January 2013 Favorites!

It's almost the end of the month and I've been messaged by tons of people to get to work with uploading new videos on my YouTube channel... I didn't have much time to film anything the past couple of days but this afternoon I took time off to film my first video for this year and it happens to be my January 2013 Favorites!!! 

 photo faves_zps4c597103.jpg

I hope you guys enjoy this video. I know I seem a bit awkward but that's because I haven't filmed in such a long time! *laughs*

How about you guys? What are your January 2013 favorites?


  1. its my first time to watch your vlog, nice voice :)

  2. yay~ you're vlogging again! <3 cute ng boses mo sis. I love Dove products. They are amazingly good and smells good too!


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