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Hello my awesome & lovely readers!
If you've been following me on my Facebook page, you'll know that I've been really busy with tons of stuff the past week that's why I haven't been able to really post a lot of "high quality" posts. Right now I just wanna fill you guys in on what I'm up to. This is centered more on my "personal" life. 

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I found this hella funny Facebook cover on KawaiiCovers.Com and I thought it was sort of appropriate. I had a fun time sharing this with people I knew would get the joke.
(To those who still don't know, I'm actually a registered nurse.)
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One of the activities that kept me busy last week was my ACLS - Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support training at Ciudad Medical Zamboanga. After taking my BLS - Basic Life Support training, I decided that it was best to follow it up with an ACLS training while I still had the drive to go through with it. It was a rigorous three days but totally worth it. I am now confident that I will be able to help & do my role when an emergency or code happens. Plus the training is in conjunction with the American Heart Association, how cool is that?!
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Another awesome thing I'm so excited about are these pair of sneaker wedges. I finally caved in and ordered a pair from Luxury Mall. I've been wanting to get this pair since October of last year but then I always had other things to pay for. But I slowly saved up for it. I can't wait for it to arrive by the 26th!
 photo crocs1_zpse31fe9ec.jpg
The last thing I'm looking forward to are these pair of Crocs. Well, I'm actually still on the hunt for a pair of these babies because I plan to use them during my duty in the operating room. Yes, you guys read it right. I'm going back to being a nurse again and this time my wish was granted & I'm assigned to the operating room. *big smiles*
So that's all for now. How about you guys? What have YOU been up to?

EDIT 02-17-13
Last February 12, 2013, Luxury Mall texted me regarding my order being unavailable. Apparently, DAKOTA has been sold out, and the last pair of size 10's are defective. In the end I asked for a refund. As of today, February 17, 2013, Luxury Mall still has not sent me my refund of P2170.00
I will update you all once this issue has been settled.


  1. I was just in NYC for IFBCON and wedge sneakers were the footware de jour. These are a really cute pair!

  2. The facebook cover got the point haha people shud know haha! would love to have a wedges like that too! xx

  3. Welcome to CIUDAD! I hope you will enjoy it here while learning lots of new things!!!

  4. Welcome to CIUDAD! I hope you will enjoy it here while learning lots of new things!!!

  5. crocs is really beautiful and nice to the feet but i never get a chance to have one since I see it as pricey . I can buy a lots of baby's milk for just one crocs :)

    Good luck on your endeavors .

  6. I also like the sneaker wedges :D how much un?

  7. Love thos sneaker wedges from Luxury Mall dear! I would totally buy something like that for myself too for casual trips to town :)

  8. been dying to have that sneaker wedge too! how much ba un sis? :D I wish afford ko din haha!

  9. Good luck on your nursing career, ate! :) Cute sneakers.


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