can be such a lazy bum when I apply makeup but we all know that lip liners can really prolong the wear of your lipstick and helps you pull of a cleaner lip look. I mostly own NYX lip liners so I was pretty excited when I got this lip liner from a brand I haven't tried before...

Brand : Club Monaco
Price : P60/each
Colors Available : Pink

What I Like
* Cute packaging! I love the hot pink + gold cap combo. It also makes it easier to spot this particular lip liner among my black-tubed NYX lip liners.
* Affordably priced. (Even if this was sent to me for FREE for review purposes, P60 is still a very affordable price for a lip liner.)
* Great color payoff! This lip liner is in the shade "pink" and it comes off as a bright pink.
* Prolongs my lipstick's "life" by up to an hour longer. I used this under my NYX round lipstick in pink lyric and in prolonged my lip color an hour more than usual when I don't use a lip liner.

What I Don't Like
* Difficult to sharpen. This lip liner has had its tip break on me thrice and I don't know if it's just me or am I sharpening it wrong?
* Can't use this on its own because it appears a bit too dry on the lips and tends to accentuate my lip's lines & cracks!

Disclaimer : This product was sent for review purposes by Suzanne's Emporium. All thoughts and opinions are unbiased and my own.


Ho!Ho!Ho! ~ Pre Holiday Giveaway : WINNERS!


 Our "Ho!Ho!Ho! Pre Holiday Giveaway" has ended and we were able to come up with over 5k entries... Good thing Rafflecopter makes it so much easier to track and organize your entries! Now it's finally time to announce the winner...


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Congratulations to the winners!
You now have 48 hours to email me at parel(dot)janna@gmail(dot)com with the subject title HOHOHO WINNER with the ff details : full name, shipping address & contact #
Failure to comply within 48 hours will disqualify you from claiming your prize and we will have to choose another winner.

PS : Assuming that all 4 winners reply within 48 hours, we would like to inform you all that prizes will be shipped out on or before Dec 12, 2012. Thank you so much!


J.A.J.A ~ A Christmas Giveaway!

I'm starting off my December with a collaboration with three other bloggers to bring our lovely readers a Christmas giveaway. Since it's the season for giving, we're giving away three prize sets to three lucky winners!
Check out the prizes below :
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Unicorn Delight is also giving away five (5) of their 5% discount coupons to five (5) lucky consolation prize winners. How cool is that?!

Just a few reminders... This giveaway is open to all PHILIPPINE based readers only and will end on December 31, 2012... Winner will be announced shortly after... To join the giveaway just follow the mechanics on the rafflecopter application below. Thank you and Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Christmas Makeup Collaboration : Miss Clause

Brrrrrr! It's cold in here!
It's probably the Christmas wind blowing in...

Hello my dearest readers, it's finally December and in a few days we'll be celebrating one of the most joyful holidays we have... CHRISTMAS!


In line with this, I have collaborated with several other beauty bloggers to bring you fun Christmas inspired makeup looks starting with Mr. & Mrs. Clause's daughter, MISS CLAUSE!


I must say, I'm a rather TANNED Miss Clause! *hohoho!*
My look is very wearable, even if it does involve shades of red and gold. Read on for the list of products I used...


SanSan matte liquid foundation - #2 & #3
Ever Bilena powder foundation - oriental
Ever Bilena liner pencil - brown
AVON clear mascara
NYX HD eyeshadow base - skintone
Beauty Cosmetics 120pc palette version3
Wet n Wild coloricon palette - vanity
Nichido kohl eyeliner - black
1 pair false eyelashes
DUO glue - clear
Ever Bilena powder blush - earth
NYX powder blush - dessert rose
NYX round lipstick - femme, fire, pure red


Watch out for more collaborated makeup looks coming soon and a collab giveaway for Decemeber to be posted tonight! <3